GoNintendo Podcast Highlights (Ep. 807): Should Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hyabusa join Smash Bros.?

Ninja fighting style

Ninja Gaiden's former director thinks Ryu Hayabusa would be a great fit for Smash Bros.. We mull that over in today's GoNintendo Podcast highlight. Subscribe for more clips every week!

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Tue Feb 02 21 08:48pm
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What's the point of even discussing this? Standards have gotten so low people are saying Master Chief should be added to Smash now, and his big selling point is "he's the Xbox mascot and he cameo'd in Fortnite"... any valid point or criticism will be deemed irrelevant by the supporters and the counter-argument will be "it's a popular game character, so yes"...

EDIT: Modified my comment a bit, since people seem to think I'm going after Ryu and thus completely overlooking the big point I was trying to make; with standards as low as they are now, any valid argument can be written off as irrelevant, thus debating a character's worth is meaningless... we're getting who we're getting, whether they deserve it or not no longer matters...

Well, the Ninja Gaiden series did have 3 games on the NES, a remaster of all 3 on the SNES, a GB game, a NDS game, and the 3rd modern Ninja Gaiden ended up on the Wii U. So, I think Ryu Hayabusa has a relevant history with Nintendo.

Tue Feb 02 21 10:25pm
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Yes, but there's other things to consider, like:
What does he bring to Smash? and...
How does he compare to other options?
Even if you focus on just the arguably worthy 3rd party characters, the list is pretty big... and you can't add everyone.

Wed Feb 03 21 12:00am
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He brings new classic franchise representation from a company that hasn’t been represented yet, a cool character, and some awesome music. In a game with fifteen Fire Emblem sword fighters and Pokémons, that’s enough for me!

His character has enough interesting moves, powerups, and weapons spanning his history for Sakurai to make him different than the other ninjas, and he is also a good choice as he can represent both the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series simultaneously.

I mean you can boil any conversation down to being "pointless" if you try hard enough. I get your point though, you either want him in and would argue for him or you want someone else in and you'll argue why THEY should be instead. But still, it's fun for people that may be fans or know of the character to discuss what he'd be capable of. Smash is a unique series in that when a character gets adapted to it they play totally differently than they would in any other fighter and lends itself well to platformer characters.

Tue Feb 02 21 11:37pm
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Oh man, absolutely. In terms of video game history, he's transcended many consoles, could have an excellent set of mobility options and a great selection of moves, and is easily one of the coolest characters to represent a large segment of gaming in general. Between him, Arthur, and Bonk (Not expecting any of them, btw), I'd be happy with their representation being final guest characters in Smash.

Or just give me Mike Jones and Pico and help me round out a few more Nintendo characters that don't get the proper love.

Ryu Hayabusa is one of my top picks. We've got Greninja and Sheik but even just looking at how Ryu moves in his games you know he'd play totally differently than them. Ninpo, shadow clones, the big shuriken that chases you...

I mean, look at all the games he's inspired! Not to mention he's from a third party that hasn't been in Smash, he'd have GREAT music and his trailer would be awesome as heck.

Ryu Hayabusa is like...the last character I want, because I've gotten every other character I want. He's the last 'classic' Nintendo character, so to speak; like Mega Man and Simon Belmont, Ryu has a legacy that hasn't been seen in Smash yet.

But "SHOULD" he join Smash Bros.? Koei Tecmo doesn't have a representative yet, and they have a recent history with Nintendo as well, for better or worse. While I think there are more deserving characters right now, I think he'd be a good addition, especially with the music he'd bring. But...as much as I want him, I don't think he should.

Well, he uses a sword so that improves a lot his chances of being on Smash XD.

Bub & Bob from Bubble bobble feels like a more interesting option more well known, have a kinda recent game (that just got updated a few months back) too.

I’m feeling more assist trophy vibes from Bub and Bob since their only real moves are blowing bubbles and then jumping on them... though Sakurai could probably make it work, and a Bubble Bobble stage would be better than the character itself. Imagine essentially playing Bubble Bobble while fighting and that horrifying Doom Whale appearing to take out anybody unlucky enough to get in his way.

I wouldn’t hate having a Ninja character in Smash. That’s a nice roster addition IMO regardless of what gaming franchise the character is from. But I would rather have, oh I don’t know, Chibi-Robo, Wonder Red, Waluigi... you know, Nintendo characters.


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