Miitopia makes the jump to Switch on May 21st, 2021

Embark on an adventure where the cast and enemies are determined by you in Miitopia for Nintendo Switch! Cast your friends, family, or anyone you want in the story, then experience surprising and hilarious interactions on your quest! Launching on May 21!

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Wed Feb 17 21 06:23pm
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I can finally bring back My Wizard Iwata and Reggie the Destroyer .. Best team combo in miitopia :D

Wed Feb 17 21 06:34pm
Rating: 1

This is a great game for anyone who missed it on 3DS! It's also nice to see that, through this and some other games, Nintendo is remembering Miis again.

Yeah, I've been wanting Miis to make a return, so we can have a Switch version of Tomodachi Life. The 3DS version of Tomodachi Life is consistently in the top 5 3DS eShop bestsellers these days.

Thu Feb 18 21 05:18am
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I must have sunk at least 200 hours into the 3DS Miitopia. It makes me iffy on getting the Switch version because I'd have to start all over, and I won't have my old team consisting of M. Night Shyamalan, Princess Bubblegum, Triple H, Albert Einstein, Isabelle (Animal Crossing), Guy Fieri, Jackie Chan, Tharja, Fluttershy, and Merida.

Nor would Ron Swanson roam the land offering me rare food items, Dr. Eggman look sad as Thrandull tries to woo Nui Harime, or SpongeBob Squarepants tell me the tale of when Morgan Freeman defeated the evil genie Ice Cube.

Also, my Dark Lord was Gabe Newell.

(Except for Shyamalan, all of these were gained through picking a random Mii from the servers.)


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