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Charli XCX and Galantis talk about working on the "We Are Born To Play" Super Nintendo World music video

It's a bop

Nintendo and Universal shared a ton of information about the upcoming Super Nintendo World park last night, and that includes a special music video. The video is a collaboration between Galantis and Charlie XCX, and Universal talked to the artists to see what it was like working on the special feature. You can check out comments from the gang below.


Hello everyone in Japan. We are Galantis.

I think Japan has always been on the forefront of all types of culture, and I think it’s been a huge influence on us since we were really young, young days. Technology, food, movies, cartoons, Design.

Our experience performing in Japan has been amazing from the first show we’ve ever done in Japan It’s probably the place in the world where the crowd is singing back our songs in perfect pitch. Yeah, like in a huge choir, 10,000 people with one voice.

Mario Kart is the number one game of all games that I have played the most. I played it since the first day it came out on every console up to today on Nintendo Switch. So the process of re-working the Super Mario theme song — Well first of all, I’ve got to say it was so much fun, but it was a big challenge, because those melodies are so amazing and so important, and it’s like our childhood, so we didn’t want to leave any of that out, and still we wanted to put Galantis in it, Yeah, it’s been such a great honor, working with Nintendo and with Super Mario. No but really, I think this is like a dream.

And I’ve had this as a childhood dream to actually have the part —it’s just an amazing feeling to feel like now we are actually a part of the whole thing —I think Super Nintendo World is going to be absolutely amazing.

I think it’s something that we always wanted to do — like actually live the games that we grew up with and that we are still playing every day. There’s so much I want to know and try — it’s kind of mind-blowing thinking about it. People are going to naturally come together, travel around from all over the places of the world and just have a place to unite.

First time seeing the trailer and hearing our music — full body chills. It looks amazing. Pretty unreal that we got to work on it.
Yeah, I would say so. Amazing. Let’s go, let’s do it. Here we go!

Charli XCX

Hello everyone in Japan. I am Charli XCX. I was approached few months ago, about SNW opening at USJ, and this told that a song was needed for the launch and GALANTIS who I know I’ve collaborated with members of GALANTIS before. The idea was about to put together this really like a FUN and SUPER song that would go alongside the theme park that represents all the “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD” is about. So there are lots of mentions of SUPER, SUPER STARS, JUMPING and the main tagline is that “we are born to play” which is what everyone is going to play in the park.

“We are born to play” is really a fun line, and I guess everybody wants to have a good time and wants to feel free, and wants to rest upon their lives and enjoy themselves. So it’s cute super fun tagline that draws the whole song together.

When I was younger, I had a Game Boy. Growing up I was constantly playing Super Mario. There were three kinds of games I repeatedly played, and one of them was definitely Super Mario. I think it was kind of a big part of my childhood. Well, it was just so fun. I think that’s what’s cool about video games where players can be in a world of fantasy.

I really love Japan and Japanese culture and I am extremely inspired by J-POP music. I’ve always thought not only the music but the visuals and MV that go alongside the music have been elevated and really creative and mind-blowing in Japan. It’s just so inspiring and I feel like I could learn from J-POP culture’s visuals and MVs. I just think it’s wonderful and extra loud about the bright colorful pallets that are really exciting to me. I’ve been to Tokyo quite a few times, and I actually shot two music videos in Tokyo. One I made was a Japanese version of my song “Boom Clap” and was shot in Tokyo.

It’s so crazy to be here with Nintendo bringing this game to life. Because when I play games on the monitor I feel like I'm really good, but in reality it's not. But I'm really into the game right now and really enjoying it.

Something really unique and cool about “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD” is the idea of constant games, meaning you can constantly play and interact with people. To create an experience that is sensualized around the idea of connection and communication between people is really cool and really fun. I think it would be a great experience for the people who go to the park.

Boss of 17-Bit, Jake Kazdal, wants Nintendo to experiment more with VR

The following quote comes from a Nintendo Life interview with Jake Kazdal, the boss of 17-Bit (known for games such as Skulls of the Shogun and Galak-Z):

My gaming time is literally split in half – I love the first-party Nintendo stuff and all the great indie games I play all the time, and when I have time to jump into something really juicy I break out my Oculus Quest and Rift, and my PSVR. I would love more than anything for Nintendo to properly enter this space and just own it; their experiments so far are fantastic, and I really miss the extra dimension available in 3D. In fact, I’m playing Super Mario 3D Land again right now on 3DS. It just is so much more satisfying than playing on a flat 2D screen.

I think there are a lot of misconceptions about VR, people somehow think you need a dedicated room in your house, and I thought so too at first, but it turns out I do most of my VR sitting down on a stool or on my couch, fully engaged in the world but safely settled in the real world not knocking things off the shelves or banging around. With the perfect camera control (humans, it turns out, are very good at using their necks and eyes as cameras) you can focus 100% on playing the game, and being inside the game world as opposed to peering into it through a little 2D window, is just a different world. The experiences are just exponentially more than you can experience on a flat-screen TV.

Cyber Shadow dev discusses the game's Shadow of the Ninja and Shatterhand inspirations

Taking from the greats

There's no doubt Cyber Shadow is inspired by platforming games of the past, but there's a couple in particular that creator Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker wanted to point out. In an interview with NintendoEnthusiast, Hunziker goes into detail on how two NES classics paved the way for Cyber Shadow.

“Shadow of the Ninja and Shatterhand both have a pleasant pace to the gameplay where you might take a moment to think about the pattern of moving and stationary hazards combined. On top of this, Shatterhand is a very late NES game and really shows how far you can go with the limited palettes to achieve really intricate and detailed levels.”

Groove Coaster: Wai Wai Party!!!! devs on why they localized the game, and how Undertale tracks came to be included

The tale on Undertale and more

Many were surprised to see that Groove Coaster: Wai Wai Party!!!! was getting localized, myself included. Wondering how it all came to be? Siliconera talked to Producer Takuma Hanagata to find out.

We’ve had a lot of players requesting a console version of the Groove Coaster series on Twitter and Facebook and as the smartphone, arcade and Steam versions were all released internationally, we had an international release in our sights when we began planning for the Nintendo Switch version.

Another big surprise came from seeing Undertale tracks added to the game as paid DLC. Hanagata explained how that came to be as well.

We received a lot of requests on Twitter etc from fans of the arcade and smartphone versions wanting us to include it, but popularity alone wasn’t the reason we considered adding Undertale; it was because the tracks lend themselves well to a rhythm game. The track choices were influenced by whether we believed we could make a compelling stage from them or not.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament ends with a last-minute green shell shocker


The Saturday Night Speedway Tournament semifinals were a blast, but one race in particular had an absolute nail-biter of a finish. In the clip above, you see Knives_x in a tiebreaker with Tacocat. Knives_x is racing as Toad, and Tacocat is playing as Dry Bowser.

In the final moments of the race, Knives_X was in the lead for most of the time, but Dry Bowser ended up squeaking by with mere feet left to the finish line. Thankfully Knives_X had a green shell, and with perfect placement and a lot of luck, Knives_X manages to zip back into first while Dry Bowser is flailing from the hit. That win secured Knives_X a spot in the finals, and served up Tacocat an absolutely brutal defeat.

In a quick interview with Kotaku, Knives_X looks back on the moment she secured the win.

“I was in fight or flight at that moment so I think it was all due to reflex. The moment I crossed the finish line I looked at the [technical official] behind me to confirm if that really happened.”

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire dev discusses why the Switch version is delayed

Delay of game

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is coming to the Switch at some point, we just don't know when. The Xbox One and PS4 versions had a release date announced, so why is info being withheld on the Switch version? It seems numerous dev struggles with the PS4/XB1 ports made things that much rougher on the Switch.

In an interview with SegmentNext, production director Alec Frey said the PS4/XB1 versions were practically created with a new codebase based off the PC version. The ports have been extremely tedious for those platforms, which only multiplied the issues for the Switch version.

As of right now, there's no official release date for the Switch version, nor is there even a hint of when to expect it. We'll just have to hang tight and wait for the team to do their thing.

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed dev on why the game is coming to Switch before other consoles, and support for motion controls

Get hyped, soldier!

The cooperative FPS HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is coming to Switch at the end of the month, and it's looking to fill a void in the Switch's library. In an interview with Nintendo Life, Lead Programmer and Game Designer Dec Doyle expands upon why the team decided to bring their game to Switch before they focused on other platforms.

We chose to bring the game first to Switch because we felt like the platform could do with a few more fun couch co-op/multiplayer first-person shooters, almost everyone on the team already owns a Switch and we all love shooters, and basically once we had the game running on the Switch we knew we had to share this with other Switch gamers who are just as FPS-starved as we are.

What unique options will the Switch version have versus the PC outing? The team wants to keep things pretty much at parity, but there will be some extra content, as well as a unique way to play.

We hope to keep the differences between the platforms to a minimal for the main base game, but there may be extra content for the Switch either on or close to launch. The Switch version does allow for use of Motion Controller aiming.

Untitled Goose Game composer discusses the game's far reaching success

A honking good time

Untitled Goose Game became a bigger hit than House House ever expected, racking up 1 million+ sales in roughly 3 months. The game is still getting a ton of love from all corners of the internet, and sales continue to pour in. In an interview with GamesBeat, Untitled Goose Game composer Dan Golding tries to wrap his head around the game's success.

“It was this weird, several stage process where for the first few days, almost the first whole week, we’re like, ‘Yeah, cool, people like this game. That’s great. It’s getting good reviews.Then I remember one morning I woke up and Chrissy Teigen had tweeted out a photo of her and John Legend [buying the game] and was just — I have no frame of reference to understand what’s happening.

I think there’s something about the game that speaks to this moment in time where the whole weight of the world often seems to be crushing people. And this game is just about a goose, you know? Nothing more, nothing less. If the game has done anything, it’s managed to create a little space of relief, which I think is fantastic.”

Sir Eatsalot devs say bringing their game to Switch was 'surprisingly easy'

No problem, sir

Behind the Stone is the team behind Sir Eatsalot, the adventure platformer that recently saw release on Switch. In an interview with SwitchIndieFix, the team talks about the process of bringing the game over to Switch, and how smooth the whole thing went.

Yes, we used Unity. And yeah, it was surprisingly easy to port it to the Switch. I guess it wasn’t that difficult because Nintend Switch is, (strictly technically speaking) the more powerful console in terms of specs (CPU, GPU) which means, by default our game performed better. We optimized the shit out of Sir Eatsalot for the Vita, we did everything we could with our knowledge back then. Our goal was to have a fluent 60FPS experience on the Vita, but we just couldn’t do it. It’s running 30FPS, although there is a specific spot in the game where it even drops to like 24/25…and it drives me nuts

But with the Switch. Boom. 60 FPS, without any need to change.

The “difficult” things to change were the Input and the whole SaveLoad-System. Every platform has their own internal way of doing things and you HAVE to use these systems. So to answer which was the easier platform: Switch, but of course this experience is kinda skewed since the bulk of production was already done and we didn’t have to change tons of stuff.


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