Splatoon 3 moves away from gender-specific customization options

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Splatoon 2 had players pick a gender, and then certain customization options were tied to those choices. Since that game, Nintendo has changed how they handle customization. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players pick a style, and then all types of clothing, hair, and more are open to anyone. Yesterday's trailer for Splatoon 3 confirms that Nintendo is taking the same approach. You start by choosing a style, and then you can pick any clothing or hair option that you'd like.

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Thu Feb 18 21 03:03pm
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Professor Oak would not like this!
/s before anyone gets in a fluster.

It makes sense, same for Animal Crossing. Let’s you customise your character without any restrictions. Gives you the entire pool of customisation options and lets you mix and match what you want.

Things are about to get really confusing in the world of Splatoon... hair and clothing options were their most distinguishing gender traits, now how do we tell them apart?!

*Before someone gets uppity, I'm trying to be funny...

They are still boys and girls being shown there. They just don't "say it" so the twitter puritans won't get mad and cancel them.

Thu Feb 18 21 05:29pm
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That's not quite what this is saying. Just after choosing boy or girl body type, there are no further customizations locked to either type. So no girl only hair or boy only hair.

Thu Feb 18 21 05:58pm
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So basically you still pick boy or girl and then pimp them up as you wish, eh?

Looks like the eyebrows are gender specific. There might be other ways to tell them apart.


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