Square-Enix continues to look at bringing Final Fantasy XV to Switch, doing multiple tests, talking to Nintendo/Epic

Coming from a Eurogamer interview with Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata...

"We're actually doing very specific technical investigations into what's possible at the moment. Where we are at the moment - we've completed those tests and have worked out where the ground lies. We're currently in the middle of the discussion and debate about what we should be doing, and how to realise that on the Switch.

The other thing - you see the mobile version, the PC version, one thing we value is to optimise the way the game plays and the experience for the individual hardware it's on rather than a one-size fits all approach. We can't currently announce anything - we haven't come to a full decision on the best way to do it yet. We're having very open, frank discussions with Nintendo at the moment about what they think is the best thing to do. It's all under investigation.

Honestly, when we did the technical test to see if we could use the same native engine we used on other console versions on the Switch, we tried to run it there, the results weren't satisfactory. It wasn't what you'd want from a final game. It doesn't mean that's the end of that - we're looking at the options, like the customisation of the engine. To give you an example how open those discussions are - we're talking to Epic at the moment, about maybe what we could possibly do there, and if we did a Switch version maybe we'd be able to partner and do something there. Their Unreal environment is just amazing, and will be very useful. You have to have all those options on the table - without that it'd be impossible to make a decision about what we can do on that platform."

SEGA doesn't want to "step the franchise back" to make Sonic Adventure 3 "just to make people happy"

Coming from a Polygon interview with Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka...

“I hear people saying that they want Adventure 3, but the path that we’re on and ... Adventure 3, what fans want that to be, might not be an advancement of the series. So I don’t want to do an Adventure 3 and step the franchise back just to give the fans what they want. From the developer standpoint, every Sonic game that we’re making is taking new steps and advances, furthering the game in a new direction, and that’s dictated where the Sonic series has been going. If we can get the gameplay to evolve and get to a place where Adventure 3 makes sense, then you might see an Adventure 3 come out, but we don’t want to take the entire series back to where it was just to make people happy. We want to advance the idea of what a Sonic game is.”

I mean, I don't even know what to say about this. It seems like such a stubborn approach to the franchise. To outright say something like this surprises me. I guess that's why we got Sonic Mania? A little something for fans who wanted classic Sonic, while Sonic Team continues to take Sonic's 3D outings in whatever direction they want?

SNES Classic Edition: Dev Interview Volume 2 - Super Metroid (development, cinematic feeling, baby Metroid sounds)

The following comes from a Nintendo internal interview with the Super Metroid dev team.

On the start of development

Sakamoto: It didn't start because I said I wanted to make it. My boss at the time was Makoto Kano. He has retired, so I'll use the honorific "san" with his name. Kano-san said, "Sakamoto-kun, make a Metroid game for Super NES. I'll create an environment for it, so we should do it!"

On creating a cinematic feeling

Sakamoto: Yes. We had a strong desire to make something that people would compare to a movie. We put a lot of effort into how to present the text, having the camera move so you see a collapsed researcher, revealing that the strange cries come from a baby Metroid, and so forth. Beforehand, I actually made a video on VHS to convey that feeling.

On creating the baby Metroid sound

Yamamoto: Yeah! (laughs) For that, I think I was able to generate a realistic sound without taking up too much memory. Sakamoto was also extremely picky about the sound of the baby Metroid.

Sakamoto: I'm a very picky person! (laughs)

Yamamoto: Sakamoto would make orders like, "Here, the baby Metroid feels this way, so create a sound that conveys that emotion."

Sakamoto: For example, after the baby Metroid swoops at Samus and you realize that it thinks of her as its mother, it makes an uneasy sound like "Pwee! Pwee!" And when it gets shot, it makes a pained sound like "Pweeeee!" They're all "pwee" sounds, but I wanted them to convey different emotions depending on the situation.

Yamamoto: I remember working terribly hard on the baby Metroid cries. The other day, while working on Metroid: Samus Returns for Nintendo 3DS, I retrieved the data for Super Metroid and checked it out. The baby Metroid had three different sounds, and when I listened to them, I thought, "Ah, they really do express emotion!"

Check out the full interview here

Cuthbert talks StarFox 2 - 3DFX had fallen behind, never thought the game would release, dev team loved Ridge Racer

Coming from a RedBull interview with Dylan Cuthbert...

"The FX chip had simply fallen behind in the 3D technology race. Things were advancing at such a pace at that time. I had been playing the PlayStation a lot; we had one in the Nintendo offices and all the Star Fox 2 team would be playing it at lunchtime and in the evening. It was either [Veteran Star Fox producer] Takaya Imamura or [Animal Crossing creator] Katsuya Eguchi who unlocked the black Lamborghini in Ridge Racer first, but we were all trying!

So we kind of knew that the quality of 3D we had in Star Fox 2 – and with the Super FX chip in general – had been surpassed, and that meant it wasn't so much of a surprise, probably more of a relief, that we wouldn't be compared. I think releasing it now means we can play it with a more nostalgic filter, without all the mental baggage of the 3D technology race that was happening at the time.

I think it's incredible that people can play a game I'd given up on hope on. Just a few months ago someone was asking me if I thought it was possible it could ever get released and I emphatically said no. I'm glad I was proved wrong. I worked on this game when I was really young and I was always sad that it never got released after so much hard work."

Moon Hunters dev on Switch version differences, releasing "sooner than you think"

A portion of a 4cr interview with Tanya Short at Kitfox...

4cr: What is different for the Nintendo Switch version of the game from, say, the PlayStation 4 version?

TS: The Nintendo Switch version includes the free DLC “Eternal Echoes,” which unfortunately is incompatible with the PlayStation 4 version. The Eternal Echoes DLC includes a whole new meta-game, with difficulty modes, final boss fight, and endless arena challenge mode… plus a new Snowdancer character and snowy village to explore. Plus, the Nintendo Switch version will have three all-new familiars to find and befriend, including an adorable dog and a strange fungus.

4cr: Is there an ETA on when we’ll be able to play Moon Hunters on Switch?

TS: SOON. Probably sooner than you think.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 director shares excitement for the game's launch, mentions "enormous amount of quests"

The following comes from director Tetsuya Takahashi...

And there it is, the December 1st release date.

The office has been a whirl of activity lately, fixing bugs and making final balance adjustments, but we’re almost there. I’m so grateful that everyone has put so much effort into crafting the game up until now. (Just look at all that grass that’s grown.)

I finished up a full check of the game the other day...we’re checking through the enormous amount of quests and in-game content now, but [Koh] Kojima(Producer) and everyone will be assisting, so I’m honestly not worried at all.

So, the trailer today only just introduced the basics. The characters and areas shown were only a small part of the whole, Xenoblade 2 has plenty more in store for players.

And the Blades are a must-see. We debuted “Finch”, who was designed by Kunihiko Tanaka, and there are many more rare Blades for everyone to look forward to! By the way, the song playing in the background of the battle explanation was “Fight!!”, by [Kenji] Hiramatsu, and it primarily plays in the early areas of the game. Different locations and situations will have different battle themes, so you can look forward to those too!

There are so many more things to talk about, but I don’t want to step on the PR staff’s toes, so that’s it for today. We’ll be revealing more and more details from here on, so please stick with us all the way until release!

Suda51 on why he's making Travis Strikes Again instead of No More Heroes 3

A portion of a HardcoreGamer interview with Suda51...

HG: Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is an interesting title choice. What made you go that route compared to a more traditional No More Heroes 3?

S51: There is a specific reason the game is not numbered is because we don’t want people to think of it as a direct sequel to No More Heroes one and two. It is in the same hero in the same world and circumstances but we want people to view as starting a new adventure with this character and not just a continuation. We do want No More Heroes fans to play and enjoy Travis Strikes Again, but we also don’t want to limit our audience to only the current fans, we want this game to be accessible to younger players and attract people who aren’t familiar with No More Heroes

Nintendo says portability, great games, and publisher support is why Switch is succeeding