LEGO CITY Undercover removed from the 3DS and Wii U eShops

Hate to see you LEGO

Just a few weeks back, we shared news of LEGO City: Undercover (Wii U) and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins (3DS) being removed from their respective eShops in Japan. Looks like that was a hint of what's to come, as the same two titles have now been removed from eShops outside of Japan as well. That leaves just the Switch version of LEGO City Undercover up for grabs.


Wed Jan 06 21 04:26pm
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Wii U and 3DS are dead. Long live the Switch.

Ot soemthing like that. Man, it's time I get a new 3DS. Loved the 3D effect so much. OOT in 3D was...Just superb.

You should! I've been slowly chipping away at Monster Hunter Stories Smile
The 3DS had a lot of amazing games. Add DS compatibility and it's a beast

Got one on release. Loved it. But some butt plug of a dickweed stole it. But I can get a new one. Still have the games.

That sucks! I've never had a system stolen (and not recovered). But I did lend my GBA to a "friend" who returned it with the screen scratched, the battery cover missing and he had the audacity to say it was like that when he borrowed it

Glad I purchased Lego City for 3DS just a few weeks ago. It was sold as Nintendo Selects, therefore cheaper than the regular games.

If you want to play Lego City Undercover, play the Wii U version.

I'm not very savvy when it comes to performance, but the Switch version doesn't feel like it's running as good as the Wii U one and I actually had it crash during regular gameplay. Sure that also happened to me on the Wii U, but that was when I was exploring its many glitches.
Can't talk about the performance of the PS4, Xbox One or Steam versions, though.

Oh, and the 3DS one is a prequel with some limitations, but was still able to capture the essence of Lego City Undercover.

Nintendo’s license with WB must have run out. WB could potentially resist them as non-Nintendo published versions, but I doubt it’s worth it.

The Wii U one doesn’t matter since it’s on everything else, and it looks and runs better in all the new systems, but the 3DS one is a totally different campaign, taking place before the console versions. That one needs a HD remaster a la Castlevania LOD: Mirror of Fate or Resident Evil Revelations.


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