Splatoon 3 announced for Switch, due out 2022

Nintendo ended their Nintendo Direct today by revealing Splatoon 3. We got a teaser trailer for the game, showcasing both traditional Splatoon gameplay and something that looked a bit more single-player focused. The game is due out sometime in 2022. Check out some more screens for the game below.

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I did not see this coming, I don’t think anyone did.

NintendoLife did a prediction video where they brought up how it was 1 year from the last WiiU splatfest to Splatoon2 announcement, and would be 1 year from the last Splatoon2 splatfest to today.

Could've been the ol' leaked info disguised as commentary. As a fan, I figured it would be one main entry per platform.

Gotta be honest ending the already kinda mediocre direct with this was very underwhelming to me. I love Splatoon dont get me wrong but did we really need ANOTHER on Switch? I was under the impression Splatoon would be like Smash Bros and Mario Kart i.e. one per system type game. The single player (I assume) looked great but I dont see how the multiplayer will be different enough from Splatoon 2 to justify. Also this game isnt coming out until 2022 so what does Nintendo have for 2021 besides Mario Golf and yet MORE ports except now not from Wii U but Wii again (Skyward Sword HD) and 3DS (Miitopia).

They showed a pretty impressive line-up for the first half of the year.
And games like Pseudo FFT and Splatoon 3 were bonuses we got.
Around E3 we should be getting another Direct for the rest of the year.

Just look at what Sony and Microsoft have promised concretely for 2021... It doesn't even compare

Im trying to be positive but Switch era Nintendo is literally port/remake city. Its getting kinda annoying. Besides Mario Golf and New Pokemon Snap this year looks to follow last years trend of just rehashing old stuff.

Also man Im kinda getting sick of the same Nintendo franchises year after year...Splatoon has literally gotten 3 games before DK has even gotten a new game since Tropical Freeze in 2014..

Every year of Switch has become a rotating door of Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, and Splatoon. With a rare Animal Crossing or new IP thrown in for good measure..

You must have missed out on Sony and MS doing that for the past 2 generations then. They did it A LOT!

We're also getting Bravely Default 2, Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Stories 2, and No More Heroes 3, for instance.

And before we had DKC Returns it had been over a decade since the last traditional 2D DK game. Why have we gotten nothing since TF? Maybe because it sold poorly and Splatoon sold much much better! It also helps that we have no idea what's going on inside Retro Studios.

Maybe it's high time you played other franchises then. Or maybe go down the memory lane of the Wii U releases... that was a "fun" time

Play other franchises? I play all of Nintendos 1st party franchises the problem is Nintendo's not making any new games in those franchises and just keeps making sequels in the same 6 franchises on Switch over and over again...lol

And what about the other games on the Switch? Hades, Dragon Quest XI S, Octopath Traveler, Wargroove, Mario+Rabbids, the SteamWorld series, A Short Hike, Celeste, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Bloodstained (all 3), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Astral Chain, The Witcher 3, Ori (both), Untitled Goose Game, Hellblade, Civ VI, Valkyria Chronicles (1 and 4), and a bonus for you: Pato Box (a quasi Punch Out).

And I'm sure other people could list other amazing games that have escaped me now.

Let's take a quick look at the main events of the first semestre of 2021.

- Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (port + bonus content)
- Bravely Default 2 (sequel to a beloved series)
- Monster Hunter Rise (new entry in a mega hit series)
- New Pokémon Snap (sequel fans have been begging for over 2 decades)
- Miitopia (remaster of a harmless game that sold extremely well on 3DS)
- Mario Gold Super Rush (brand new entry with features fan have been asking for ages)
- Fall Guys (one of the multiplayer phenomena of 2020)
- Famicom Detective Club (an old series revived for today... isn't that what you want to see?)
- Age of Calamity DLC (support for a recent release)

And just in July, Zelda SS HD

And this is the usually slow semestre of the year. Since we know until July + a few bonus games, we should be getting another Direct to showcase the rest of the year.

And while I wish we had other franchises getting the spotlight, they don't sell well. So they're riskier. We're not getting a year of just the C team of franchises. We'll get them sprinkled around. And if they sell well, then they become less risk and we get more games.

i think the no zelda update and splatoon 3 for 2022 leads to a switch pro next year...

Wed Feb 17 21 06:07pm
Rating: 2

I was actually kind of hoping for a single-player adventure Splatoon game as the trailer unfolded. I'm not super-disappointed for another multiplayer game, but I hope it has some good single-player content.

The trailer definitely leaned in that direction. The Octo Expansion was the best single-player content the series has had, and they have at least another year of development for this game with already a strong multiplayer foundation. I'm optimistic for the base game of this one.

They always reveal the single-player content for Splatoon games much closer to release. I'm sure we'll be seeing it at some point.

Can't wait for the next trailer to drop in 2024

The start of the trailer made it look like it was going to be some sort of single player focused spin to Splatoon, which would make having another Splatoon on Switch make sense. The character did end up in the plaza though and showcased multiplayer, no subtitle to indicate some sort of single player spin either, so it was probably just a cool intro sadly.

The direct was mediocre for me, lots of decent third party games, but again nothing major from Nintendo. Hopefully Mario Golf is more meaty than Tennis was.

Nintendo Twitter Posts:

#Splatoon3 was just announced via video transmission. It doesn’t launch for some time, but we learned some fascinating ecological details: a new Inkling & Octoling habitat has been discovered! And it seems quite different than Inkopolis...

Classic main weapons appear viable in the Splatlands, although their appearance seems evolved to suit this unique culture. The .96 Gal and Range Blaster look markedly different than we’re used to, which will seemingly make them stand out more from other weapons of the same type.

Wed Feb 17 21 08:26pm
Rating: 1

I just want them to shake things up a bit more. I love both of the first two games an I want them to keep the core gameplay intact, but shake it up a bit more this time.

Wed Feb 17 21 09:42pm
Rating: 2

I agree. Splatoon 2 felt like Splatoon 1.5. This one REALLY needs to feel fresh.

But just from the trailer, I think it looks promising.

This one REALLY needs to feel fresh.

You did that on purpose, didn't you? Smile

Welp, it's only a teaser trailer so it's hard to read too much out of it, but an article I red just now did mention they are going to add new moves and customization so there's that... And who will be the next idol gal duo? Seems like something punk could fit in here... =)

Its really weird that Nintendo would make a sequel of Splatoon this soon..though I guess with the Switch being a hybrid, its a mix of two games in one instead of one and one?

Too soon for another multiplayer focussed splatoon, wish this was a full blown single player game instead.


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