GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 809

The one where we talk about pinwheels

Thanks to @KrazyKernal for the awesome artwork!

We've got exciting news about an upcoming podcast project! Listen in for that at the start of the show, and then stay with us for a gaming pet peeve of mine, the biggest Nintendo news of the week, impressions of Bowser's Fury and a very NSFW game, and much more! Plus music trivia and all the silliness you could want!

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Sun Feb 14 21 05:01am
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One ring to rule them all! Does Jason have an axe to grind? Or maybe he's keeping his nose to the grindstone. πŸ˜‰

Mon Feb 15 21 07:31pm
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Ha! Yeah... I could totally see that! 100% Looks like he's trying to sharpen his implement of destruction. I tried to do a parody of the caveman ad RMC was talking about but thought "wait a minute! Jason has never used a stone hammer! But, I know I've seen that boy with an axe!"

Thanks Kernal for your explanation. It's terrific art, as ever. I always look forward to them.

Thu Feb 18 21 06:41pm
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Thank you so much! The fact that you get a lil joy from it makes me so very happy!

Sun Feb 14 21 05:04am
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Sorry RMC, I talk out loud to myself / dog a lot too. I’m with Nicky Hill on this one.

The act of a game character talking out loud to themselves is for the benefit of the player. It’s supposed to be a less intrusive method of providing guidance rather than a HUD pop up, map marker or super sparkly shiny item you must interact with - which arguably ruin the immersion more imo.

But I agree it can be a bit on the nose. It could be made optional I guess.

Oh yeah, I have no problem with a character talking to themselves. I just prefer it presented as an internal monologue, rather than outwardly speaking. That said, I guess people speak out loud to themselves than I realized!

They prefer to be called crazy people or crazies. 😜

But what about when a character is trying to sneak around a very tense and quiet scenario, guards-a-plenty and they say, out loud "gotta be quiet. Cant let them catch me"? I mean, thats fine, right?

Sun Feb 14 21 04:43pm
Rating: 2

I just realized I want nothing more in this world than My Parents Play Hunie Pop 2!

"SUCKINONCHILIDOGS" is such an amazing file name.

I was finishing up Miles Morales while listening to this one!


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