Mod adds ray tracing to Super Mario 64

Looking great after all these years

In today's day and age, ray tracing is the big talk in gaming. Everyone's eager to see more realistic reflections and lighting in games, and ray tracing helps make that a reality. There's sure to be plenty of amazing titles that make use of the tech, but why not step back in time and see how it spruces up the classics?

Modder Dario put ray tracing to the test with Super Mario 64 to see how much of a difference it makes, and the results are pretty gorgeous. The mix of Super Mario 64's basic geometry and the modern lighting/reflections makes it look pretty unique. It definitely goes to show how a few little touches can make a big difference!

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Is it just emissive lighting and shadows? Looks like there isn't much bounce lit ambient occlusion... Could just be the stage though

To me, ray tracing never looks any more impressive than just bog standard light mapping. Buzzwords sell though.

Tue Feb 09 21 01:49am
Rating: 2

So like... I understand that what is happening is really impressive on a technical level, but I don’t think that I really care in a real situation where I’m focusing on gameplay anyway. I do wonder if this is a massive waste of system resources that could be used to make a game look overall much better in different ways.

It’s like people who want 8K resolution. Honestly, 1440p is a perfectly fine sweet spot, and I struggle to tell the difference with anything higher (outside of VR where a screen is being magnified by a lens right up to your eyeballs).

Honestly the biggest thing for me with Ray Tracing is real time reflections.

"Bog standard" is the Switch version of Super Mario 64. It's not even the best version of the game. It's a really lazy effort.

I prefer the 64 version over the DS. I suppose they made those changes to make it look good on the DS screen, but some of it is just ugly.

You would have to be actually insane to think the DS port is better than the original.

Tue Feb 09 21 04:01am
Rating: 2

You must be blind. the realtime raytraced reflections in that video look fantastic. And the lighting looks better too. Using RT for global illumination can give off a much better effect than regular point lights too, as seen in CP2077. RT can do amazing stuff but like any rendering technique it's only as impressive as what someone bothers to do with it. Many games barely bother, but in some, the reflections look miles better than SSAO or cube maps.

Mods do what Nintendon't.

I suppose it looks kind of nice, but I definitely prefer the look without raytracing.


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