Ambrella, the developer behind Pokemon Rumble, as been acquired/dissolved by Creatures Inc.

Pokemon Crumble

Creatures Inc. has a few new people working under their umbrella. At the end of last year, Creatures Inc. officially acquired Ambrella, the company behind Pokemon Rumble and a few other Pokemon-related spin-offs. Since acquiring the company, Creatures Inc. has dissolved it, while retaining the employees that were working for it. They'll continue on as one big team for future Pokemon projects.

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Creatures has been pretty slow recently so this is probably for the best, if it helps Creatures make games more frequently

Mon Feb 08 21 06:11pm
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Not with GameFREAK making games frequently. Creatures last independent game was Detective Pikachu on 3DS in 2016. They've mainly been stuck as modelers for GameFREAK and probably are at work modelling more for either the next Gen VIII game (either a Let's Go! remake, Sinnoh remakes, or Ultra Sword/Shield or Sword 2/Shield 2) or they've started work on Generation IX.

EDIT - Oh, now I remember something. Wasn't there supposed to be a Switch version of Detective Pikachu at some point? I guess it's possible Creatures could be doing that now. ^.^;;

Yup, Detective Pikachu was announced for Switch in 2019 but likely began development before then (so Ill assume in 2018 because)... also Detective Pikachu fully released in 2018 (episode 1 released in Japan in 2016 but most were saved for 201Cool

Ambrella made some pretty good titles, but it's not hard to see why they were dissolved and integrated into Creatures. Hopefully this helps with Detective Pikachu 2 and other titles.

Creatures has a lot on their plate with the increasing number of Pokemon, I can only imagine they're a little relieved that they won't have to remodel and reanimate every Pokemon at once going forward.


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