Pokemon Hub Hong Kong announces new location

Just a few days back, the Pokemon Hub in Hong Kong announced it was closing its shop in the K11 Mall in Hong Kong. Good news though, as the Hub is coming back in a new location! You'll be able to check out the new Pokemon Hub at Langham Place, a shopping mall in Hong Kong’s Mongkok district. No details on the opening date have been shared as of this time.

Pokemon Hub Hong Kong has shut down

Pokemon Hub was an officially-licensed Pokemon store offering that sold Pokemon Center merchandise in Hong Kong. The Hub was open back in Dec. 2017, but now it's officially shut down. The thing is, management for the Hub have said that they'll be back soon. No specific plans for return were detailed.

Fragment and Pokemon Co. sharing Thunderbolt Project Pop-Up Store info on Oct. 20th, 2018

Fragment and The Pokemon Company already announced that they're teaming up for various merch, which will be sold via a Thunderbolt Project Pop Up Store in Japan. More details on that collaboration and store will release on October 20, 2018 during a special presentation. The presentation is set to last an hour and a half.

Official Pokemon Center opening in Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore

It's extremely rare to see a Pokemon Center open up outside of Japan. That's why this news is such a big deal! The Pokemon Co. has confirmed that a new Pokemon Center location is set to open in the Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore. The store itself will be run by a local Pokemon distributor, as hand-picked by the Pokemon Co. themselves. As you might expect, there will be some exclusive merch and goodies available at this location.

Pokemon Co. and Uniqlo teaming up for UTGP 2019 t-shirt design competition

Pokemon Co. is partnering up with apparel manufacturer Uniqlo for the theme of this year's Uniqlo T-shirt Grand Prix competition. The pair are looking for people to submit their ideas for Pokemon-themed clothing by submitting various designs. Submissions open up Oct. 23rd, 2018 and run to Dec. 2nd, 2018. As you might suspect, winning designs will be sold at Uniqlo locations. The winners will also get some sweet prizes.

Grand Prize: $10,000, Special Trophy, Invitation to the Award Ceremony in Tokyo, Invitation to the 2019 Pokemon World Championships

Second Prize: $2,000, Invitation to the Award Ceremony in Tokyo, Invitation to the 2019 Pokemon World Championships

Third Prize: $1,000, Invitation to the Award Ceremony in Tokyo, Invitation to the 2019 Pokemon World Championships

Runner-Ups (multiple): $500

The judges are for this contest are Pokemon Company President Tsunekazu Ishihara, Game Freak designer Ken Sugimori, and UT Creative Director NIGO.

Checking Universal Studios Japan's progress on Super Nintendo World

It's giong to be quite some time until Super Nintendo World is up-and-running at Universal Studios Japan, but construction on the park is definitely underway. Cranes can be spotted all around the regular park, and they're toiling away on getting Super Nintendo World ready.

The three highlighted spaces in the image above are all tied to Super Nintendo World in some way, but we don't know what each space is going to be just yet. All we can do is sit back and wait for construction to take shape a bit more. You can check out more pics of the park's construction here.

Real-life ants could soon be named after Pokemon, thanks to your input

Scientists at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology have discovered 5 new species of ants. Yes, these are completely new, and have not been discovered/named anywhere else. That's why these scientists are looking for names for the ants, and they've decided to let the public get in on the action. It's clear the scientists are Pokemon fans, as they've opened up an official name poll filled with Pokemon names, and some of those names could end up being used for real-life ants. Go ahead and check out the poll right here!

Telltale skeleton crew apparently laid off as well (UPDATE)

Telltale said weeks ago that a skeleton crew would be staying with the company to keep things going, as far as their prior obligations were concerned. Narrative designer Rachel Noel was part of that team, but according to a tweet she sent out today, that whole team has been laid off as well. No rhyme or reason for the layoffs were given.

UPDATE - Rachel Noel has updated her statement to say that just her team was laid off, but there are still people at the company. Thanks to PhantomLiger for the heads up!

Billy Mitchell is eager to reclaim his Donkey Kong score, and then 'let the game die'

Billy Mitchell isn't out to reclaim the world record in Donkey Kong. He just wants to get back the score he once held, but has since been taken away due to accusations of cheating. That's what he's been working on lately. Playing Donkey Kong to get his original high score back, and that's that. Here's what Billy said about his efforts.

I’m gonna do the exact [‘Donkey Kong’] score and just let the game die. 'You mean you’re not going to go higher even if you can?’ No. Why? Cause I’m Billy Mitchell.

Boy, oh boy...that last part of the statement is SO Billy. You have to wonder how much of Billy is playing a character, and how much is legit.

Pokemon Twitter account gets ready for Halloween

The Pokemon Twitter account is getting into the Halloween spirit with a complete makeover. There's certainly plenty of Halloween-themed Pokemon merch out there, so why not give the Twitter account get a makeover to remind everyone of all those goodies out there? You can check out the Twitter account for yourself here.