DuckTales NES prototyped discovered, and it includes a never-before-heard song

Bless me bagpipes!

DuckTales is one of the best games on the NES without a doubt, and it has a fantastic soundtrack to go with it. Many old-school gamers know that soundtrack through and through, which is what makes today's find so special.

All these years after the game launched, a prototype version has been discovered. As you might expect, there's a number of gameplay and visual changes from the prototype to the final version of the game. That's all well and good, but the prototype also includes a song that didn't make the cut for the final game.

The song above was the original tune intended for the map screen, but was cut for unknown reasons. Give it a listen and hear what could have been!

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The Transylvania music is also completely different.

I think this song might have been repurposed into the theme to the first 10 levels of "Snow Bros". It's from Capcom and parts of it sound very similar.


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