New Galarian Farfetch’d plush announced for Japan

Well isn't he cute

The Pokemon Co. has revealed a new Galarian Farfetch’d plush doll, which will see release via Pokemon Center/Store locations in Japan. The plush is set to launch on July 18th, 2020, and is priced at 1,815 yen. You can check out more pics of the plush here.

Pokemon Cafe 'Pikachu Sweets' plush dolls revealed

Sweet deal

As if the Pokemon Cafe wasn't sweet enough already, the real-life locations are now offering yet another irresistible treat. Instead of a snack, the cafes are now offering the above Pikachu Sweets plush dolls. You can get the design in either male or female variants, and they can be found in Pokemon Cafes in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo location for a limited time.

Fangamer reveals a new round of Katamari Damacy merch

Support the prince!

Fangamer has revealed a new wave of merch for their Katamari Damacy line. Fans of the series can now snag a new shirt, hoodie, hat, and poster. That is in addition to the previous line of merch, which includes a plush doll, duffel bag, pin set, and more. You can check out the entire lineup, old and new, here.

PokemonCenter.com gets a new round of merch

Shirts, jackets, blankets, and more!

PokemonCenter.com has just added in a new wave of merch, and there's a little something for everyone. The latest batch of goodies includes the following.

- Tropical shirts in designs featuring Lapras, Gengar, Slowpoke, and more
- Sports jerseys reminiscent of Sword/Shield designs
- Other stylized sports equipment, including a bottle, a scarf, a lanyard, and more
- A camo zip-up patterned after Galarian Weezing
- Beach bags
- A picnic blanket
- A whole lot of pins

Check out all the new items here

Puzzle Box Maker on-sale for $10 for a limited time

Take advantage of a special birthday sale

Happy Birthday!! 17 years Bplus!! Yay!! Bplus was founded on 07.07.2003 and we celebrate it with a KUBITASTIC SALE!!

Let your fantasy run wild and get creating and uploading your own amazing Pixel Arts to the cloud. Browse the online gallery and play automatically created, challenging levels from any user-generated image. Redraw your image in paint-by-numbers style or use it as a level to play action mini games within it.

> Paint and share pixel arts online
> Get cloud coins through user votes for a top ranking
> Play action mini games with your pixel art
> Get new images and levels weekly
> over 100 levels – Download more pixel arts from the gallery
> Paint and play with up to 3 friends simultaneously
> Extremely colorful and very family friendly
> Over 30 different kinds of vibrations with HD Rumble
> Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Joy-Con™ and Touch Screen support

Nintendo of Europe announces new Animal Crossing and Splatoon-themed iPhone cases

Fans in Europe can now customize their smartphones with official Animal Crossing and Splatoon-themed merchandise! Nintendo of Europe is offering new iPhone cases for their MyNintendo users. The Splatoon cases in particular feature an arrow-like design that allows it to better resemble the phones used in the game (though there is a more standard Splatoon iPhone case available as well).

Click here to check out the European My Nintendo phone cases!

GAME reveals digital and physical preorder bonuses for NBA 2K21

Ball is life

GAME has revealed their preorder bonuses for NBA 2K21, and there are both digital and physical goodies. Check out the info below.

Preorder now to receive bonus in-game content, including:

- 5000 Virtual Currency
- 5000 MyTEAM Points
- 10 MyTEAM Promo packs (Delivered one a week)
- 9 MyCAREER Skill Boosts
- 5 pair Shoe Collection
- Cover Athlete Digital Collection

Pre-order to also receive a GAME Exclusive NBA or LayUp Basketball. Please note that one purchase is equal to one randomly selected basketball and we are unable to guarantee which ball you will receive.

Grab your preorder here (thanks Sephiroth_FF!)

Technosoft Music Collection: Thunder Force III and AC album releases in Japan on July 23rd, 2020

Thunder's rolling in

The Thunder Force series has made its way to Switch thanks to SEGA, and now some music from the series is going to see a special soundtrack release in Japan.

The Technosoft Music Collection: Thunder Force III and AC album is set to launch on July 23rd, 2020 for 3,200 yen, and it includes two discs packed with with 48 songs altogether. Check out the full track list below.


All Music Composed by Technosoft
01. The Wind Blew All Day Long (Opening)
02. Beyond the Peace (Stage Select)
03. Back to the Fire (Stage 1-Hydra)
04. Gargoyle (Stage 1-Boss)
05. Stage Clear
06. Venus Fire (Stage 2-Gorgon)
07. Twin Vulcan (Stage 2-Boss)
08. The Grubby Dark Blue (Stage 3-Seiren)
09. King Fish (Stage 3-Boss)
10. Truth (Stage 4-Haides) )
11. G Lobster (Stage 4-Boss)
12. Final Take a Chance (Stage 5-Ellis)
13. Mobile Fort (Stage 5-Boss)
14. His Behavior Inspired Us With Distrust (Stage 6-Cerberus)
15. Hunger Made Them Desperate (Stage 7-Orn Base)
16. Off Luck (Stage 7-Boss)
17. Final Point (Stage 8-Orn Core)
18. Be Menaced by Orn (Stage 8-Boss)
19. A War Without the End (Ending)
20. Present (Staff Roll)
21. Game Over
22. Continue

[Disc- II]

All Music Composed by Technosoft Arranged by Kei Takanishi [M26] [M27]
01. Warning (-SE-) *
02. The Wind Blew All Day Long (Opening)
03. Credit (-SE-)
04. Back to the Fire (Stage 1-Hydra)
05. Gargoyle (Stage 1-Boss) *
06. Stage Clear *
07. Venus Fire (Stage 2-Gorgon)
08. Twin Vulcan (Stage 2-Boss) *
09. The Grubby Dark Blue (Stage 3-Seiren) *
10. King Fish (Stage 3-Boss) *
11. Omake 2 (Stage 4-Asteroid)
12. Mobile Fort (Stage 4-Boss) *
13. Dark Side Requiem -Death Face's- (Stage 5-Ancientmaze) *
14. Roll Gunner (Stage 5-Boss) *
15. His Behavior Inspired Us With Distrust (Stage 6-Cerberus) *
16. Hunger Made Them Desperate (Stage 7-Orn Base) *
17. Off Luck (Stage 7-Boss) *
18. Final Point (Stage 8-Orn Core) *
19. Be Menaced by Orn (Stage 8-Boss) *
20. Escape (-SE-) *
21. Present (Ending) *
22. Game Over *
23. Final Take a Chance (Name Entry)
24. The Wind Blew All Day Long -With Voice- (Opening)

■ SOUND! SHOCK Special Bonus Track

25. Venus Fire -1991 MD Omake Other Ver.-
26. Thunder Force AC
-Super Arr Ver.- 27. Thunder Force III -Super Arr Ver.II-

Capcom Cafe AEON Lake Town running a special Ace Attorney campaign

Even attorneys need to relax!

From July 16th to Aug. 19th, 2020, Capcom Cafe AEON Lake Town is going to run an Ace Attorney theme. The location is going to have a revamped menu with items inspired by the Ace Attorney theme, along with some extra goodies to go along with your meal

Alongside the menu items above, customers will be able to get a special Ace Attorney placemat, a set of coasters, postcards, and more. You can check out more pics of those items here.

UDON reveals Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection 'Gold Foil Bikini' Edition

Only 250 copies to go around

The lovely ladies and lads of Street Fighter take a break from fist fights and tournaments to hit up the world's hottest beaches, pools, volleyball courts, and more! Everyone from Chun-Li to Poison to Guile shows off their favorite swimwear, plus guest appearances from the cast of Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, and Final Fight!

This beautiful hardcover tome gathers four years of UDON’s Street Fighter Swimsuit and Pin-up specials in an oversized art book format, including rare covers and never-before-seen rough concepts. Gorgeous original cover art is provided by Rob "Robaato" Porter.

This UDON Store-exclusive edition includes a gold foil stamped cover, and is limited to 250 copies printed.

If you're willing to plop down $50 for the special cover, you can preorder your copy right here. There's only 250 copies to go around, so don't wait too long!


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