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Beacon Pines officially coming to Switch after Kickstarter success

A beacon of success
by rawmeatcowboy
08 February 2021
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We shared news about the Beacon Pines Kickstarter last week, and now we have even better news to share. The team behind the game was looking for $30k to bring the game to Switch, and they've manage to hit that goal easily. There's still 24 days left on the Kickstarter, leaving plenty of time to hit stretch goals. Read a bit about Beacon Pines below, then click over to kick in some cash!

Beacon Pines is a cute and creepy adventure game within a magical storybook. You play as both the reader of the book and its main character, Luka. Explore the world to find word charms. Use your charms to change the course of fate!

Kickstarter here