Pokemon, NES, Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart Hallmark ornaments releasing as well

A tree full of Nintendo cheer!

Earlier this week, we learned that 8-bit Donkey Kong, Mario, and Luigi Hallmark ornaments are slated to release this year. Turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg, as a whole different wave of ornaments is on the way as well.

First up on July 11th, 2020 are NES and Mario Kart ornaments. The NES ornament lights up and plays sounds from Super Mario Bros., while the Mario Kart ornament features Yoshi. Following those two on Oct. 3rd, 2020 are Pikachu, Poke Ball, and Legend of Zelda ornaments. The Poke Ball ornament is made of metal, and the Pikachu ornament shows of the character in a leaping post. The Legend of Zelda ornament is a replica of the original gold cartridge on the NES. You can check out more details on each ornament in Hallmark's Dreambook 2020 catalog.

Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

Gather all the Dust you can and set up your defenses in Dungeon of the Endless, coming to Switch May 15th, 2020

Ready to dive into another dungeon?

Ayairi Whairydd pugs her way out in a brand new trailer revealing Dungeon of the Endless' Console release date! Pre-Orders are now open on Nintendo Switch to benefit from a 20% off price, or Pre-Order the Retail and Signature Edition by Merge Games.

When their escape pod crashes on the unexplored planet of Auriga, prisoners and guards have no choice but to work together to survive. In this rogue-like dungeon-defense game, protect your generator with your team of heroes -each with their own strengths and flaws- from endless waves of monsters and fight your way to the surface to discover the truth about Auriga.

For the first time, you'll be able to select Ayairi Whairydd the pug right from the start on the selection screen!

SEGA and Amplitude Studios partnered up with Playdigious to adapt and publish the critically acclaimed tower-defense Dungeon of the Endless on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on May 15th.

First available on PC, Dungeon of the Endless is now in the final phase of a console adaptation coming to both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Carefully optimized for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Play as Ayairi Whairydd the pug!

Includes the Deep Freeze, Death Gamble, Rescue Team and Organic Matters add-ons

5 languages, including the newly added Portuguese and Spanish

Pre-Order it now on Nintendo Switch and benefit from a 20% off price

Pre-Order the Retail and/or Signature Edition now

Pokemon-themed ice cream available from F&N Magnolia Ice Cream

What a sweet treat!

Pokemon Co. has put together yet another collaboration, and this time it's with F&N Magnolia Ice Cream. The tie-up sees the creation of both Pikachu and Poke Ball treats. The Pikachu ice cream is berry flavored, while the Poke Ball option is milk flavor. They're available for 15 baht each at select retailers in Thailand.

Funko Pop! releasing flocked Pichu and Eevee Pop! figurines on April 10th, 2020

What the flock?

Funko was supposed to have a pair of exclusive Pokemon Pop! figurines at WonderCon Anaheim, but that event was called off due to the coronavirus. Instead of holding off on the figurines, Funko decided to sell them as part of their WonderCon Anaheim Virtual Con.

The two exclusive Pop! figurines are flocked versions of Pichu and Eevee, and they go up for sale on April 10th, 2020. You can buy them online at Funko's shop, or you can get them via exclusive retailers. Eevee will be at Hot Topic, while Pichu can be found at Fye.

Super Mario X Levi's collaboration now live

Spruce up that wardrobe!

Looks like yesterday's rumor was true. The Super Mario X Levi's collaboration, which was delayed from its original launch date in North/South America, is now available online. The catalog is jam-packed with jackets, hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and a lot more. You can check out the entire lineup and order your favorites right here.

Capcom and Laced Records team up for a Resident Evil 4 soundtrack release on vinyl

Evil sounds

I can't say that I remember much of the music in Resident Evil 4, but I certainly remember the game! For those who look back on the game's tunes fondly, today's announcement is for you.

Capcom and Laced Records are teaming up for a Resident Evil 4 vinyl soundtrack release, which comes in both standard and limited edition. The best part is that both versions are priced the same, but bad part is that they're $80. Check out full details on the limited edition below.

Product Information:

4x LP vinyl available with Limited Edition ‘muddy gold’ discs
Features the score from the 2005 Nintendo GameCube™ title

Shipping Info:

- Orders Will Ship Late June 2020 -

Laced Records and Capcom team up once again to bring fans Resident Evil™ soundtracks on audiophile-quality vinyl. Pre-orders are now open for the Resident Evil™ 4 soundtrack on four LPs, featuring remastered audio from the 2005 Nintendo GameCube™ title, and brand new vinyl sleeve artwork by Boris Moncel.

Resident Evil 4 fundamentally changed the survival horror series by injecting action gameplay moving to a more action-packed over-the-shoulder camera. The gaming world continues to celebrate it as one of the most tightly designed and inventive video games ever made — a true classic that inspired many other games across several genres. For the music score, composers Shusaku Uchiyama and Misao Senbongi ratcheted up the tension with layers of unsettling electronic sounds and percussion loops; and also created fan favourite tracks “Serenity” and “Save Theme” suffused with anxious, atmospheric synths.
*All images shown here are mock-ups.*

Track List

Disc 1

Side A

End of Umbrella
The Drive ~ First Contact
Ganado I
A Strange Pasture
A Ruined Village
Ganado II
Ganado III
Del Lago

Side B

El Gigante
Echo in the Night
Bitores Mendez
Hard Road to the Castle
Game Over
Ganado IV

Disc 2

Side C

Cold Sweat
Target Practice
Central Hall
Evil Malaise
Crazy Cultist Drivers
Bad Vibes

Side D

Tower of Death
Save Theme
Ganado V
Path to Closure

Disc 3

Side E

Final Battle
The Escape
Sorrow (Ending Credits)

Side F

The Mercenaries
The Mercenaries~Leon
The Mercenaries~Ada
The Mercenaries~Krauser
The Mercenaries~Hunk
The Mercenaries~Wesker

Disc 4

Side G

Assignment Ada
Assignment Ada End Roll~tarde
Assignment Ada End Roll~noche
the another order
Ganado VI

Side H

End and Aim
The Enemy
Time Limit
The Another End

Grab the standard edition here and limited edition here

Yoru Tomosu Japanese cover art revealed, preorder bonuses detailed

The usual preorder suspects

Nippon Ichi Software is releasing Yoru Tomosu in Japan on July 30th, 2020, and retailers are already revealing their preorder bonuses. Customers can snag magnets, tapestries, posters, clear files, and more depending on the retailer. Check out pictures of these items and more here.

PokemonCenter.com offering free shipping on all items for a limited time


Have you had your eye on something over at PokemonCenter.com, but didn't want to cough up the cash for shipping? Now's the time to move that item into your online cart and make the purchase. For a limited time, PokemonCenter.com is going to offer free shipping on all orders. No matter what you're grabbing or how expensive it is, you won't have to pay a penny extra to get the merch to you. Sift through the store to see what tickles your fancy here.

GamerPro's Switch Charging Storage Stand is a beautiful monster, and it's currently $20 off

Frankenstein's greatest creation

The GamePro Switch Charging Storage Stand is a Frankenstein of all things charging and storage for the Switch. I can't tell if it's beautiful or a freak of nature. Either way, the sucker does pack in a lot of storage and charging options for your Switch. It's normally priced at $70, but you can grab it now for $50. Check out a full rundown of details on this product below.

Our Charging Storage Stand is among the best accessories you could get for your Nintendo Switch right now. Our Stand might look extreme at first and that's because it does so much for you and your Nintendo Switch. This accessory will be common for the years to come, as it will always charge Nintendo Type-C controllers, Joy-Con's and Poke Ball's.

Our Charging Stand allows you to store 8 games, which we keep our go-to games stored on ours. This makes it easy and convenient to switch through physical games. If you buy digital, this stand still comes in useful for the rapid charging capabilities it brings.

Benefits Of Our Charging Stand

✔Faster charging
✔Remove risk of losing items
✔Store 8 games
✔Improves organization
✔Improves Switch dock's balance
✔Houses Switch, games, controllers and Poke-balls


- 4 Joy-Con Charging Slots
- 2 Pro Controller Charging Slots
- Store up to 8 Game Cases
- 2 Additional Controller Hangers
- Removable Pokeball Holder
- Slidable Bottom For Switch Dock
- Sturdy And Compact Design
- 6 Charging Indication Lights

Grab yours here

RUMOR: Super Mario X Levi's collaboration may be available in North/South America tomorrow

Just a few days back, Levi's took to Twitter to announce a delay for the Super Mario X Levi's collab apparel due to the coronavirus. The team said they will share information on a new launch date once they have it, although we might have gotten early word on the line dropping very soon.

Inside sources claim that the lineup is going to be available on Levi's official website sometime on April 9th, 2020. Hopefully Levi's confirms this information at some point today, as a surprise launch tomorrow could make it quite hard to get on their site and snag some of the items. Expect the lineup to go live sometime before noon EST.


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