A number of games have been removed from the Wii U eShop

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Not that long ago, Nintendo removed a bunch of DSiWare games from the DSi Shop, but we never learned why. Shortly after, most of those games returned to the service.

A few weeks later, we've found out that a number of Wii U games have been removed from the Wii U eShop. We don't know if this situation is different from the DSiWare games or not, so they may not be coming back. Here's the titles that have up and vanished without a trace.

- Super Meat Boy
- Chomp Chomp Party
- Color Symphony 2
- Dodge Club Party
- Electronic Super Joy: Groove City
- Factotum
- FreezeME
- Gaiabreaker
- Kick & Fennick
- psyscrolr
- Regina & Mac
- Replay: VHS is not dead
- Shadow Puppeteer
- Star Ghost
- Temple of Yog
- The Beggar’s Ride
- The Bridge

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The Bridge was a game I'd often considered buying, wasn't sure if I did, so I checked just now, it's still showing up for me on the European eShop. Turns out I did purchase it, I don’t know if it's still showing so I can re-download it if need be.

Most of the other games are forgettable apart from Super Meat Boy, but I don't like torture. Just checked and that's still there too. Maybe it's other regions that are affected. That’s just a header and footer check, chances are some of the others are still there too.

I checked some more of the games, about a handful. A couple are gone, but Kick & Fennick, Shadow Puppeteer and The Beggar’s Ride are still there. I'd forgotten what these games were, but after looking at them, I remember them now. They're decent to good games.

Maybe the companies no longer exist. Or the bank accounts are gone so they are unable to deposit the money the may earn.


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