GoNintendo Server Maintenance: Tonight at 9PM ET

UPDATE: And.... done!

Some planned server maintenance will happen at about 9PM ET tonight. Should be complete no later than 9:30 if all goes well. During this timespan the site may be unavailable for a short period.



New Feature: Customizable News Filters

Control of the firehose of news is in your hands

A new site feature has been recently launched that allows you to better tailor your news experience. Are you tired of reading rumors? Want less of a certain analyst in your life? Maybe you really really don't want to see comics from this one place in your feed? Now, you have some control.

While editing your user profile, you will notice a new option on the left menu bar called "Custom Filters."

Clicking on that will bring you to a form where you can customize your news experience while logged in. You can have the main page filter by categories, tags, games, and title content. You'll even have your own custom RSS feed.

Couple things to note:

* This feature is still relatively new. Most, if not all, bugs should be sorted out, but some could still creep up. I'm notified on any critical site errors and will try to fix them as soon as I get the time to do so.
* Your filters only apply to your special RSS feed and the main page of the site. They will not apply to forum topics, notifications, or viewing stories by category, tags, games, etc via other methods.
* You will always be able to view any story if you know the URL.
* False positives and negatives can happen. What you see or don't see is completely reliant on the story author properly naming stories, setting categories, tags, games, etc.

Thoughts? Comments? Complaints? Let me know here or shoot me a PM.

Finally, a quick PSA:

Did you know? - If you're tired of seeing comments from certain users, you can make them never show up again for you! Just click the little eye icon with a slash through it on a comment and that user won't show up anymore! The user will also not be able to reply to any of your comments or send you PMs. You cannot use this feature on moderators, story authors, or cortjezter (pro-tip: While I do have admin powers on the site, I am in neither of those groups... hint hint).



GoNintendo server maintenance at 9:30PM ET

UPDATE: And we're done

T27duck here.

Head's up, going to be doing some planned server maintenance in a few minutes while RMC is doing his evening personal time stuffs or what have you.

Hopefully this won't take longer than an hour an a half at most. While this is happening, the site will be unavailable. Thank you for holding, your call is very important to us.

A couple comment tweaks and a new RSS feed

A couple tweaks have been made:

- Editing and replying to comments now direct you to a dedicated page instead of reloading the story and trying to jump you down to the comment form

- When replying, the page will also have the comment you're replying to right above the form for easy reference

- The Top Stories RSS feed is back! http://feedpress.me/gonintendo-topstories

I'll keep an eye out for any other bugs. Thank you all for your support through the crap that happened last week.



GoNintendo 5.0: Welcome to... this

Greetings. If you are reading this, then you're on GoNintendo 5.0!

As you look around, you'll begin to see holes of sort where site functionality is missing or could be improved. Rest assured, this is a *work in progress* and it will get better as time goes on.

First, some important information...

User accounts:

GN5 shares the same code base and database of GoingSony. User accounts work on both sites. So if you already have a GoingSony account, you can use that to log in to GoNintendo! Keep in mind though, you get banned at one site, you are banned at the other.

If you logged into old GoNintendo at least once since April 1, 2015 and don't have a GoingSony account of the same username, then you already have an account! Use the "Forgot my password" function on the site and provide the e-mail address you had with your old GoNintendo account. You will receive an e-mail from GGGSite.Notifications@gmail.com with a link to set your password.

If you had an old GoNintendo account AND a GoingSony account of the same (or similar with matching e-mail) username with the same e-mail on both accounts, then those accounts are already "link". By "linked" I mean "we linked the GN information with the GS account info for use in a later site feature." For those accounts whose username matching up but the e-mails on the two accounts did not, those were manually handled and linked where appropriate.

Having issues? Send me a DM to my Twitter (@t27duck) and I'll work things out with you as soon as I can.


The UI for the main forum page is NOT DONE. Right now, it mostly resembles a series of blog entries with the ability to zero in by category. This will be tweaked and improved over time. Due to the need to launch quickly, we're going with what we have.


You can have threaded conversations now! Right now, the UI limits nested conversations to three deep. This will be changed over time as we work out the spacing, padding, and sizing.


By default, your avatar is your Gravatar using the e-mail on your account. You can provide an external URL to be your avatar if you wish.


You can now switch back and forth between the "new" mibbit client and the original client if you prefer.


The RSS url has changed. Get the new on from the sidebar.

Story searching:

... yeah it kind of blows right now. This will be imporoved over time.


The site is set up to e-mail me if something breaks. If you get a BSOD page with a screen shot of "I AM ERROR" from Zelda II, that is an error. I get notified and will work on a fix as soon as I can.


So... yeah that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Send me a PM on the site or a DM on Twitter with questions.

Well, that was quick.

Just finished my rounds and calling it quits for the evening. Slow Sunday is slow and I was instructed to only spend a couple hours looking for news. But it was fun while it lasted!

I will now leave you in the hands of RMC when he gets back in a few hours. As for me, I'll be catching up on some GameGrumps and hanging in chat. Apparently everyone in the room is talking about the wrestling thing that RMC is at. It's all greek to me, folks.

For now, t27duck. So long.

Talking Point: Nintendo Should Make EA Co-operation a Priority

Remember this moment? Everything seemed hunky-dory with EA and Nintendo a year before the WiiU launch, but then something happened. We went from full support and backing from EA to... well, I'm not really sure if the Wii U is even getting the next Madden game. Nintendo Life believes that it should be all hands on deck in making amends with EA and getting support back from the publisher should be top priority. Obviously this year is pretty much a wash. Even if Nintendo and EA kiss and make up, it's way way too late for EA's developer divisions to get Wii U ports of their current WIP games up and running for a side-by-side release.

While it would be great if the Wii U got the same treatment from EA's flagship series, one must eventually ask: Is it worth it? Obviously, the more games available on a platform, the better. People want Madden. People will play Madden. But, does not having Madden really that big of a hit. Don't get me wrong, losing out on EA franchises is never a good thing. That said, Nintendo still has the support of other heavy hitters like Activision and Ubisoft. Namco is obviously on good speaking terms with Nintendo considering their involvement with Smash Brothers. Plus Capcom and Sega are obviously on board. Should Nintendo focus all their energy on one 3rd party? Or should they instead strengthen their relationships with what they have and continue to make strides in the indie scene? Remember when Square walked out on Nintendo and Final Fantasy went all to Sony? Nintendo survived that, and I think they could survive EA.

Is the lack of EA a hit to the Wii U's catalog and perceived value to the consumer? Yes.
Would having EA titles help the Wii U? Absolutely.
Does Nintendo still have the support of other 3rd parties? Yes.
Does EA need Nintendo to survive? No.
Does Nintendo need EA to survive? I don't believe so.
Will Nintendo and EA put aside whatever differences they have and play nice together? In the short term, probably not.

Full Article Here

Lego Batman 2 listed for a May 21 launch at retail

Joystiq has done some snooping on Best Buy, Amazon, and GameStop's websites and they are all pointing to Lego Batman 2 for the WiiU being released on May 21. Who's ready for some brick-people crime fighting?


GrubberGamer's Online Game Deals for April 7th, 2013

Another Sunday, another round of new game deals and promotions - let's get to it!

Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition, $19.99 shippedBest Buy is running some of the better Nintendo related sales this week, including Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition for $19.99! They're also offering Assassin's Creed III for $29.99 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II for $39.99. If you're shopping for Wii U hardware, you'll receive a free copy of NintendoLand with the purchase of a Wii U Basic set. All of these offers include free shipping.

From Toys R Us, we have a Buy 1, Get 1 30% off sale on Skylanders figures and accessories. TRU's website is claiming this to be a Skylanders Giants sale, but you'll find plenty of Spyro's Adventure items in the mix as well. They're also offering a Buy 1, Get 1 40% off sale on all video games priced $19.99 or less, and 25% off Skylanders Giants Starter Packs. Shipping charges hurt most of these deals if you'll be shopping online, but if you have a local store, many items qualify for in-store pickup.

Amazon has kicked off their Video Game Spring Outlet event, but while they have some great deals for other systems, Nintendo related sales are very thin. The only notable mention is their discount on Skylander Giants Starter Packs - the 3DS and Wii U versions are $49.99, while the Wii version is $44.99. Free shipping included! Amazon is also offering some significant discounts and free shipping with a number of Skylanders character and battle packs - if you've been looking to add to your Skylanders collection, you'll definitely want to have a look. Per the usual with Amazon, they may eventually price match some of the other more popular sales this week, but nothing as of this writing - you can always check here and see if they've matched Best Buy's Wii U offers.

Target is listing Skylander Giants Starter Packs for $54.99, but considering Toys R Us and Amazon both trump this deal, you'll want to buy elsewhere unless you're looking to shop locally and a Target store is your only option. They're also offering Assassin's Creed III for $39.99, but Best Buy's offer is $10 less and includes free shipping.

Gamestop has a number of pre-owned promotions that end today. If you purchase 2 pre-owned Wii or DS games, you'll get 1 free. You can use promo code 15FREE during checkout to also receive free shipping and a 15% discount if you order $29.99 or more. They're also offering a 30% discount on select pre-owned games with promo code 30PREOWNED, with the extra 15% discount helping to compensate for shipping charges - too bad the codes won't stack.

And that's a wrap for another installment of GrubberGamer's Online Game Deals. Remember, you'll find many more game specific discounts after the jump! 'Till next time, thanks for reading.

P.S. I miss GoNintendo Radio.

Click here to read the rest of the story...

Jason Behr on what he learned from working with Nintendo and how it applies to Buddy and Me

A portion of Nintendo Enthusiast's interview with Metroid Prime’s Head Level Designer and Founder of Sunbreak Games, Jason Behr...

Nintendo Enthusiast: What design philosophies or wisdom did you learn from your time at Retro/Nintendo (NST) that shapes the way you make games today?

Jason: One of the more important lessons I learned is that every game should strive for something that sets it apart, that defines it. That could be the art style, the technology, an emotional theme, an interesting game mechanic, something new for the franchise or genre (and you'll know you're really onto something when it's all of the above)... but at the end of the day, every game should seek to creatively move things a little further forward, to craft an identity that stands out in a crowd, and a fresh experience that lives on in players' memories.

Full Interview Here


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