Earth Defense Force: World Brothers confirmed for western release, new trailer

In this exclusive for GameSpot's Play For All charity event, Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will make its debut in the west on... Nintendo Switch in 2021. Unite new members of the Earth Defense Force to save a Voxel Earth from an alien invasion.

Catherine: Full Body - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Catherine: Full Body is a gripping, action-adventure puzzler that features a mature story about complex relationships and difficult choices. Our story centers around commitment phobic Vincent, who is at a crossroads of taking the next step in his long-term relationship or leaving it all behind. Succumbing to the temptation of a new romance, Vincent then finds himself trapped in a recurring nightmare of a crumbling tower of puzzle blocks he must climb to survive to see another day…

A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate glitch causes Min Min to be stuck T-posing

Check out this T-Posing Glitch discovered in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that has Min Min freeze up after performing a specific combo! In addition to this it seems there was in oversight when designing the Spring Stadium stage as Spring Man has yet again been done dirty!

SOURCES: https://twitter.com/MisterNoFace_/status/1280181631198904320?s=20

Paper Mario: The Origami King - New "Arriving to Nintendo Switch July 17" ad

The kingdom has been ravaged by an origami menace! Join Mario and his new partner, Olivia, as they battle evil Folded Soldiers, repair the damaged landscape, and try to free Princess Peach’s castle from the clutches of King Olly in this comedy-filled adventure. Only on the Nintendo Switch™ system.

Ys Origin - Nintendo Switch Announcement trailer

Ys Origin, the action RPG saga’s inaugural quest in which humanity flees a demon horde’s relentless pursuit, will reach the Nintendo Switch later this year. Fans in North America can choose between one of two physical versions from Limited Run Games as part of a global distribution for Ys Origin’s physical Nintendo Switch release, or experience the modernized classic through the eShop. Players in Europe can choose between either a standard or a collector’s edition from an european partner. Ys Origin will introduce Switch owners to the series’ exciting blend of combo-focused, arcade-paced combat, platforming, and challenging puzzles For the latest on Dotemu’s full lineup of games, be sure to follow them on Twitter @Dotemu or check out www.dotemu.com.

Join the unlikely duo of man and goat in this unique (shopping) kart racer, Supermarket Shriek!

Join the unlikely duo of man and goat in this unique (shopping) kart racer, as they traverse precarious obstacles and complete deadly challenges inside a range of shops, boutiques and supermarkets. An outlandish solo adventure and a truly one-of-a-kind co-op experience! Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo of Europe announces new Animal Crossing and Splatoon-themed iPhone cases

Fans in Europe can now customize their smartphones with official Animal Crossing and Splatoon-themed merchandise! Nintendo of Europe is offering new iPhone cases for their MyNintendo users. The Splatoon cases in particular feature an arrow-like design that allows it to better resemble the phones used in the game (though there is a more standard Splatoon iPhone case available as well).

Click here to check out the European My Nintendo phone cases!

Road to Guangdong slated for release on August 28 for Nintendo Switch

Road to Guangdong is a whimsical exploration into Chinese culture and follows the story of a young graduate, Sunny, who has inherited the treasured family restaurant. Set against the stunning backdrop of 1990’s China, follow Sunny on the road-trip of a lifetime through picturesque lands, gathering secret family recipes that hold the key to your restaurant’s future success. Our heroine is accompanied by her aunt, Guu Ma, as they traverse Guangdong in their beloved but aging family car. Interactive conversations give a glimpse into traditional Chinese family dynamics and affect how the game plays out, ultimately impacting the success of your restaurant. This unique and visually stimulating story arrives on August 28.

The story has been written by the acclaimed author Yen Ooi who brings her unique style and insight to deliver authenticity and a truly immersive experience:

“Though diversity and inclusivity are terms that are at the tip of everyone’s tongues today, it is still rare to see true engagement with it. I know that the game will only be a glimpse into Chinese culture, but I hope that it is enough to open up a new world of experiences that are more engaging on a human level and less about the entertainment tropes that encourage stereotypes.

Waifu Unconvered,a mature bullet-hell game, is headed to Nintendo Switch

Destroy the clothes, save the waifus! Eight beautiful maidens are under threat of alien attack. Their lives and the fate of the world now rest in your hands. In this simple yet rewarding shoot’em up, take command of multiple ship types, each balanced for a different play style, and blast away clothing that’s been deeply infected by a deadly virus. Evade and destroy enemies as they feverishly work against you, team up in multiplayer or bravely battle alone, save the girl of your dreams and perhaps even unlock a convenient one-finger mode. Features: • Meet 8 female characters presented in high-quality hand-drawn style. • Undress your targets to save them from lethal infection! • Select different ships focused on speed, power or add-ons. • Take down enemies and bosses unique to each stage. • Play solo or team up with a friend for cooperative action. • Unlock more revealing content as you progress!

Nintendo highlights the Switch eShop's June 2020 highlights in their newest "The Download" showcase

Check out Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics, Burnout Paradise Remastered and other highlighted games that came out during June on the Nintendo Switch eShop in this month’s The Download video!


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