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Nintendo shares nearly 2 hours of Fire Emblem Heroes music

Sit back and enjoy!
by rawmeatcowboy
26 February 2021
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Do you enjoy the music of Fire Emblem Heroes? Looking for somewhere to stream the tunes? You'll be happy to know that Nintendo added almost 2 hours of songs from the game in an official YouTube video! You can check out all the tracks in the video above, and read the track list below.

00:00​ Opening
00:15​ Howling Gears (Heroes)
02:24​ Path of the Hero-King (Mystery of the Emblem)
04:58​ Under this Banner (Mystery of the Emblem)
07:31​ Valor Everlasting (Mystery of the Emblem)
10:05​ Advance (New Mystery of the Emblem)
12:39​ Preparations (Shadow Dragon)
15:13​ Sweet Victory (Shadow Dragon)
17:47​ The Dauntless Blade (Echoes)
19:56​ March to Deliverance (Echoes)
22:29​ With Mila's Divine Protection (Echoes)
25:02​ What Lies at the End (Echoes)
28:03​ Epilogue: End of the Holy War (Genealogy of the Holy War)
30:11​ Chapter 5: Doorway to Destiny (Genealogy of the Holy War)
32:44​ Chapter 6: Inheritors of Light (Genealogy of the Holy War)
35:18​ Leif's Army, In Search of Victory - Base (Thracia 776)
37:52​ Let's Go, Leif! (Thracia 776)
40:26​ Attack! (The Binding Blade)
43:00​ Beyond Distant Skies (The Binding Blade)
45:33​ Winning Road (The Binding Blade)
48:06​ Path of the Divine General (The Binding Blade)
49:50​ Friendship and Adventure (The Blazing Blade)
51:59​ Binding Ties (The Blazing Blade)
54:33​ Truth, Despair and Hope (The Sacred Stones)
57:07​ Distant Roads (The Sacred Stones)
59:41​ A Battle and a Beginning (Path of Radiance)
1:01:25​ Greil's Mercenaries (Path of Radiance)
1:03:57​ The First Fight (Path of Radiance)
1:05:42​ Eternal Bond (Radiant Dawn)
1:08:15​ Bearer of Hope (Radiant Dawn)
1:10:23​ Ascent (Radiant Dawn)
1:12:58​ Id (Purpose) [Awakening]
1:16:02​ Conquest (Ablaze) [Awakening]
1:18:11​ Main Theme (Summer) [Awakening]
1:19:55​ Dusk Falls (Fire) [Fates]
1:22:37​ Road Taken (Roar) [Fates]
1:25:15​ Justice RIP (Storm) [Fates]
1:27:50​ Paths That Will Never Cross (Three Houses)
1:29:34​ Fódlan Winds (Three Houses)
1:32:17​ Blue Skies and Battle (Three Houses)
1:35:18​ As Swift as Wind (Three Houses)
1:37:27​ Wind of Askr (Heroes)
1:39:35​ Return to Nifl (Heroes)
1:42:08​ Fire Emblem Main Theme (Heroes Ver.)