Fangamer adds A Hat in Time merch collection

Hats off to ya!

Fangamer has revealed a new lineup of merch for fans of A Hat in Time. The online retailer has made a collection of pins, as well as a long-sleeved shirt available to purchase today. You can check out more details on all the items here.

Capcom Cafe Monster Hunter Rise collaboration kicks off March 26th, 2021

Get ready for a monster makeover!

Not surprisingly, Capcom is giving their Capcom Cafe location in Aeon Lake Town a Monster Hunter makeover in honor of the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise. The collaboration will kick off March 26th and run until April 22nd, 2021.

Capcom is yet to reveal specifics on what the campaign will offer, but there's no doubt visitors can expect Monster Hunter Rise-themed meals, special merch, and more. Capcom did share the official artwork for this collaboration though, which you can see at the top of the post.

Pokemon PON stamp series expands with new options

The stamp of approval

The original Pokemon PON stamp series launched back in 2019, and it was an instant hit. Now two years later, fans have a whole series of new stamps to collect.

This new lineup of stamps includes 156 Pokemon from the Unova Region, but customers can also choose from Pokemon in the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Regions as well. There are both plastic and woodblock variants available, with the plastic options meant for fun use, and the woodblock options for more official documents. You can check out pictures of the stamps themselves here.

Dark Horse Books reveals Overwatch Anthology: Expanded Edition

An Overwatch comic compilation

If you're a comic book and Overwatch fan, you have something to look out for in the near future. Dark Horse Books has revealed the Overwatch Anthology: Expanded Edition trade, which is a compilation of previously-released Overwatch comics. It launches on Nov. 23rd, 2021 for $25, and you can read a synopsis below.

In this exciting comic series, explore the backstories and motivations behind Overwatch’s most popular heroes—from Ana to Zarya!

This updated hardcover anthology now collects all of Blizzard Entertainment’s existing digital Overwatch comics from an all-star lineup of creators, including Ryan Benjamin, Matt Burns, Robert Brooks, Micky Neilson, Nesskain, Bengal, and more. Whether you’re starting in bronze or a Grandmaster, this expanded anthology adds over fifty pages of new comics and behind the scenes content, making it an essential companion to the Overwatch universe!

Collects Overwatch Anthology volume 1 with seven new stories added.

First 4 Figures' Metroid Prime "Samus Helmet" Statue now available to pre-load, live-stream event held

Samus, reporting for duty

First 4 Figures' Metroid Prime Samus Helmet statue is now officially available to pre-order. There are standard and exclusive editions up for grabs, and they'll cost you $484. If you want a closer look at the statue itself, you can check out the special launch live-stream event that First 4 Figures held. If you just want to get in on the pre-order, you can do so here.

Arby's Kid's Meals now include Shovel Knight "Launcher Tokens" and Treasure Trove DLC codes

Dig into a great deal

We found out last week that Arby's was teaming with Yacht Club for some special Shovel Knight content in Kid's Meals, but we didn't actually know what the meals would include. Today we now have the full details.

As you can see above, the Kid's Meals will now come with one of seven different launcher tokens, which each one representing a different character in the series. That's not all, though. The Kid's Meals also include Treasure Trove DLC codes for the Switch version of the game!

Limited Run Games reveals physical edition of Sea of Solitutde: The Director's Cut, and Game Boy reprints for Spanky's Quest and Amazing Penguin

Something old, something new!

Limited Run Games has revealed some fun new physical releases today, including a brand-new title for Switch.

While we've known about Sea of Solitude: The Director's Cut heading to Switch, today we learn that a physical version is launching as well. You can see the packaging for that release above, and pre-orders open on March 2nd, 2021.

Along with that, Limited Run Games has revealed that they're teaming with Natsume to reprint two of their Game Boy classics. Both Spanky's Quest and Amazing Penguin are going to get brand-new cartridge releases for the Game Boy, and pre-orders open for each on March 5th, 2021.

BlackMilk Clothing launches Pokémon 2.0 apparel line today

Hurry before it's all gone!

If you've been chomping at the bit to pick up some of BlackMilk's new Pokemon clothing line, your time has come. While the apparel lineup was already previewed, it didn't actually go up for sale until today. The items are sure to sell quickly, just as BlackMilk's other Nintendo tie-ups have. You can check out the entire lineup here.

Company aims to make fancy display cases and cabinets for Pokemon card collectors

The ultimate way to display

Do you have a Pokemon TCG collection that you don't know how to display? The UK company Collectors' Cabinets thinks they have the perfect solution.

Collectors' Cabinets has come up with a bunch of different display options for your Pokemon TCG collection, and they're all quite fancy. They offer various cabinets, frames, cases, and fitted builds that will make your Pokemon TCG collection the talking point of any gathering. As you might expect, these luxury displays come with a hefty price tag. As a matter of fact, you can't even get specifics on prices without sending the company an enquiry. You can take a look at their catalog and ask your pricing questions right here.

Monster Hunter Rise Original Soundtrack launches in Japan on May 19th, 2021

Songs to slay to

Capcom has already shared a mini-soundtrack sampler for the Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack, but now they've confirmed launch details for the full album. Fans in Japan will be able to pick up the Monster Hunter Rise Original Soundtrack on May 19th, 2021. The album is priced at 4,500 yen, and will be available both physically and digitally.

This album packs in 4 CDs with 117 songs, including the newest rendition of Mizutsune’s theme. Unfortunately, there's no word on a Western release at this time.


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