LEGO greenlights Sonic Mania-themed design, will work with Sega to make it a reality

LEGO allows fans to submit designs for future LEGO products, and a user by the name of toastergrl submitted a design based on Sonic Mania. As of today, LEGO has approved the design and announced that they would work with SEGA to make it a reality. It is unknown how long it will take to make this design a reality, but some time in the future, some more Sonic-LEGO merchandise will be on the way!

Nintendo fans gives Nike Dunks a Yoshi makeover

Now this is an impressive custom pair of sneaks

We've seen plenty of official Nintendo sneaker collabs in the past, and some of them have been pretty fantastic. That said, there might be none better than this custom pair of Nike Dunks.

This Nike Dunks reconstruction, created by Kenneth Cole Customs, definitely captures the colors and feel of Yoshi. The color scheme is absolutely spot-on, and the ribbing around the swoosh logo is a really nice tough. If you want to check out some more of these custom sneakers, take a look at Kenneth Cole Customs' Instagram page here.

Legend of Zelda fans crafts Link completely out of cardboard

A little Labo Link!

We've seen Legend of Zelda fan-art in all different styles over the years, yet somehow fans manage to come up with new ways to show their appreciation for the series. Case in point, the above Link creation, which is made entirely out of cardboard. This was made by Redditor CactusComics, and it took them 4 to 5 days of work. Even better, Link is articulated! You can move the arms, legs, head, and even remove the Master Sword from his back!

Artist recreates Pokemon Sword and Shield's Pokemon as Game Boy sprites

Can't beat the classics!

The Pokemon series may have started life on the Game Boy, but it's certainly come a long way since then. Pokemon in today's games are showcased with some lovely looking polygonal models, but longtime fans of the franchise are curious what today's Pokemon might look like in a classic style.

Rather than just wonder, artist Pat Ackerman took it upon himself to take the Galar region Pokemon and give them a Game Boy makeover. You can see the fruits of his labor in the tweet below.

Splatoon 2 team shares new image to promote this weekend's Mushroom vs. Star Splatfest

A Splatfest in celebration of Super Mario's 35th anniversary is taking place this weekend in Splatoon 2. The event is "Mushrooms vs. Stars," and to promote the event, the artists on the Splatoon 2 team created some fun artwork of Pearl and Marina using these iconic Super Mario power-ups.

Fan makes "Deluxe Geno" Mii costume for Super Smash Bros. ultimate

Artist makes wood carvings of classic GameCube game boxes

Classic and classy

Nintendo has had some gorgeous cover art for their games over the years. Boxes that instantly flood the mind with memories of great gaming adventures. Those classic covers can now stand on their own as works of art, thanks to one dedicated fan.

A woodworking artist going by Pigminted has taken covers from games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and turned them into wooden cases. The designs look even more striking in this style, and obviously a lot of attention to detail went into the carvings. If you'd like to grab these cases, or perhaps see what other gaming tributes Pigminted has cooked up, you can check out their Etsy store here.

Wargaming developer puts together a seriously impressive Metroid Halloween costume

Is that you, Samus?!

Wargaming developer Brenden McCormack spends most of his day working on the World of Tanks series, but in his free time, he can cook up some pretty serious cosplay. Along with his wife Laura, Brenden managed to crank out the above Samus Aran costume, which is absolutely wild. You can see a quick clip of the suit's power-up animation in the tweet below.

Mario fan turns a pumpkin into a pretty convincing Bob-omb

It's gonna blow!

Redditor Kittens9000 was in the Halloween spirit, and when they saw one pumpkin in particular, they were inspired. With some paper mache work and a love of all things Mario, Kittens9000 came up with the creation you see above! A pretty convincing Bob-omb, especially when you throw in the flickering light inside! There's even a paper mache key in the back. Thankfully, this sucker isn't actually primed to explode!

Pokemon fan turns double pumpkin into a Wheezing tribute

The perfect makeover

Redditor DoughCos is a big Pokemon fan, and he was thinking of decorating some pumpkins with Pokemon designs for Halloween. That's when he happened upon a double pumpkin that gave him the perfect idea. Instead of ditching the mutant pumpkin, he gave it a complete makeover to pay tribute to Wheezing. The likeness is pretty much perfect. Seems like the pumpkin was destined for this Wheezing makeover!


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