The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game - North American box

Same as the box we saw earlier today from Japan, but with less...Japanese. I think that was to be expected! Thanks to Anthony for the heads up.

Oxenfree devs give more hope for the game on Switch

We already know the devs behind Oxenfree were entertaining the idea of a Switch port, but now it seems the release is more likely than ever. During a Kotaku podcast, the developer behind the game stated once again that they're looking into a Switch port, and also made a point to say the game is coming to new platforms. Certainly seems like the game is heading our way. Now all we need is an official confirmation!

PHOTON³ gets Version 1.2 patch

Looks like the patch was related to some bugs that weren't squashed in Version 1.1. There's some gameplay tweaks in there as well.

Physical Contact: SPEED patch in the works

I...I don't know what that means. I can see there's an issue and a patch is incoming, but I don't know what the "malfunction around 80F" means. Anyone want to take a stab at that?!

Sonic Forces - EU box

This matches up with the Aussie box we shared earlier, so it looks like this redesign is legit! Thanks to Nicolauscamp for the heads up.

RUMOR - Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth sequel incoming?

Could a sequel to Persona Q be in the works? While Atlus hasn't made any official announcements, some internet snoopers found something interesting. The domain pq2.jp is now on the nameservers Atlus uses for their websites. Why bother doing that if there's not something to announce for the series? Now let's seen if this bit of fan sleuthing turns out to be spot-on.

Koch Media confirm This is the Police for Switch

As you might remember awhile back, some German retailers listed This is the Police for release on Switch. It was pretty much radio silence since then, but now we have a confirmation of the game being on the way. Koch Media, the EU distributor for THQ Nordic, has added an official listing to their website. Furthermore, EB Games Australia has a listing for the game, which includes a Sept. 29th release. Now all we need is info on the North American release.


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