DuckTales NES producer reveal how Scrooge's pogo attack came to be, and content that didn't make the final cut

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DuckTales is one of the most famous NES games, and a shining example of Capcom's early work with licensed games. It's a title that fans still remember the adventure fondly, and plenty of its moments are iconic. For example, who could forget Scrooge's pogo attack? In an interview with Kotaku, producer Darlene Lacey reveals how that came to be.

“We also needed to make sure that the content met Disney standards. For example [in another title] one licensee had Donald Duck clubbing baby seals! It was also important that the Disney characters weren’t killing things. The Disney game designs had to be more creative than simple point and shoot games. That’s how elements such as Scrooge’s pogo jump with his cane in DuckTales came about.”

As with any game, there are some elements that don't make the final cut. What got left behind in the early days of the DuckTales game? Lacey revealed a few last-minute changes.

“There was also originally an option for Scrooge to give up his fortune, but this seemed out of character, so we removed that. ...Scrooge told his nephews: ‘There really is more important treasure than this. That is . . . Dream and Friends.’ It seemed so earnest and dramatic, I was so tempted to leave it as is, but I knew I couldn’t. So, I changed it to the more polished, but forgettable ‘Right, lads! I couldn’t have done it without you. I really am the richest duck in the world.’ I love that fans found out about the original ending. It was the better line!”

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