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Nintendo the fifth most-seen gaming industry brand on TV for January 1st to 31st, 2021

Awkwafina's ad goes over big
by rawmeatcowboy
06 February 2021
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The TV ad spend report for the month of January has come in, and Nintendo came in 5th overall for the amount of spend from the game industry. Check out full stats on their advertising below.

- spent $294,667 on three ads that aired once each, generating 19.6 million TV ad impressions
- Nintendo spent the most ($139,397) on “Awkwafina Plays Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”
- this spot scored above average across all industries, ranking especially high for attention, likeability, and watchability
- respondents cited “love it,” “funny,” and “authentic” as the top three emotions
- 24% of viewers felt the product itself was the best thing about the ad, while 18% considered the characters the best part
- Nintendo only ran ads on ABC and NBC, and solely during The Bachelor, Shark Tank, and This Is Us