Official Pikachu and Eevee 'room shoes' releasing in Japan

Slip these babies on

Japanese company Small Planet, which recently released a series of Pokemon-themed hats for cats and dogs, are now offering up something for humans. The company has revealed Pikachu and Eevee 'room shoes,' which are due out in Japan before the month ends, and each pair costs 2,500 yen.

Overwatch: Legendary Edition Japanese cover art revealed

Yes, with a real game card

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the official cover art for Overwatch: Legendary Edition in Japan. This version of the game includes a game card, as well as a code to redeem for 3 months of Switch Online.

My Time at Portia update now available

A new update is now available for My Time at Portia. We don't have the version number, but we do have details below.

- Fixed an issue that could cause the Workshop Relic Machine to crash upon use.
- Fixed an issue with late game memory crashes.
- Fixed an issue causing the game to softlock during cutscenes.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince soundtrack now available to purchase

Listen up!

Just the other day, Frozenbyte released the Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince soundtrack for free via YouTube. What about those who actually want to own the soundtrack? That option is now available as well. You can download the entire soundtrack for $10 right here.

Dragon Quest XI S update available

Square-Enix has released an update for Dragon Quest XI S. We don't have a version number or full patch notes, but we do know that the update fixes issues with skills related specific characters and issues related to certain equipment.

Susume!! Mamotte Knight DLC plans revealed

New content coming in December

Ancient has announced DLC plans for Susume!! Mamotte Knight. The first batch of DLC will hit Japan in December 2019, and will include a new story, new map, and new skills. There will also be FM Sound Source packs released, with the first being “MD&PC88SBⅡ,” with more to release in 2020.

Door Kickers: Action Squad heading to Switch in Japan on Oct. 28th, 2019

Door's open

Killhouse Games have already announced that Door Kickers: Action Squad is coming to Switch on Oct. 28th, 2019 in North America and Europe. Now we know the game will launch the same day in Japan. The title is priced at ¥1,500, includes English language support and takes up 89 MB.

Dot Horror Story heading to Switch in Japan

The horror!

Rainy Frog has announced plans to release the Jesse Makkonen-developed horror adventure game Dot Horror Story for Switch in Japan. The title is launching sometime in Nov. 2019, and is priced at ¥800. Ratalaika Games will be publishing overseas.

Full details on Famitsu's Luigi's Mansion 3 review

The nitty gritty from the reviewers

Famitsu gave Luigi's Mansion 3 a 33 out of 40, which we shared yesterday. Want to know what the 4 reviewers actually thought? Check out the full review details below!

1st reviewer: It takes place in a ghost hotel, and the construction of each floor is done greatly. With surprises like “Eh, this thing moves! Can I enter here!?” I unintentionally took lots of detour due to the fun of sucking every little things inside the room. I became enthusiastic in gathering money and finding gems, so I tend to end up postponing the rescue of Mario and the others… Because there are many hidden features, this has a perfect compatibility with Joy-Con sharing multiplayer as you can explore while conversing noisily. The enemy ghosts are also unique and good. 9

2nd reviewer: The series’ characteristics – such as the comical horror taste, unexpected brain testing in solving puzzles, and capturing ghosts – are still preserved well. The new Slam action is thrilling; it produces a liveliness in attacking & defending against ghosts, which is good. The gimmick solving features by switching controls to Gooigi is also nice. As for the methods to beat bosses, you have to observe them well and get an insight; that’s part of what makes it interesting, but perhaps there may be some people who might feel like it’s a bit difficult. 8

3rd reviewer: My heart throbs every time I open a door. The Halloween mood swells up in the comical horror house~. As you proceed with the exploration, the feature to capture ghosts will be eventually added, allowing a variety of actions to be unleashed and not making it boring. My frank impression is that this is a usual Luigi’s Mansion game, but the natural update to fit the hardware is just as expected. The series’ unique inherent flavor is kept as-is, and it’s being finished up to not let people feel that it’s outdated. 8

4th reviewer: The direction as an action game with an emphasis on “honest fun on stepping according to procedures” is the same as the series’ past titles. The quality and quantity of things sucked by the vacuum have both gone up, and so does the sense of exhilaration. The game tempo itself is comfortable, so people who enjoy it with a unique sense of humour should be able to spend some luxury time. The mini-games, which are built for multiplayer as a premise, can also be used as a fairly good amusement. 8

Rivals of Aether Switch off-screen footage shared

Looking good!

Rivals of Aether is slowly but surely making its way to the Switch. In a progress update for the game, the dev team has shared some footage of the Switch version in handheld mode. Looks like things are coming along quite nicely!


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