Level-5 says they're prioritizing development of Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y over Inazuma Eleven: Heroes' Great Road

Kicked to the curb

We have some bad news to share with fans of the Inazuma Eleven franchise. It seems that Level-5 is putting that game on the backburner for a bit to focus on the world of Yo-Kai Watch.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino took to Twitter to share a message about Inazuma Eleven: Heroes' Great Road, the next Inazuma Eleven game. It seems we'll have to wait quite a bit to see what's going on with that game, as Level-5 is shifting their focus for the time being. Check out Mr. Hino's message below.

Pardon the sudden message, but for business purposes we have prioritized the development of Yo-kai Academy Y over Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes. Currently, discussion on the groundwork needed to make [Inazuma Eleven] a hit title is required, so that game development may be allowed to continue. We’re putting all our efforts into making it a good game. Please forgive us for the long wait.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition composers wanted to make sure they didn't upset fans with changes

Walking a fine line

The soundtrack of the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is highly regarded by fans of the game, and Final Fantasy fans in general. It might be one of the most praised soundtracks in the entire franchise. How do you go about reworking that soundtrack for a game remaster? Very carefully, according to composers Kumi Tanioka and Hidenori Iwasaki. They shared their thoughts on not wanting to upset fans in an interview with NintendoEverything.

KT: That’s definitely something I wanted to absolutely avoid, so any changes were made with the utmost consideration in that regard. On the other hand, both the game and the soundtrack also include tracks that haven’t been changed at all.

HI: It’s a great honor to know that this is one of the soundtracks that has been supported by so many fans. We felt strongly about not disappointing our fans as well, so “how can we change things while making it feel as though nothing at all changed” is something we kept in mind while working on the soundtrack with utmost care.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles composers discuss what it was like returning for the Remastered Edition

Revisiting a fantastic soundtrack

Composers Kumi Tanioka and Hidenori Iwasaki were the duo behind the soundtrack for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, a soundtrack extremely highly regarded by fans of the game itself, as well as the Final Fantasy franchise. All these years later, the two composers came back to revisit their work and add new tracks for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. In an interview with Nintendo Life, we hear how Tanioka and Iwasaki felt about stepping back into their roles.

Tanioka: It was great fun, really nostalgic and a valuable experience.

Hidenori Iwasaki grasped the essence of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles' music perfectly, just like he did 17 years ago, and added some wonderful variations that properly understood my feelings and musical direction. Donna really liked ‘Morning Sky’ and ‘Moonless Starry Night’ and even sings them in her live concerts, so she really made this recording her own. I was delighted with her amazing vocals.

Iwasaki: It has been a very enjoyable experience to take another look the music that I made a long time ago with my very close friends. As we went along with the project, we reminisced about lots of things from 2003.

What I am grateful for is that Kumi Tanioka and Donna Burke had, almost to a surprising degree, the same thoughts and envisioned direction for it as I had. All of the background music has been reworked, and my discussions with Ms. Tanioka regarding them were incredibly pleasant - I’m very happy that our thoughts regarding how much or how little we should change something were the same. In the same way, I think that we have also been able to convey just how much we love this music.

DOOM Eternal executive producer says the Switch version is "very close," more details coming in the "not too distant future"

DOOMer sooner

DOOM Eternal released for all other platforms back in March of 2020, yet here we are in September and there's no sign of the Switch version. Is it time to get worried? Not at all, says DOOM Eternal executive producer Marty Stratton. Mr. Stratton says work continues, and the game is quite close to releasing.

“I wish I could give you specifics. I read all the comments, and when we say anything about Doom Eternal, there’s always the one out of every five comments is, ‘Yeah, how about you tell us about the Switch?’ I know people are anxious.

We’re trying to make it the best version of the game it possibly can be, so we’ve been working with Panic Button. They’re also like everybody in work from home. It’s taken a little bit longer to get there, but we want it to be everything it possibly can be. It’s very close, and we’re trying to be very uncompromising with what it needs to be because there’s a high demand for it. We will be talking about it again in the not too distant future. It is close, but I can’t say exactly how close.”

TENS! developer on why the game is heading to Switch, and if the company will release more games on the platform

Cracking the code with Kwalee

Kwalee announced yesterday that their bringing their block-dropping number puzzler TENS! to Switch. This marks the first title to hit Switch from Kwalee, which is headed up by former Codemasters founder, David Darling. In an interview with Nintendo Life, Darling explained why the game is coming over.

"While mobile games and, in particular, the hypercasual genre is still very much a focus for us here at Kwalee, we’re always looking for ways to take our creativity forward and with TENS!, the Nintendo Switch felt like a natural fit. In addition to that, the overwhelming majority of our team members are avid Switch players, so for years now, there has been interest internally with making something for the platform and seeing where we can take it. The Switch excites us, similar to how mobile phones, their accessibility and capabilities still excite us. So while it might sound like a big step, it actually feels like a really natural one for us."

Is TENS! going to be a one-and-done release from Kwalee on Switch, or will the company bring some of their other titles over?

"For now, we are focused on launching the game and seeing the reception it gets from players. We hope players enjoy it as much as we do, and look forward to bringing more to the game over time and building on the many puzzles it’ll have to offer on launch. Beyond that, who knows? Mobile gaming is at the core of what we do, but we’re not going to be restricted or pigeon-hole ourselves into being a mobile-only company, and as we grow that could mean more Switch releases. We’re open to more and above all, what ideas are the most interesting. From there, we can decide where they’ll work best!"

Shigeru Miyamoto discusses how the Mario franchise evolves with each new installment

35 years of Mario

Nintendo's most recent Corporate Management Policy Briefing included a Q&A session with investors/analysts, and the English translation of that session is now available. In the snippet below, Shigeru Miyamoto talks about the evolution of the Mario series.

Nintendo says Velan Studios' pitch for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was so impressive that work started right away

Off to the races

Nintendo's most recent Corporate Management Policy Briefing included a Q&A session with investors/analysts, and the English translation of that session is now available. In the snippet below, Nintendo talks about how Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit came together.

eastasiasoft says Moero Crystal H is the definitive version of the game, "pushes the limits of fan-service on console"

Seems like Travis Touchdown would approve

Moero Crystal H is definitely not going to be a game for everyone. It's a a "moe-filled dungeon RPG" where you recruit monster girls and retrieve the Bra of Darkness. If you can't tell, this is going to be quite a lewd experience.

Publisher eastasiasoft wants people to know that Moero Crystal H is actually a great game as well, and isn't just all about fan-service. That said, fan-service is certainly going to be front-and-center. The company spoke to Thegg.net to share the following comments.

Moero Crystal H definitely pushes the limits of fanservice on console, and on top of that, it’s also an outstanding RPG. This update of the game is intended to be the definitive way to experience it, in English for the first time.

...Moero Crystal H is a much more modernized experience with quality-of-life features that are uncommon to the genre. It’s still a lengthy, nuanced RPG experience, but it’s also more approachable than most, with adjustable difficulty and the ability to fast-forward through combat against lower-level enemies, for instance. Besides this, fanservice elements also make it stand out from more traditional DRPGs.

Dog Duty developer details the inspirations and ideas behind the game

Launching Sept. 17th

Dog Duty is a game where you control a 3-person anti squid-squad and fight in Real Time Squid combat. Might be a little different than you expected from the name! Wondering how the game came together? Publisher Soedesco held an interview with developer Leonardo Zimbres, who shared the following tidbits.

I wanted to create something authentic, something that I could do from my own personal experiences. I opted for the attempt of ‘telling’ my nostalgic memories through Dog Duty. These include playing old games such as General Chaos, Command & Conquer and Fallout Tactics. I also worked with fond memories I have of playing with action figures when I was younger.

I really liked working with these ideas because it was my vision to develop a simpler and straightforward action/ tactics game without over-complicated controls, like stance control, alert modes and so on. I think my memories lend themselves well for this. It was also a good experience to revisit my old self and to see how my nostalgic memories have led me to some great moments and also some not-so great moments, as I’ve faced difficult struggles as well.

Dog Duty was created from the conceptual idea of playing with action figures with your friends (and alone). In the game you fight enemies, help your friends and deal with decisions of supporting this friend here or hold the line there. That’s where the idea of commanding a squad in real-time started. There are some nostalgic titles that really spoke to us in this idea, games like General Chaos, Syndicate and Fallout Tactics.

On the other side, we were thinking about doing something closer to an ‘arcade game’. I mean, like shooter games such as the Old Mercs. And we wanted Dog Duty to include a layer of strategy map, something like Desert Strike where you drive around a big map and attack enemy positions, sabotaging the enemy forces as a whole.

Full interview here

Shigeru Miyamoto says Mario was made a plumber to "make him someone who might live near you, and not a superhero"

A hero everyone can believe in

Shigeru Miyamoto has shared a very straightforward answer on why Mario was given the occupation of plumber back in the early days. He shared the reasoning in an interview with CNN.

"We wanted him to be someone who might live near you, and not a superhero."

While superheroes are bigger than ever nowadays, it seems taking the every-man approach with Mario back in the day was the right path to go down!

Miyamoto also was asked what words he would share with Mario if the mustachioed one were a real person. Miyamoto offered up these thoughts.

"Keep living in a way that's true to yourself is more enjoyable than being in competition with others. You'll be keeping plenty busy, so don't forget to work out and keep your mustache well groomed"


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