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Demo for NES/Famicom game "Blazing Rangers" now available

The NES isn't dead yet!
by rawmeatcowboy
16 February 2021
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Looking for something new to play on your NES or Famicom? Why not check out Blazing Rangers? A new demo is now available, and you can get details on how to access it below.

First Press Games & Karu_gamo just released a demo version of their upcoming new NES & FC release Blazing Rangers, available for free through

The demo contains all game modes and a total of four playable levels, with a highscore given at the end. To celebrate the release of the demo, a highscore contest for it is being held.

The full game release for NES & FC will eventually be available on physical cartridges in three region variants and is scheduled to release in April/May of 2021. The publisher First Press Games currently offers preorders for the game.

About the Game

Blazing Rangers (HonĊ no Rangerman in Japan) is a newly-developed NES/FC game by Karu_gamo, who you might know from his previous works Protect Me Knight and Gotta Protectors, as well as the former NES/FC release Amazon's Running Diet.

Features of the full game:

exciting & unique fire-fighting gameplay for FC and compatible hardware
more than 32 challenging levels with many hidden secrets
a wide array of power-ups and enemies
two different game modes with strong changes to the game-play
2-player co-operative play, a partner can join the game at any time
randomly generated dangers, each play-through will challenge you in new ways
The game was developed with mapper0 restrictions, which were the earliest cartridges for NES & FC!

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