The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD jumps to the top of Amazon's Best Sellers list

Link's still got it!

Nintendo revealed a lot of new titles for the Switch during their last Nintendo Direct, and many of them are up for pre-order at various retailers. Over on the Amazon side of things, it seems that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD caught the lion's share of attention from Nintendo Direct viewers.

On Amazon.com, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is the top game on the Best Selling chart. Digital code cards take the #1 through #5 spot, but The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is the first game to appear, taking the #6 position. The only other game in the top 10 is Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, which comes in at #7.

Over on Amazon UK, Zelda fans rushed the online retailer to lock in their pre-orders as well. It appears that things are going quite well for Link in the UK, as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD has shifted from open to closed pre-orders. Amazon UK has either already sold out of their allotment, or they've gotten too many pre-orders and aren't yet sure they'll have enough day-one stock to cover purchases.


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Sat Feb 20 21 07:15pm
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As the best Zelda game it deserves that spot.

Sat Feb 20 21 07:15pm
Rating: 9 (Updated 1 time)

As the best Zelda game it deserves that spot.

Sat Feb 20 21 07:42pm
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You should think about entering comedy SteelDiver. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!



It is not the best Zelda, anything but. For me it easily sits at the bottom of the pile of 3D Zelda games. In no particular order after BOTW.

Majora's Mask
Twilight Princess
Wind Waker

Several hundred years later...
Skyward Sword

Nintendo should do a lot of work, adding extra content, QOL improvements to justify the price tag, but they know that they don’t need to, people will lap it up regardless.

Keywords" for you. Others do not necessarily feel the same and your opinion isn't the one and only truth.

Us Skyward Sword supporters will not be silenced!

There are dozens of us!

In all seriousness, I liked SS, but are you trolling? I think you have to be...

Skyward Sword is my favorite video game ever.

Though it's not my favorite, I completely respect this. Skyward Sword released at a time when I was bored of pretty much every game releasing at the time. This game provided a fun I forgot about. I've put off replaying it these past few years just for this HD release. I'll happily vote with my money to experience this gem in HD with its QoL changes.

Can't wait to replay it. One of my Top 5 Zelda games.

Oh no! How will people who lack basic notions of pricing in business say it should be much cheaper than full price now? Those poor souls...

You should take a look at gamefaqs where there are constant topics that argue that it is not worth the 60$ price point and that their argument is that it is a full priced game...and I still haven't found any articles of what is a full priced game since the price of the game is decided by the publishers who release it at the full price

If folks can say that Nintendo ports are very expensive, then folks like me are entitled to say that third party ports are also expensive because their asking price is almost the same as the original games when they launched.

I really won't be doing that. I won't be wasting my Sunday to read people who believe they are Harvard MBA graduates when in fact they talk like 4th grade students.

People can complain about the price of anything. It doesn't make a difference in most cases and it won't make a difference in this case. Even priced at $60, it will still outsell its original release. It will bring in A LOT more profit, since it cost much MUCH less and will provide higher revenue.

Why won't it make a difference? Because even if you could convince all hardcore Nintendo fans all over the world not to buy this version of the game, it would still sell enough for Nintendo to justify the price. People act as if all Switch owners check news daily and are versed in videogame history, but the truth is that they are not even 10% of the current Switch owner base. I wouldn't be surprised if they were about just 5%.

You can and should complain about third-party ports being expensive on the Switch. Best way? Vote with your wallet. If the game released at $50 and you don't believe it's worth it, wait until it's at a price with which you agree or maybe don't even buy it at all.
What annoys me is people acting as if Nintendo is charging $60 because they are evil and other companies charge less because they are saints. Were those other companies in a market position to do the same as Nintendo, they'd do that for sure. Maybe even worse.

I know right? And Nintendo isn't the only one who is faced with the full price thing. Square Enix, Capcom and many other eastern publishers are also guilty of keeping their games at a 60$ price or prices that are steep.

What people don't understand is the value that Nintendo games have. Cheaping the price means that you're devaluing the game as well as its IP and we both know how powerful Nintendo's IPs are. The minute that devalue kicks in, the IP begins to lose its quality and it stops selling. This is also the same principle that Square Enix and I think Capcom also follow.

By keeping the premium price, you're giving the average consumer the confidence that the game is of quality that can last for years to come. And sure, games are subjective but in Nintendo's case, its about having games that you know you're going to want or going to have a fun time with even if you don't like it as much as the other guy.

There's really nothing Nintendo can do. They can't get the third party parity because their IPs easily compete with that of third parties and they can't suddenly lower the price of their games unless they stop selling because it causes that potential threat to those brands. I feel honestly sorry for Nintendo as I didn't think their success would ultimately lead to this...

True. And Nintendo managed to keep their software prices high even on Wii U. The price drops there took quite a while to happen, even with the system being basically dead within its first year.

All companies are trying to maximize the perceived value of their products. That's the way it is. People who think it's too expensive to pay $60 for it (or in my case $80, yay for paying extra for the same thing on a lousy economy), can wait for eventual sales and hope for Nintendo Selects to make a return. Though I can see Link's Awakening being added way before Skyward Sword.

Their current success will lead to them making more money. People will complain and nag no matter what. If you combined all games ever announced for the Switch and they had been released in 2017, there would be people complaining. I don't know about you, but if people will complain anyway, I might as well go the route that suits me best.

It's a difficult balance to find with pricing. Though Nintendo doesn't quite have this problem, many companies struggle with that balance. Consumers want lower prices on everything, yet the company needs to make a profit to stay in business. I worked for a company that appeased the consumers' desire for low prices, even though the product I poured my blood and sweat into was worth immensely more. The result was absolutely no increase in customer base, a perception of cheap products (even though they were the best in the state), low pay for all employees and the owner, and a company continually on the brink of extinction. Nintendo has a great deal of money, so I understand the desire for ports, remasters, and remakes to show that lower price point. However, I also understand the need for a company to charge for their product. Even the perception of buying a premium product helps something sell. The psychology behind it is fascinating! For me, I'm fine with the $60. Others won't be. Ultimately, it will always be up to you to decide on whether the price is worth it or not. For $80 big ones, I would be hesitant, too, on any game.

That's very true. Thanks for sharing your experience Smile
And I agree, business psychology in general is quite fascinating. When I pursue further education I'm sure I'll be torn between this and sustainability.

I'll just be skipping it because the economy in Brazil is awful right now and I do have the Wii version and a Wii U. So I can still play it when it launches Smile

I think the people who have never played Skyward Sword before, but HAVE played BOTW, are in for a shock. The game isn't good to begin with, but for these people, I think they're going to find it so regressive and basic.

Like if you take the item collecting for example, the difference there is night and day. BOTW blows it out of the water in sheer number of items, the cooking and all the different possible combinations. Skyward Sword is archaic by comparison.

Skyward Sword is archaic by comparison.

Isn't this the case for most game sequels anyways? Compared to Breath of the Wild most Zelda titles feel awkward and slow. You should expect that playing an older title...

That is 100% accurate. The only problem is that it requires common sense... and that is not even rare anymore, it's more than that... it's epic.

Ok I have to admit..that meme image is damn hilarious! :D

Sun Feb 21 21 02:00am
Rating: 2

Skyward sword nailed motion based combat to the point I resented going back to buttons.


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