Kirby Cafe menu being updated with three new sweet treats

Three chocolatey treats

The Kirby Cafe is constantly updating its menu, and the next new items are set to release on Jan. 15th, 2021. This update's for people with a sweet tooth!

Kirby Cafe visitors will have a chance to sample the new Chocolate de Pupupu lineup. This is a kiln-baked dessert pizza that is based on Cocoa Station from Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The pizza features chocolate and browned marshmallows with tangy orange slices.

Along with this, there's a new bread-bowl stew from Chef Kawasaki that mixes fruity and chocolaty flavors. Finally, there's also a new drink based on Triple Deluxe’s Old Odyssey that's a combo of strawberry and chocolate flavors in a soda-like mix.

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Now thats a different kind of pizza!


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