Monster Hunter Rise's director was worried that the game's Asian theme wouldn't be received well

Praise all around

In an internal Capcom interview, Monster Hunter Rise Director Yasunori Ichinose was asked about the fan reaction to the game's reveal. Ichinose was delighted with much of the commentary, but was particularly happy to see that the game's Asian theme was embraced.

This game has a very Japanese/Asian-flavored setting, so initially I was a bit worried what kind of response that would elicit, but people reacted very positively to this as well, so we’re all very satisfied. We want to create something new while maintaining the core Monster Hunter experience, so we hope you look forward to future information.


There's a Japanese/Asian-flavored setting theme? I suppose there is, I hadn't really given it much thought. I don’t see why it would be an issue anyway.

I absolutely can't wait.
Big fans kind of like the Asian theme anyway because it is reminiscent of the fan favorite psp portable games. And newcomers who started with World, well chances are they have learnt a few things about their new favorite franchise by now and know there is something going on with the Asian themed MonHun games.

Honestly, the fact that the Asian influence was entirely missing from World is one of my biggest issues with it. It just made it feel bland and souless without it.


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