Switch Online NES/SNES Collections updated to Version 4.1.0/1.1.0 respectively, new games available

New old games!

As promised, Nintendo has updated both their NES and SNES Switch Online collections with new games. The NES Collection is now updated to Version 4.1.0, and includes Journey to Silius and Crystalis. The SNES Collection has been updated to Version 4.1.0, and includes StarFox 2, Super Punch-Out!!, Kirby Super Star, and Breath of Fire II.

More details on Fairy Tail's Mirajane, Jellal, and Laxus, plus info on the communication gameplay system

A deeper look at who and what the game has to offer

The official Japanese site for Fairy Tail has been updated with new screens and art, as well as character info and the communication gameplay system. Check out the screens and art here, and the game details below.

■ Characters

Laxus Dreyar (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi)

Mirajane Strauss (voiced by Ryouko Ono)

Jellal Fernandes (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa)

■ Communication

In the Fairy Tail game, players can experience dream interactions between characters that go beyond the boundaries of guild through original episodes that only appear in the game.

Character Stories

In addition to the main story, there are also individual original stories that depict communication between characters. By clearing these stories, their “Character Rank” will rise and they will learn new skills to use in battle.

—Erza receives an anonymous letter that reads, “There is something important we need to talk about, so I want you to come to the forest alone.” But it was Minerva who awaited her.

—The harvest festival is held once a year in Magnolia. Laxus gets duped by Mirajane into helping prepare for the festival.

—Sherria comes to the Fairy Tail guild looking for a story about “love.” By talking to Juvia, she can hear all about her love for Gray.

—Sting and Rogue are in an argument, and decide on a contest to see who can fulfill a request first. As a result, Sting teams up with Natsu and Rogue teams up with Gajeel.

—In the background of the quarreling Sting and Rogue, the Panther Lily and friends are having a friendly chat.

Bond Conversations

The bonds between comrades who fought in the same party will gradually deepen, and by doing so, “Bond Conversations” will occur, allowing players to see game original conversations. These are episodes that you can only see in the game that go beyond the boundaries of guild in character communication.

—Ichiya, who has his eyes on scouting Gray, invites him to the Blue Pegasus guild.

—Juvia takes notice of Mirajane, who has work trouble, and offers to help, but then tries to escape after hearing what it is.

—Speaking to the Laxus the Dragon Slayer, who does not have a cat, Gajeel stresses the wonder and cuteness of cats… the Exceed.

Kaido and Charlotte Linlin to be playable characters in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

Two more characters join the cast

This week's issue of Jump magazine has a feature on One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4, which confirms two more playable characters. Both Kaido and Charlotte Linlin are joining the game's roster, with Kaido able to transform into his dragon form. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is due out in Japan on March 26th, 2020.

Digimon Survive's story detailed, along with info on Ryou, Kunemon, and Search Actions

Digital monster details

The official Japanese website for Digimon Story has been updated with new screens, art, and gameplay details. Check out the screens and art here, and read up on the game's story, along with the character Ryou and Kunemon, and info on Search Actions below.

■ Story

New Encounters and Imminent Crisis

Takuma and friends visited a shrine related to the “Beast Gods” (Kemonogami) legend. The shrine was covered in fog, and there was an otherworldly, suspicious air floating about it.

Takuma and friends separated and explored the shrine, and a suspicious monster appeared before him from the bushes.

The monster, who calls himself Koromon, told Takuma that he feels like he already knows Takuma. Takuma was perplexed by Koromon, but regains composure after hearing a scream from his friends.

When he arrived at the scene, he found his friends attacked by monsters different from Koromon. And the surrounding fog was engulfing the boys desperately trying to escape…

Takuma, surrounded by fog and separated from his friends, managed to repel the monsters that attacked him with the power of Agumon, who evolved from Koromon, and reunite with Minoru and Aoi to make their way back to the school building where the camp was located.

However, the appearance of the school building surprised Takuma and friends. As if several decades of time had passed, the school building was covered in vegetation and looked like it deteriorated over time. Is this really the school where they were staying? Or did they end up slipping through time? Or perhaps they ended up lost in another world? Those types of questions were raised in their minds.

And at that moment…. “Ahhhhhh!”

They heard Ryou’s scream from the school building. A new crisis swooped down on the children…!

“Where are we?”

The children lost in another world are perplexed…!

■ Characters

Ryou Tominaga (voiced by Yohei Azakami)

A third-year student from a different junior high school who also participated in the extracurricular activities camp. He is unable to accept the reality that he has ended up lost in another world, and is afraid and disgusted by Kunemon. To hide his anxiety, he tries to make himself look better. Though the more he does this, the more his cowardice begins to show.

Kunemon (voiced by Ryouhei Arai)

A larva-type monster with lightning shapes on its body. While it cannot speak human language, it can understand what Ryou and friends are saying.

■ Character Voice Actor Announcements

Takuma (voiced by Kouhei Amasaki) and Agumon (voiced by Chika Sakamoto)

Minoru Hinata (voiced by Atsushi Abe) and Falcomon (voiced by Hiromu Miyazaki)

Aoi Shibuya (voiced by Kaede Hondo) and Labramon (voiced by Yukiyo Fujii)

■ Game System

Search for a Way to Survive

In Digimon Survive, the game progresses through “Drama Parts,” which progresses through text adventure, and “Battle Parts,” where friendly monsters battle against enemies like pawns on a chess board.

Drama Parts have two situations that occur within a limited window of time: “Free Actions,” where you choose where to go and who to talk to, and “Search Actions,” where you search for a means to survive in a critical situation.

For Search Actions, you can freely visit areas from the map. By talking to friends and obtaining information in each area, and by uncovering hints and items by investigating suspicious places, the story will progress. Search for a means to survive!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto heading to Switch

Naruto comes back for another round on Switch

This week's issue of Weekly Jump has revealed that Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto is heading to Switch on April 23rd, 2020 in Japan for 6,680 yen. This release will also include a major piece of DLC. The 700 yen DLC adds Momoshiki and Kinshiki as playable characters, as well as Boruto era costumes for 11 characters including the Ino-Shika-Cho.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto includes all the base content and DLC from the original game, a new story starring Boruto, and more. Check out full details on the game below.

With more than 13 million Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm games sold worldwide, this series has established itself among the pinnacle of Anime & Manga adaptations to videogames! Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto concludes the Ultimate Ninja Storm series and collects all of the downloadable content packs for Storm 4 and previously exclusive pre-order bonuses! Not only will players get the Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 game and content packs, they will also get an all new adventure Road to Boruto which contains many new hours of gameplay focusing on the son of Naruto who is part of a whole new generation of ninjas.

Key Features

All Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Content in One Edition – Includes the Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 game, three downloadable content packs from the Season Pass (Gaara’s Tale Extra Scenario Pack, Shikamaru’s Tale Extra Scenario Pack, and the Sound Four Extra Playable Character’s Pack), the all new Road to Boruto downloadable content, and all the previously exclusive worldwide pre-order bonus content.

New Generation Systems – With development made specifically to leverage the power of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Road to Boruto will take players through an incredible journey of beautifully Anime-rendered fights!

Huge Character Roster and New Hidden Leaf Village – Additional playable characters including Boruto, Sarada, Hokage Naruto, and Sasuke (Wandering Shinobi) and a new setting of a New Hidden Leaf Village.

New Collection and Challenge Elements that extends gameplay.

Rift Keeper - more gameplay

Duty called and the Rift Keeper woke up from his deep slumber. The little town he was summoned was silent as if it's the end. He opened the church's rusty old door and four old men wearing red robes greeted him with a grim smile. One of the priests stepped forward and said, "The Gates are open".

Netflix releases their final Witcher trailer before the series' launch

8 days to go!

On a Continent riddled with evil, the paths of a monster hunter, a sorceress and a runaway princess converge. The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill, arrives December 20, only on Netflix.

Cooking party game 'Cannibal Cuisine' heading to Switch in early 2020

Feeling hungry?

The jungle is in an uproar for this action packed cooking game, as the Gods are hungry... for you! Though as all good cannibal cooks know, serving is better than being served. Luckily the ingredients these man-munching gods demand are readily available in the jungle, such as unwary selfie shooting tourists!

Free range organic food... mostly

The recipes for success are varied; find delicious fruits and vegetables, and combine them with freshly chopped and cooked tourists for a truly divine delicacy fit for the God Hoochooboo. Of course the tourists might not offer themselves up freely, the heathens, so you’ll need to master your arcade reflexes, voodoo magic and fire breathing, useful for baking as well, to persuade them without getting KO’d!

Claim your Michelin stars with 1 to 4 players

Ready, steady, cook your way through a full campaign alone or with up to 4 chefs or challenge each other to cooking battles in PvP. With so many chefs in the kitchen, chaos is sure to follow. Outsmart rival cannibals while chasing tourists or work together as a crew to serve up the most epic of mealtimes to your god.

Well-done not Overcooked

Developing a taste for cooking by games such as Overcooked, inspired Rocket Vulture to create their own unique cuisine, a cannibalistic one. A spicy homage to Overcooked can be seen in the trailer to show their gratitude.

Princess Maker: Faery Tales Come True now available to preload

Fulfill your Faery dreams

The game publisher CFK announced that the famous GAINAX's simulation game "PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE-" will start pre-purchase for Nintendo Switch since December 12, 2019.

"PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE-" is a third work of the masterpiece simulation game Princess Maker series. The player will accept to take over a girl from the fairy queen as a father. Then the player will make various memories with the girl for eight years for her dream, to be a Princess.

The player is able to grow the daughter through various part-time jobs and classes, and also participate in many events, meet with rivals or even fateful someone from a variety of prepared stories. As the game point, the father's occupation setting and the resulting change in the environment of life have a direct impact on his daughter's status. There are multiple endings, the future of the daughter will be determined by the player's choice.

"PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE-" has been completely redesigned to match the FHD resolution (1920x1080) while maintaining the original feel and mood. And the attractive illustration of Takami Akai has also been rearranged to high-resolution so that the players can enjoy the game more clearly and pleasantly. As a new element for the game, it updated with the arranged BGM. The UI will be able to change freely between the existing version and the new UI in the game. In addition, the game supports languages in English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese as well as Korean.

Download software PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE-" will have a pre-purchase sale since December 12, 2019 on Nintendo Japan eShop, it will be 20% off during the pre-purchase sale event. "Princess Maker Go!Go! Princess" will release worldwide for Nintendo Japan Nintendo e-Shop on December 19, 2019 and America / Europe eShop on December 23, 2019.

Doug Bowser will be at The Game Awards 2019, position as an Advisory Board member reconfirmed

Dougie fresh

Reggie Fils-Aime is going to be at The Game Awards 2019 for some fun, but obviously not in the same capacity as last year. The good news is that Doug Bowser, who took over for Reggie when the big guy departed, will also be at the show. We don't know if he'll be presenting or making any announcements, but we do have another confirmation of Bowser's position as a member on the show's Advisory Board.

Game Awards Advisory Board members "help buide and advance the mission of the Game Awards." The Advisory Board is not involved in the selection of award nominees or winners, and learns of the results of voting at the same time as the general public.


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