Toys R' Us getting more SNES Classic, Switch stock next week

Customers that feel up to venturing out of the house, but still want to save big online can take advantage of our Buy Online, Pickup In-Store service throughout the week.

Think that’s it? Nope! I’ve got some more “inside” info for you. We’ve got four days of inventory drops that you are going to love. Starting on Sunday, November 26, Toys“R”Us stores nationwide will receive inventory of Fingerlings, SNES Classic, Luvabella and Nintendo Switch.

For the exact dates, check out the list below – and remember shoppers, quantities are limited, so we encourage you to get in line before doors open (normal/local time) for a chance to purchase.

Sunday, November 26 – Fingerlings
Monday, November 27 – SNES Classic
Tuesday, November 28 – Luvabella
Wednesday, November 29 – Nintendo Switch

Super NES Classic Edition Back At Best Buy Stores Saturday

The retro gaming Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is back at Best Buy on Saturday, Nov. 25 – in stores, only.

When stores open at 9 a.m. local time Saturday, limited quantities of the SNES will be available in about 1,000 Best Buy stores across the country.

The Super NES Classic Edition will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Our stores will offer a ticketing process before we open for customers waiting in line – the same ticketing process we’ll offer for the Saturday doorbuster deals.

We will only pass out as many tickets as we have systems available, with a limit of one per customer. Super NES Classic Edition will not be available on BestBuy.com.

This mini system includes 21 pre-installed games, from Super Mario Kart to Street Fighter II. Bonus: It also includes the never-before-released Star Fox 2 game.

To play, just plug the console into any HD TV using the included HDMI cable. Not only does Super NES Classic Edition come with two controllers, but the system is also compatible with the NES Classic controller.

Pokemon X/Y - Serena G.E.M. figurine pics

This Serena figurine doesn't come out in Japan until April of 2018. You can check out a few more pics right here!

San-ei releasing Croquis book for Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Here's yet another perfect coffee table book for any self-respecting Zelda fan. The Croquis book from San-ei is jam-packed with all sorts of sketches from Breath of the Wild. You can grab an import preorder through Play-Asia here.

VOEZ getting physical English release in Southeast Asia

- exclusive English release in Southeast Asia through distributor Active Boeki
- distributor has already reached out to retailers in the region to take preorders
- will cover three languages, English, Japanese and Chinese
- set to release in the region on Jan. 25th, 2017
- does not include the IC card stickers that come with the Japanese version
- packaging has only minor differences, with the back info page in English

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 street date broken in Saudi Arabia

Is it just me, or has ever release from Nintendo in the last 3 months or so gotten released early? Retailers the world over seem to be breaking street dates for Nintendo games left and right! Now we see the same thing with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. A retailer in Saudi Arabia has broken the street date, making for some very happy customers. Obviously Nintendo is not among them!

Panda's Ana X Kirby collaboration revealed

- set of six Shakurel Kirby gashapon figures
- coming from Takara Tony Arts
- priced at ¥300 per random figure
- presale opens Dec. 8th at Ikebukuro PARCO in Tokyo

Amazon UK - Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle for £279.99

UK Nintendo fans looking for an excuse to buy a Switch, Amazon UK has your back. They're selling the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle for £279.99, but for a limited time only! Get in on the deal here.

Amazon running a Switch contest until midnight tonight (app only)

If you have the Amazon app on your mobile device or tablet, you can hop in and enter for a chance to win a Switch! You can take advantage of the deal until midnight tonight. Good luck to everyone! If you win, let me know!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 50%OFF Sale for 3 KEMCO RPGs

November 23, 2017 - KEMCO proudly announces a special sale for Journey to Kreisia, Infinite Dunamis and Legna Tactica for Nintendo 3DS on the North American, European and Australian Nintendo eShop today. The games are made available for just USD 4.99 / EUR 4.99 (50%OFF) until December 7th.

Journey to Kreisia

While attempting to skip a homework assignment and meet up with his friends at the arcade, a teenager by the name of Yusis is suddenly enveloped in a blinding light and transported to Kreisia – a world where fantasy meets reality. Soon after, he learns he has been summoned as a saviour to deliver Kreisia's people from the threat of the Overlord. Thinking everything happening around him is simply a dream, Yusis readily agrees to the task of saving the world and begins preparing. His quest will inevitably be far more perilous than he ever bargained for!

Infinite Dunamis

With its unique steam-punk setting, gripping plot-twists, and classic turn-based battle system with a twist, Infinite Dunamis is the RPG to satisfy even the hungriest of gamers! Moreover, with its plethora of features like weapon enhancement, magic skills, and the ability to strengthen Estelle's parameters through the use of crystals, souls, and cores, gamers are sure to experience countless hours of enjoyment!

Legna Tactica

Legna Tactica is a full-scale strategy RPG with an orthodox system where players can choose party members to join turn-based tactical battles on isometric grid. Not only the game features multiple endings based on the player choices during the story, but also titles to achieve and engaging skill tree system to customize characters as you like! It is time to witness the fate of the lands of Feyzum!