Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 join Smash Bros. Ultimate


Nintendo has announced that both Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are joining Smash Bros. Ultimate. There will also be a new stage added from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The characters are set to arrive in March 2021.

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Im happy I get to own a Pyra/Mythra amiibo. Good inclusion in my book.

Wed Feb 17 21 05:09pm
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Plus point, it's 1st party characters, not undeserving 3rd party. On the other hand it's yet more sword fighters. I think it's a good reveal.

Wed Feb 17 21 06:08pm
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As stated many times before (even on this same site), the whole "X character deserves / doesn't deserve to be in smash" is only inside the mind of some fans. Sakurai himself has stated this already:



Stating otherwise is just pointless.

Wed Feb 17 21 08:14pm
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Just because Sakurai has abandoned all standards doesn't mean everyone has...

Are you aware that Sakurai (I think that's what you meant) is the director of the game, right? Because what you posted makes no sense, with all respect.

Wed Feb 17 21 09:37pm
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How does it not make sense? We're all entitled to our point of view and entitled to hold our point of view to whatever standards we choose... just because Sakurai is the director doesn't mean with have to agree with how he does things.

And yeah, I meant Sakurai, I'm at work texting on my phone...

Wed Feb 17 21 10:15pm
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This has nothing to do with opinions, or if I agree or disagree with yours; as stated (many times), the whole "X characters deserve/doesn't deserve" to be in smash is something that the director himself has debunked (video above, timestamp above) since the choices are taken based on business/marketing, not on what some random fans thinks about X third party company because their games are not on the platform he chose. Your post in particular "makes no sense" because:

" just because Sakurai is the director doesn't mean with have to agree with how he does things"

That's the problem, fans assume they have the rights to choose/demand X character when it is clear that their opinions on X publisher are irrelevant. Even surveys are taken (partially) in consideration (see Smash 4 ballot), so it's very childish to think that your criteria for choosing X character is above the person who is in charge of the whole game. It's amazing how something so obvious to some people is totally misunderstood by others, and it will probably continue to be this way as long as there are remaining dlc characters to show.

Just because he's the director, doesn't mean we have to agree with or even like his decisions, a job position doesn't give anyone a free pass from criticism

If we take your argument and and apply it to say, Star Wars, then you'd say that every franchise ruining decision made by Rian Johnson in the Last Jedi was entirely correct because he was the director and they know better.

Sakurai's views on what characters do/do not get in are entirely debateable. I personally think he's a biased fool who puts himself and corporate decisions over giving fans what they want. Remember this is the guy who added Wii Fit Trainer out of sheer spite because no one voted for it.

Again (this is like the fourth time? Fifth time already? Jesus Christ), your opinion, my opinion, this site's opinion, are irrelevant. Nintendo chooses based on marketing and business decisions. They couldn't care less about my opinion about in how many games on Nintendo consoles Cloud has been. It's irrelevant. How do we know it's irrelevant? Because the director himself said so (video above, timestamp above). You can consider X or Z character are valid, but that doesn't mean anything in the long run. If they want to add Kratos and let this site burn to ashes by the meltdown of [some/b] fans, it doesn't matter, it will sell anyway. If you disagree with Sakurai's decision, well you can opt to avoid paying for that dlc, as many people did. But to think that [b]your opinion is above the person working on the game is simply being selfish and arrogant. Why would my or your opinion be "the only truth"?

Thu Feb 18 21 01:56pm
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I know I risk the ire of someone who's clearly a little hysterical, but for someone who says no one's opinion is the only truth, you certainly seem to think yours is...

You are comparing a fact to an opinion, which is a mistake. But because some people have some bad reading comprehension skills:

Fact: My opinion is irrelevant. Your opinion is irrelevant. That's the only truth in this whole situation some people deny to accept, because they don't want to admit that, despite their fanboyism, they are not relevant to the company they swear alliance to.

Fact: What you post here is irrelevant to Nintendo.

If you think X character should be in smash, that's an opinion. If I think Z should be in, well, Sakurai doesn't even care and that's an opinion too. Plain and simple. The day fans understand this, they will accept their opinions are not above others.

I'm glad they are keeping the DLC pack fresh by adding a JRPG character with a giant sword.

What a superb surprise Smile I was a bit late so did we get to see the stage? Hooo, man I have to get back to these games soon!

Im happy I get to own a Pyra/Mythra amiibo. Good inclusion in my book.

Wed Feb 17 21 05:55pm
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I'm pretty happy about this. She's a fairly iconic character by this point and one I really grew to like in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

The one sad part is that before the actual reveal, I was sure we were getting XC2 DLC or a sequel, which ALSO would have been pretty nice.

XC2 DID have DLC, so to me it screamed Smash, right away...

It was only when Rex calls out to Pyra that I thought it could be her and not him, though...

It did have DLC, but this was looking like post game content, which I would have really enjoyed. Sad

Great addition!! :D
Love the characters

Wed Feb 17 21 06:37pm
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I’m cool with this. Haven’t played Xenoblade 2 yet but the 2-in-1 playstyle looks interesting and they’re repping a pretty popular game from a Nintendo-published series with only one rep so far, so this makes sense. Also, complaining about a new Smash Brothers character having a sword is like complaining about a new Apex Legends character having a gun. Swords are to Japanese games what guns are to American games, so of course lot of characters from a Japanese-made crossover fighting game are going to have swords.

*sigh* ...i wanna be happy about this, but I can't help but have mixed feelings... on the one hand I loved Xenoblade 2 and seeing it in Smash is great... on the other, this is already looking to fulfill one of my greatest fears (another sword character) and another I never even thought of (Why no Rex?).

Wed Feb 17 21 08:40pm
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I'm not disappointed outside of getting more swordfighters right after we had one (two if we count Steve). I haven't played Xenoblade 2 to have an opinion.

My real issue with the DLC in general is the release order of the characters.

If it were on me and couldn't change the characters, I'd have done Min Min and Pyra/Mythra first (to get the previously commented ARMS/Xenoblade 2 reps that couldn't make it to the base game out of the way), then Hero, Byleth and Banjo-Kazooie in that order for the first Fighters Pass, so it looks a little more Nintendo focused, save for Hero. Even Banjo-Kazooie would fit in there as they were once Nintendo-owned characters (if the original copyrights of Diddy Kong Racing are anything to go by).

For the second Fighters Pass it'd have been Joker, Steve, Terry, Sephiroth and the remaining 2.


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