Dataminers recreate Super Mario World's soundtrack with uncompressed sound samples

You've never heard SNES games like this!

Check out the playlist here

The Super Nintendo had plenty of amazing games that had equally fantastic soundtracks. That said, cartridge sizes were limited, which meant space had to be saved where possible. That often mean going with lower-quality sound samples.

Super Nintendo superfans weren't happy with that, so they've been doing some datamining on classic SNES games to see if they could provide a better audio experience. With Super Mario World, the dataminers discovered the exact samples that were used in the game, and then rebuilt the very same songs using the full-quality samples. You can hear all of those tunes in the playlist above!

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Fri Feb 05 21 04:31am
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It’s so beautiful. Gonna have to grab these for offline play.

I always loved the change in music that happened when you were riding Yoshi. So subtle but so cool.

That sounds so good, a much fuller experience. See what can be achieved when you aren't limited by weak hardware. I'm not talking about the SNES, that was fairly powerful for its time.

Just listened to the castle theme and while this is really neat, I prefer the way it sounds in the SNES game. Also just going to take this opportunity to say that the castle music in Super Mario World is the best and I wish it returned in more Mario games!

Fri Feb 05 21 08:30am
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It's interesting but honestly I prefer the SNES versions.

In the same way you could upgrade all the graphics into hi-def and it would be interesting, but I'd still prefer the original, low-resolution pixel art.

Sometimes constraints themselves can add to the beauty of art.

Same here, the SNES version has that "compressed charm" that makes the audio and the visuals merge together really well. Limitations on hardware have made the bests games so far (or more memorable), it's those limitations that end up creating new mechanics, like looking for ways to overcome those limitations in both game design and artstyle.

I remember how impressed I was with the SNES's sound back when it came out... but this is even better! I'd love to see A Link to the Past and Super Metroid get the same uncompressed treatment.

It's not quite the same thing because they didn't have the original samples, but an artist on YouTube did make an "Enhanced Soundtrack" for A Link to the Past that used higher fidelity sound samples, while keeping to the original as much as possible.


Thanks! That more or less scratches the itch I had. It sounds fantastic.

To those who prefer the original, I think it's nostalgia pulling at your heart strings. If things had gone in the opposite direction, you heard this first and then the reduced original, you'd probably prefer this.

These tracks sound amazing!
It really shows how great of a composer Koji Kondo is. He made these great songs that sound amazing with the actual samples, but retain their iconic quality when you compress them down to NES and SNES size.

Sun Feb 07 21 01:15am
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That's... not how datamining works. To begin with, the music and the sound effects of Super Mario World (including instruments) were ripped a long, long time ago. But you can't "datamine" the original samples used, because those obviously don't exist in the ROM as they had to be resampled and severely compressed in order to fit on a 4MB cartridge.

These 'reproductions' usually involve a lot of guesswork by comparing the sounds that are in the game to sound libraries and keyboard samples from 90s. Datamining has nothing at all to do with it.


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