Switch Online NES/SNES Collection update coming Feb. 17th, 2021 (Fire ’n Ice, Psycho Dream, DOOMSDAY WARRIOR, Prehistorik Man)

Legacy systems get some love

Nintendo has revealed the next round of NES and SNES games coming to the Switch Online NES and SNES collections. 1 NES and 3 SNES games are on the way, and you can read about all of them below.

On Feb. 17, visit worlds virtual, fantastic and oddly familiar when three Super NES™ games and one NES™ game join the Nintendo Switch Online service. This selection of unexpected, action-filled adventures will challenge you to summon whatever it takes to save the Earth, your prehistoric village, a magical island or someone lost in a terrifying virtual fantasy.

Available for the first time in the U.S., Psycho Dream is arriving to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ – Nintendo Switch Online library! Originally available on the Super Famicom™ system in Japan, Psycho Dream is a reality-bending action platformer that sends you into a virtual fantasy game to rescue a missing person.

Also joining the Super NES library are DOOMSDAY WARRIOR, an action game in which you alone stand against the powerful Doom Squad and their quest for world domination, and Prehistorik Man, a colorful action game that tasks you with saving your village from hungry, hungry dinosaurs.

Plus, Fire ’n Ice, the magical, flame-fighting puzzler that lets you create cool puzzles of your own, will be arriving for the Nintendo Entertainment System™ – Nintendo Switch Online collection.

With these new additions, a Nintendo Switch Online membership will grant instant access to 99 classic games, with libraries that run the gamut of cult action hits, touchstone fan favorites and U.S. debuts of notable games from the classic era of gaming.

Read on for additional details about the games arriving this month:

Super NES

Psycho Dream – When Sayaka doesn’t return to reality after entering an immersive virtual world known as a D-Movie, the protagonists, Ryo and Maria, must progress through a terrifying fantasy game called Legend of the Fallen Capital to rescue her and bring her back to reality.

DOOMSDAY WARRIOR – It’s the Doomsday Warrior versus the Doom Squad! This action game features an evil sorcerer who has recruited seven warriors to take over Earth. But one of the Doom Squad has resisted the influence and now stands against the rest as the Doomsday Warrior!

Prehistorik Man – Sam the caveman’s quest to save his village begins! Sam lives in a village whose food is stolen by dinosaurs. To get more, Sam must collect bones, which he can then use to buy food. On his way, he’ll need to make use of a variety of weapons, vehicles and attacks, including shouting, to attack all on-screen foes. Can Sam reach the dinosaur graveyard and collect enough bones?


Fire ’n Ice– As Dana, you have been chosen by the Queen of the Winter Fairies to bear the power of ice magic. With it, you must defend your home, Coolmint Island, from the wicked wizard Druidle and his flames!

All of these games are playable with a Nintendo Switch Online membership, which offers access to libraries of classic Super NES™ and NES™ games, such as The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™, Donkey Kong Country™ and Super Mario Bros.™ 3.


Never heard of any of these. Why were there so many caveman games in the early 90s?

There was a weird cave man fever in the early '90s.

I blame that terrible "Walk the Dinosaur" song.

Man this proves we need GBA, GB, and N64 games on this service already...this is just scraping bottom of the barrel..

It is. But still there are dozens of SNES games people would like to play. So it's very surreal seeing scrapping the bottom of a barrel that's still more than a half full.

Right? Almost like they decide to pick the most random games and throw them up into the collection.

I mean what other well known popular games can Nintendo add to the service besides Earthbound, Earthbound Beginnings, and Super Mario RPG. The good majority of SNES/NES games already exist on Switch through compilations. Capcom isn't gonna let Nintendo put any Mega Man or Street Fighter games on the service cause they want you to purchase their compilations. Same with Konami with Castlevania and Contra. Same with Square-Enix and their back catalog of RPGs..

Nintendo also cant put games like Ducktales, Goof Troop, Aladdin, Turtles in Time, etc. due to copyrights and licensing. So what we're left with is the games we are getting now i.e. bottom of the barrel from 3rd rate 3rd party companies who have no chance of selling their games seperate from the online service..

Yeah, those are basically the only three we're missing now. And to be fair, they'll likely sprinkle them around as they did with the DKC trilogy.

Copyrights and licensing issues kill it man Sad
I was never able to beat Goof Troop back in the day. Would love this and the others you mentioned on the system.

bottom of the barrel from 3rd rate 3rd party companies who have no chance of selling their games seperate from the online service..

If you look at the lists of the best selling games on VC, you'll see that besides very few exceptions, the top 10 is always comprised of the same games. It's one of the reason VC died.

Tue Feb 09 21 11:38pm
Rating: 1

Still no Super Mario RPG..on his 35th anniversary at that... Sad

Wed Feb 10 21 06:14am
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

Sucks so much that they’ve scrapped Virtual Console altogether. It’d be fine if the roll out of games for SNES Online was regular and substantial but it’s really not. They literally have the keys to the Netflix of classic games and they’re doing next to nothing with it.

By that same token why the hell aren’t they putting out N64/GB/GBA and at this point GameCube games? It’s the easiest money they’d ever make and they’ve done it all before anyway, it’s not new territory. Any other company with Nintendo’s legacy would’ve made getting access to these older titles a priority long ago.

Virtual Console roll out would not be any better than this, just more expensive. On the Wii it was great and new, but the releases on the 3DS and Wii U after the first year were super slow and people complained all the time.

Adding GB, GBC, N64 and GBA is something I hope they're planning and that they start adding soon. They'd all work and there are a ton of fun games from them I'd love to play, especially the GBA, which was a financial dark time for me (overall I played about 7 games, some borrowed).

As for the GameCube. Don't get your hopes up. On the technical side we have the file sizes, which were a huge jump from the N64. And that would make the current format impossible to work on the Switch.
On the money side, if they replicate what they've done with Sunshine, they can resell the games and make more money. And a lot of people would buy them, considering the Cube had some amazing games that never released again.

Not to mention, what are they going to do to replicate the GC controller triggers for those who don't have a Gamecube controller and the adapter? Granted they can re-release them or make a wireless version like the NES or SNES ones, but what if the Joy-Cons are all you have?

Another very good and fair point.
I do hope we get more GameCube love in the future, even if the trigger effect is adapted or nerfed in the games.

Also, a wireless GameCube controller (not looking like a WaveBird) would be amazing Smile

They could very easily map half presses to clicking in the analogue sticks/L. Not elegant but an easy workaround. Struggling to think of any games that used them in a crucial way anyway?

Thu Feb 11 21 04:15pm
(Updated 1 time)

On the GameCube side I wasn’t suggesting adding them to an NSO, just release them in general. They have a GameCube emulator for Switch, just put them out. I get that for the bigger games they’ll try and squeeze as much as they can get from them by bundling them or remastering them or whatever (if we ever get Metroid Prime and Echoes on Switch it’ll be as the Trilogy etc.). But are Nintendo really ever going to do anything celebratory with something like Chibi Robo? Wave Race Blue Storm? Star Fox Assault? The original Animal Crossing (sans NES games)? Just chuck em on the eShop! Why not!

And yes, Virtual Console sucked on Wii U for how long it took for them to release stuff for that. Doesn’t mean they’d have to abide by that schedule on Switch. Mainly I find it frustrating that they didn’t just bring over that catalogue to Switch on day one (or as soon as they could), no reason whatsoever to have to start from scratch.

I agree that releasing GameCube games on the Switch would be amazing. The only reason I can think for them not doing it is that they want to get Zelda and maybe Metroid (as the Trilogy HD) on the system before adding more games. And that will also help them determine the optimal price for these games. I'd love for them to be $15 at most, but Nintendo will likely do $20.
And if they add online... Melee and Double Dash!! would be LIT!! oO

The Virtual Console on the 3DS sucked after a while too. The beginning was amazing for sure, sadly it didn't last.

They did have their reasons to throw it all away with the Switch.
1 - They wanted to distance themselves from everything branded Wii and Wii U.
2 - Based on how much hardware the Wii U sold, not that many people would be "hurt" in the process. I know you and I were, but the vast majority wasn't.
3 - Since only the same games were sold on VC, they devised a strategy to get people in (add those games to the service) and then add the games people wouldn't necessarily buy, but might play if it's a packaged deal.
4 - The subscription model is much cheaper for us, gives us more content, and they have a more assured cash stream.
5 - Too many games at once can lead to many games being overlooked and forgotten, and it can cause people to have analysis paralysis. I mean, even Netflix has a play something button now.

I wish they'd add a new platform to NSO soon. I still have about 20 games I wanna play in the current catalogue, but many are somewhat short. And having a different platform would increase variety for sure Smile

Wed Feb 10 21 12:05pm
Rating: 1

I didn’t realize that Fire and Ice was a sequel to Solomon’s Key. I’m looking forward to finally being able to try it out! 😄

Prehistorik man! Jesus I haven't seen this game since I was in junior high! I remember that I liked that game...but that was like 30 years ago <_<

welp, time to try it again and see if the nostalgia is real!


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