God of War art director puts his spin on Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles

A trio of great art!

God of War art director Raf Grassetti has turned his attention away from the Smash Bros. series to focus a bit more on Sonic and his friends. His latest round of artwork features Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, all of which are inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog movie design. I'd say he really nailed the style!

Kirby fan creates a fantastic mural in their living room

Now that's living right!

Kirby superfan PrettyCakeMach has decided to give her living room a major makeover by adding in one massive Kirby tribute. Now one wall of PrettyCakeMach's living room is a monument to Kirby! Makes me feel like I should haul everything out of my office and do the same thing!

Grab a pulp-style poster for The Witcher 3

Absolutely beautiful

We've featured the art of Gibbs Rainock numerous times in the past, and now we have reason to do so again. Rainock has turned his focus to the world of the Witcher by creating an absolutely gorgeous pulp-style poster for The Witcher 3. If you like what you see, you can grab one of these prints for yourself from Rainock's official shop. Depending on the size, you can get a print for $15 to $47. Check out your options here.

Transformers G1 1984 Megatron figurine gets a custom NES Zapper makeover

Now that's bad ass

I think most of us have had a Transformer toy at some point in our lives, but we've never had one like this! Simon Smith has given a Transformers G1 1984 Megatron figurine a makeover in the style of an NES Zapper, and the results are pretty bad ass. It can't actually be used as an NES Zapper, but it sure looks the part!

Pokemon fan shows off his custom Groudon costume in action with a new video

Some seriously impressive work

As requested, here is my Groudon costume in action! from r/pokemon

When Reddit user Blastoise_irl first showed off his custom Groudon costume, fans were blown away. The costume looks good enough to be an official piece used by Pokemon Co. themselves! It's no surprise the costume looks so good, as Blastoise_irl took 1.5 years to make it!

As soon as the first pictures rolled in, fans were eager to see more of the costume. Blastoise_irl obliged by showing off the 1.8m costume in action. Check out the footage above to see Blastoise_irl inside the suit, showcasing just how mobile it all is.

This "fleshy" GameCube is absolutely horrifying

Well...it's definitely different

There have been countless GameCube mods and redesigns over the years, but I don't think there's ever been one quite like this.

Artist iv_art_ has come up with a very unique design for the GameCube, taking its fun, simple aesthetic and turning it into an absolute nightmare. The system has been given a 'fleshy' makeover, complete with some core, bruises, stitches, and more. If this is your kind of thing, you can buy one right now for $92.

Artist sculpts an unbelievable movie-style Sonic the Hedgehog statue with a 3D pen

This guy is unbelievable!

The YouTube gods have gifted me today. I had no idea who Sanago was, but now I'm totally addicted to his channel. He's an absolute master with a 3D pen, creating amazing sculptures, fun projects, and even doing some home repairs with his magic gun and filament.

In a more recent project, Sanago decided to create a statue version of Sonic the Hedgehog, but not just any Sonic. Sanago decided to base his design off of the movie design, which is still measurably different from the Sonic we grew up with. Let's just say that his final results are absolutely astounding. You have to watch for yourself. I promise, you won't regret it!

Pokemon News Round-Up: Groudon fan-made costume, Pokemofu Dolls 3 Slowpoke, Nonbiri Life merch

A fan tribute, and more merch!

Groudon fan-made costume

- made by Reddit user Blastoise_irl
- took 1.5 years to make
- 1.8 m tall

Pokemofu Dolls 3 Slowpoke

- exclusive to Pokemon Centers in Japan
- available starting today
- the only difference is the slight change in packaging, and the fact that you can purchase it separately outside the collection

Nonbiri Life merch

- collab with Kurashiki-hanpu and artist Chiharu Sakazaki
- available at Pokemon Center locations in Japan and Amazon Japan starting Feb. 8th, 2020
- full merch lineup is as follows:

Kurashiki-hanpu tote (large) 8,580 yen (★)
Kurashiki-hanpu tote (small) 4,400 yen (★)
Kurashiki-hanpu PC / tablet case 4,400 yen (★)
Kurashiki-hanpu porch 3,080 (★)
Kurashiki-hanpu coin case Pokémon leisurely life Pikachu 1,980 yen (★)
Kurashiki-hanpu coin case Pokémon leisurely life Piplup 1,980 yen (★)
Pikachu plush 2,200 yen (★)
Piplup plush 2,200 yen (★)
Pikachu Mascot Keyring 1,320 yen (★)
Piplup Mascot Keyring 1,320 yen (★)
Face cushion (Pikachu) 2,750 yen (★)
Face cushion (Piplup) 2,750 yen ( ★) ★)
Mug with coaster (Pikachu) 1,650 yen (★)
Mug with coaster (Piplup) 1,650 yen (★)
Stainless steel bottle 2,750 yen (★)
Parka (M / L) 6,160 yen each (★)
T-shirt – Piplup and Pikachu (130 cm) 2,750 yen (★)
T-shirt – Cyndaquil and Pikachu (130 cm) 2,750 yen (★)
Short socks (six types) 1,100 yen
Acrylic charm collection Pokémon Leisurely life 715 yen
10 kinds in total. You can not choose a pattern.
Face-shaped Cookies 1,080 yen
Mini tote with candy 880 yen
A4 Clear File (Set of 3) 770 yen (★)
Plump Stickers 550 yen (★)
Postcard set 1,320 yen (★)
Clips (set of 4) 825 yen (★)
Pocket Croquis Book 440 yen
Ballpoint pen (Pikachu) 660 yen (★)
Ballpoint pen (Piplup) 660 yen (★)
Masking tape (2 pieces) 660 yen (★)
Soft jacket for iPhone 8/7/6s/6 2,068 yen (★)
Soft jacket for iPhone Xs/X 2,200 yen (★)
Hand towel (Pikachu) 550 yen (★)
Hand towel (Piplup) 550 yen (★)
Towel blanket 7,480 yen (★)
Room shoes 2,200 yen (★)
Dolman sleeve T-shirt (M / L) 3,300 yen each (★ )
Tissue Box Cover 1,980 yen (★)
Sealed Containers (set of 3) 1,540 yen (★)
Plastic Cup 660 yen (★)
Chopsticks with case 990 yen (★)
Drawstring Pouch 880 yen (★)
Lunch Cloth 880 yen (★)

※ ★ items will be available on Amazon Japan

Blizzard artist gives the Game Boy an Overwatch makeover

This needs to be real

Blizzard artist Rakan Khamash has been spending his free time honing his craft, and also showcasing his love for the original Game Boy. Khamash has worked his magic by coming up with a custom Game Boy design that gives the portable an Overwatch makeover. The concept is absolutely gorgeous, and has me hoping Khamash actually tries to turn this into a real-life project. I bet a real version of this would fetch a pretty penny!

Fan-made 'Ultraswole Pikachu' statue is a thing of beauty

What chu lookin at, bro?

Pokemon Co. has no shortage of Pokemon merch, but sometimes fans have to step in and make creations that Pokemon Co. would never dare to. Case in point, the 'Ultraswole Pikachu' statue you see above, which was created by Reddit user Cloudycucumber.

We're not quite sure how Pikachu got so swole, but the final result is a thing of beauty. Better yet, if you have access to a 3D printer, you can make one of these bad-boys for yourself. Grab all the free files you'll need right here.


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