R-Type Final 2's lead designer says the game won't follow trends by having "bullet hell" gameplay

A traditional SHMUP experience

While SHMUPs are making somewhat of a comeback, much of the genre out there now takes the bullet hell approach. That means there's an insane amount of bullets to dodge, and very tiny spaces to do it. One game that's not going to follow that trend is R-Type Final 2.

In an interview with Eurogamer, R-Type Final lead designer Kazuma Kujo talked about the gameplay fans can expect from this sequel. Longtime fans of the franchise needn't worry, as R-Type Final 2 is going to stay true to its roots.

It's definitely coming away a little bit from the danmaku genre and is going to have a more traditional flow. Even if danmaku was all the rage, R-Type would never be that kind of game!

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I prefer it this way. And why should R-Type of all games be following SHMUP fads? Fun little fact, I believe R-Type was the last arcade game Nintendo distributed in North America.

It's also the only arcade game they distributed that was not developed by Nintendo.

Being a huge Terra Diver I still understand this. R-Type doesn't have to be a bullet Hell kinda game. I'll still get it though. At least I might not be sweating blood like I do when playing Terra D! =D

I’d find it really nice if more games in this genre were more casual and forgiving. I am convinced you have to be some sort of savant to dodge a billion projectiles with one hit kills. I am amazed that anybody has the reflexes, and I understand why this design would be ideal in quarter sucking arcade machines but games designed for play at home could have a little more emphasis on general fun please!

Tue Mar 02 21 03:25pm
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R-Type may not be a bullet hell game, but it is absolutely not casual and forgiving. In many ways, it's actually harder than most bullet hell games, because those games have bullet patterns that are easier to read. R-Type is more about memorizing the patterns through the die and retry method.

For non bullet hell shmups, I've always personally preferred Konami's offerings like the Gradius series. Much more balanced and forgiving than R-Type.

Oh yeah, the one hit and back to the start of the level formula is too hardcore for me too.


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