Nitara confirmed for the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie

A lesser-known character joins the roster

Greg Russo, writer of the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie, has confirmed that Nitara is going to be a part of the film. Nitara isn't the most recognizable name for the Mortal Kombat franchise, having debuted in Deadly Alliance, and most recently appearing as a cameo in Mortal Kombat 11. Looks like the character will now have a chance to really break through in the film, and she'll be portrayed by Elissa Cadwell.

The official Super Mario UK Twitter account is apparently extending the month of Luigi into November

The month of Luigi continues!

Earlier in October 2019, the official Super Mario UK Twitter account decided to turn themselves into a Luigi account. They originally said they were making the move to support Luigi in the month of Oct. for the upcoming release of Luigi's Mansion 3.

Well here we are 11 days deep in November, and the Super Mario UK account is still running with the Luigi name, and still posting Luigi-only content. I guess they've decided Luigi deserves more than one month!

"Pokemon is Coming to Town" event announced for Hong Kong

A Pokemon Christmas event!

Pokemon Co. has announced a special Christmas-themed Pokemon event called “Pokemon is coming to town” for Hong Kong. The event will take place at Times Square, Causeway Bay from November 15th, 2019 to January 1st, 2020. Those who get to attend will have a chance to visit Christmas-themed Pokemon houses, a Pokemon Center, Pokemon campsite, and 7m high Christmas tree with Poke Ball decorations. There are also activities to take part in like a Pokemon mascot meeting and Eevee Christmas workshop. Finally, there's a distribution of free tote bags to those who show staff members a Pokemon captured in Pokemon GO.

Gou was designed with an androgynous appearance on purpose, says Pokemon anime voice actor

Since the first reveal of Gou, a new character in the upcoming Pokemon anime season, fans have been trying to figure out if the character is male or female. According to the Japanese voice actor for Gou, this design approach was done on purpose. The team behind the anime wanted to feature a character that left viewers guessing when it came to gender.

Inti Creates opens Osaka branch for 3D game development

Inti-creating new 3D games

Inti Creates is expanding their game efforts with more of a focus on 3D titles. Inti Creates President Takuya Aizu has announced the opening of an Osaka branch (3rd Development Studio), which is going to work on development for 3D games. Specifics on projects have not been shared.

Fire Emblem Expo II announced for Japan

Back at it again

Looks like the first Fire Emblem Expo was a hit, as Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are doing it all over again. Fire Emblem Expo II doesn't have a date yet, but new details on the event are going to be shared via the official website on November 22nd, 2019.

Playtonic hires another former RARE developer

A RARE find

Playtonic, a developer comprised mostly of former RARE devs, has just brought another veteran on-board. Former RARE character artist Ed Bryan has now joined the Playtonic ranks! Bryan is familiar for the creation of characters like Banjo-Kazooie's Mumbo Jumbo and the Jinjos.

Nintendo files a new 'communication technology' patent

Yes...I understand some of this, as long as there are no follow-up questions

Nintendo has filed for yet another patent in Japan, with this one pertaining to 'communication technology.' The patent relates to a communication technology capable of providing variations in a connection route to a network. Nintendo is looking to remedy the issue where a master terminal is connected to a wireless LAN access point, but a client terminal cannot directly connect to it. With this patent, the client terminal can connect to this wireless LAN access point by connecting with the master terminal within a set distance.

Casio's BABY-G X Pikachu watch sells out across Japan in an hour

Watch them disappear

Looks like Pokemon Co. has another successful collab in Japan. The recently revealed Casio BABY-G X Pikachu Collaboration Watch went on sale just yesterday, and all major online retailers sold out on the same day. That includes stock at Amazon Japan, Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, and the official CASIO store. As of right now, there's no word on a restock.

Kirby Picture Books seeing official release in Spain

Kirby's been booked

Kirby Picture Books is a series of books that released in Japan. They're aimed at a young audience, and have found quite a bit of success. Now the series is going to expand its reach, as ECC has announced a licensing deal for the entire line of Kirby Picture Books for Spain. No word on a release date just yet.


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