Digital Foundry: Retro NES/Famicom Tech Showcase Triple - Batman: Return of The Joker, Moon Crystal, Haradius ZERO

Games that pushed the NES to its limit

This one was put together back in the summer - where Audi Sorlie visited John Linneman and together they played their way through a bunch of great retro titles. In this one, It's the NES/Famicom that takes centre-stage. Moon Crystal, Batman: Return of The Joker (aka Dynamite Batman) and Haradius ZERO are three games that really put the veteran Nintendo hardware through its paces - so let's get to it!

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I watched this the other night.The first 2 games are really impressive, don't care for the last game or find it impressive. I think one of the guys was involved in play testing it and backs these new NES Kickstarter games, may be trying to promote it.

The first 2 though, wow, for NES games I'm surprised at how good they look. The animation in Moon Crystal looks fantastic and the various little graphical tricks. The Batman game looks terrific too, tough as nails to beat, it's also kind of cheating, as it has a chip in the cartridge that helps performance. Neither of them had a Western release.


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