Australia - McDonald's giving out Pokemon Sun/Moon toys in Happy Meals

Not exactly the most timely release, but that's okay. I'm sure there are plenty of fans who would like to grab some of these toys! They're available for our Aussie friends who hit up a McDonald's and grab a Happy Meal.

Japan - eShop sales update for July 26th, 2017

Run For Money Price Revision (03 August - permanent)
– Cho Tousouchuu Atsumare Saikyou no Tousousya Tachi Welcome Price!! (¥5,119 → ¥3,024 although ¥3,024 → ¥2,721 from 03 - 30 August) 3DS

Cross Function Summer Sale (02 - 30 August)
– Chariot (¥749 → ¥374) Wii U
– Runbow (¥1,000 → ¥500) Wii U
– Master Reboot (¥1,000 → ¥500) Wii U
– Astral Breakers (¥539 → ¥269) Wii U
– Ninja Pizza Girl (¥1,080 → ¥540) Wii U
– Back to Bed (¥1,000 → ¥500) Wii U

Happinet Summer Campaign (02 - 23 August)
– Chao Illustration Club (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– Dolly Kanon: Dokidoki Tokimeki Himitsu no Ongaku Katsudou Start Desu!! (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– 12-Sai: Honto no Kimochi (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– 12-Sai: Koisuru Diary (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! Game Demo Kyun Moe MAX ga Tomara Nai (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– Niko☆Puchi Girls Runway (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– Sousaku Alice to Oujisama! (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS

Brave Dungeon Summer Vacation Sale (02 - 16 August)
– Brave Dungeon (¥500 → ¥400) 3DS

Kemco Summer Sale (02 - 16 August)
– Asdivine Hearts (¥1,080 → ¥500) Wii U
– Togabito no Senritsu (¥1,028 → ¥500) Wii U
– D.M.L.C.: Death Match Love Comi (¥1,080 → ¥500) Wii U

Monster Hunter Stories Price Revision (27 July - permanent)
– Monster Hunter Stories (¥5,990 → ¥3,990) 3DS

Culture Brain Excel Price Revision (26 July - permanent)
– Narikiri Kids: Oshigoto Theme Park 2 Lite (¥800 → ¥500) 3DS
– Konchuu Monster Light: Super Battle (¥500 → ¥300) 3DS
– CharaPet Light: Tsukutte! Sodatete! Character Shougakkou (¥864 → ¥500) 3DS

Arc System Works Sale (26 July - 09 August)
– Daikaitaku Jidai: Machi o Tsukurou (¥800 → ¥400) 3DS
– Maido Hebo Shogi (¥510 → ¥99) 3DS
– Jet Coaster o Tsukurou! 3D (¥820 → ¥400) 3DS
– Game Zanmai (¥510 → ¥250) 3DS
– ARC STYLE: Yakyuu!! 3D (¥510 → ¥250) 3DS
– ARC STYLE: Soccer!! 3D (¥510 → ¥250) 3DS

ONE PIECE 20th Game Festival (21 July - 09 August)
– One Piece Super Grand Battle! X (¥6,145 → ¥2,800) 3DS
– One Piece Dai Kaizoku Colosseum (¥6,156 → ¥2,800) 3DS

Hako Boy! 2.5th Anniversary Sale (15 July - 06 August)
– Hako Boy! (¥680 → ¥510) 3DS
– Hako Boy! Mouhito Hako (¥680 → ¥510) 3DS
– Sayonara! Hako Boy! (¥680 → ¥510) 3DS

Creeping Terror Summer Horror Sale (12 July - 09 August)
– Creeping Terror (¥990 → ¥690) 3DS

Mighty No. 9 - A look at the physical rewards for backers

As we said earlier, physical rewards are making it out to backers of Mighty No. 9. Not surprisingly, many people are finding this to be too little, too late. There's also a complaint about the manual for the game, as it does not actually fit inside the faux NES box included with rewards.

UPDATE - FanGamer has commented on the size of the manual

"The English manuals fit the NES-style boxes correctly. Unfortunately, the Japanese manuals were printed at the same size as the English manuals, which don’t fit the Famicom-style boxes. We will be shipping a properly sized replacement manual to everyone who got the JP box+manual (at no additional charge, of course)."

Kickstarter - BitLounger L & XL Game Storage System

We have been making prototypes in some form or another since 2013. Expensive custom foam inserts, 3D printed models, plastic prototypes, acrylic samples, you name it. We landed on the BitLounger XL System. After building numerous prototypes of the XL's 4-tray layout, we decided to also add a 2-tray layout as well, which is where the BitLounger L model came to be. With the removable, modular insert trays compatible across both units it makes it easier to adjust your display as your collection changes over time.

The insert trays are the key to what make the BitLounger L and XL special. With the modular design you can mix and match trays in any order you see fit. Want all NES games? No problem. Have an 80-cartridge Gameboy Color collection you want to show off? Have at it! The modular trays provide you the flexibility to create your own custom piece.

Kickstarter here

Hot Wheels making Mario Kart AI Intelligent Race System toy

- track is smart enough to keep Mario and his competitors on the road
- players shoot virtual hazards at each other.
- you can turn on "RC Mode" to go off-road
- plays sounds during a race, including the same tones you hear in-game
- drop bananas and fire shells that slow opponents in the firing line
- it won't be possible to see these on the track
- starter kit will include a 26-piece track along with Mario and Yoshi cars
- Toys "R" Us exclusive released in October for $13
- kit that includes Luigi will also be released that month for $25
- Bowser and Princess Peach set to debut later in the year

Thanks to MarioCheated for the heads up!

Mighty No. 9 physical rewards making it to backers, work "recently resumed" on 3DS version

Some good news, and some good/bad news for Mighty No. 9 fans. Good news is, physical rewards for backers are actually making it out the door. Some people have received their goods as of today, and more should be coming this week. Now for the good/bad news.

People are still waiting on the 3DS and Vita versions of Mighty. No. 9. As we heard already, those versions are still coming. Now here's the bad news. It seems work on those versions has only recently resumed. What does that mean for a release date? Seems like we could be waiting quite some time.

Pre-Order Metroid Samus Returns at GameStop and receive a Samus Keychain

Pre-Order Metroid Samus Returns at GameStop and receive a Samus Keychain!

*While Supplies Last. Not valid on Digital.

Online Customers: Item will ship with your game.
Store Customers: Item will be available at time of pick-up.

Grab yours here

GameStop - Another round of custom Switch bundles in stock

GameStop, the king of Switch bundles, has once again released some options on their website. You can't get the system alone, but you can grab various bundles that GameStop has thrown together. Some of them are decent deals, and some certainly aren't. You can check out the offerings here.