New Fire Emblem Heroes Update Introduces Book III of the Main Story, Mythic Heroes and More

Beginning later today, fans of the Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game can download a free Version 3.0 update that introduces new in-game content, including Book III of the main story, the new Mythic Hero type, new characters, new seasons and more.

In Book III, Alfonse and the Order of Heroes face a grim new challenge when Hel, ruler of the realm of the dead, resurrects the shadows of heroes past and forces her daughter Eir to infiltrate the Order of Heroes. The Book III story missions shed new light on classic characters and add even more engaging content for fans to enjoy, with Chapter 1 and 2 available starting today and additional Chapters to be added in future updates. Newcomers to Fire Emblem Heroes can also jump into the new story content right away, without needing to complete Book I and Book II.

The latest update also introduces the Mythic Hero, a new type of hero whose Mythic Effects are directly tied to Aether Raids, the competitive mode that was introduced to Fire Emblem Heroes in November. In Aether Raids, Summoners own an Aether Keep that they use to attack or defend against other Summoners’ Aether Keeps. Beginning later today, a new cycle of seasons – Light, Dark, Astra and Anima – that affects both the new Aether Raids mode and new Mythic Hero type. Players will need to jump into Aether Raids to see the effects and benefits of these new seasons, Mythic Heroes and Mythic Effects for themselves.

The first-ever Mythic Hero in Fire Emblem Heroes, Eir, can be obtained by completing Book III, Chapter 1 of the main story. Players can also look forward to other new additions, including a new Summoning Event: Hero Fest and First Summon Ticket feature, in the latest Fire Emblem Heroes update.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-start game for mobile devices that reimagines the gameplay of Nintendo’s long-running strategy-RPG series. Battles in the game are customized for touch screens and on-the-go play, featuring turn-based strategic battles starring new heroes, as well as classic characters from the Fire Emblem franchise.

Fans of Fire Emblem Heroes can look forward to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a new main game in the Fire Emblem series, launching for Nintendo Switch in 2019.

For more information about Fire Emblem Heroes, visit https://fire-emblem-heroes.com/en/.

Pokemon GO - Mystery Box update

Niantic has tweaked the Mystery Box in Pokemon GO a bit, and it results in more Meltan for players! Hop in there and check it out right now.

Dragalia Lost - content update for December 10, 2018

- chapter 41 of the official Dragalia Lost 4-koma manga, Dragalia Life, is now available: Verica the Prophet
- to celebrate the game being selected in the “Most Exciting Games of 2018” category of the Google Play Awards in Japan, all players who started the game before December 10 can get the following as special Log-in Bonus: wyrmote x500 (available until December 17)

My Nintendo - Rewards update for Dec. 9th, 2018

December Calendar - Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate

Reward available until: 1/1/2019 at 2 AM [America/New_York]
Redeemable: 1 time
A wallpaper for your PC, smartphone and tablet.

The wallpaper can be downloaded in eleven different resolutions.
Available sizes
Landscape format:
3840x2160・ 2560x1440・1920x1080・1366x768・1280x1024
Portrait format:

Grab yours here

2018 Gamers' Choice Awards Winners Announced on CBS Telecast

December 9, 2018 (Los Angeles) – Winners of the first ever network gaming and esports awards show, the Gamers’ Choice Awards (www.gamerschoiceawards.tv) were announced today on the CBS broadcast. KISS kicked off the show with an outstanding performance. The iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famers also paid homage to the creative genius of Stan Lee who is credited with laying the foundation for many games and gaming characters.

The top gamers and esports stars were in attendance includingNinja, who brought home three Gamers’ Choice Awards, taking home honors for Fan Favorite Esports Player of the Year, Fan Favorite Gamer Moment and the 2018 Super Nova Honor. Fortniteled the gaming sector with five GCA Fan Favorite Awards.

The Fan Favorite Male and Female Streamers of the Year were TimTheTatman and Pokimane, respectively.

Other winners announced on air included Brooklyn Nine-Ninestar Terry Crews, named Fan Favorite Celebrity Gamer (Actor). His pre-teen son, Isaiah, joined him on stage where Crews proudly said, "Getting closer through gaming, sharing fun times and VR experiences literally made me young again and keeps me young non-stop and I just want to dedicate this award to my son.”

Snoop Doggwas awarded Fan Favorite Celebrity Gamer (Musician). The winners of the other categories, a total of 50, are:
Fan Favorite Game: Fortnite
Fan Favorite Male Gamer/Streamer presented by Overpowered: TimTheTatman
Fan Favorite Female Gamer/Streamer: Pokimane
Most Anticipated Game: The Last of Us II
Fan Favorite Action Game: Marvel’s Spider-Man
Fan Favorite Single Player Gaming Experience: Marvel’s Spider-Man
Fan Favorite Multiplayer Game: Fortnite
Fan Favorite Shooter Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops4
Fan Favorite Celebrity Gamer (Actor): Terry Crews
Fan Favorite Celebrity Gamer (Athlete): Juju Smith-Schuster
Fan Favorite Celebrity Gamer (Musician): Snoop Dogg
Fan Favorite Esports Team: FaZe Clan
Fan Favorite Esports Game: Fortnite
Fan Favorite Esports Player (League of Legends): Faker
Fan Favorite Battle Royale Game: Fortnite
Fan Favorite Fighting Game: DragonBall FighterZ
Fan Favorite Sports/Racing Game: Rocket League
Fan Favorite Family-Friendly Multiplayer Game: Super Mario Party
Fan Favorite Role-Playing Game: Monster Hunter: World
Fan Favorite MMORPG: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
Fan Favorite VR Game: Beat Saber
Fan Favorite Mobile Game: Pokémon GO
Most Desired Franchise Resurrection: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Fan Favorite Indie Game: Subnautica
Fan Favorite Gaming Device: PC
Fan Favorite Gaming Convention: TwitchCon
Favorite Streaming Service: Twitch
Fan Favorite Gaming Moment presented by HyperX: Drake plays with Ninja
Fan Favorite Female Voice Actor: Camilla Luddington as Lara Croft (Shadow of the Tomb Raider)
Fan Favorite Character of the Year: Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Marvel's Spider-Man)
Fan Favorite Retro Game: Super Mario Brothers
Fan Favorite Retro Character: Mario (Super Mario Bros.)
Fan Favorite Esports Player (Dota 2): Miracle
Fan Favorite Esports Player (Super Smash Bros Melee): Magn0
Fan Favorite Esports Player (Dragon Ball FighterZ): SonicFox
Fan Favorite Esports Player (CS:GO): s1mple
Fan Favorite Esports Player (Overwatch): Profit
Fan Favorite Esports Player (Rocket League): Squishy
Fan Favorite Esports Player (PUBG): Fuzzface
Fan Favorite Esports Player (Fortnite): Ninja
Fan Favorite Overall Esports Player: Ninja
Fan Favorite Esports Caster Duo: Monte and Doa
Fan Favorite Esports Caster: CouRage
Fan Favorite Esports Event of the Year: Call of Duty: World League Grand Finals
Fan Favorite Esports Moment: Cloud9 Wins Boston Major
Fan Favorite Esports League Format: Fortnite- Community Skirmishes
Fan Favorite Male Voice Actor: Christopher Judgeas Kratos (God of War)
Fan Favorite Collegiate Esports Team Presented by iBuyPower: Ohio State
Fan Favorite Esports Host: Alex 'Goldenboy' Mendez
Fan Favorite Fall Release: Red Dead Redemption 2

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Dec. 9th, 2019

[Blessed Gardens] A new Blessed Gardens map is now available: Grounds – Fire 4 (Garden of Fire, Infernal) (no end date)

Nintendo LINE account - content update for Dec. 8th, 2018

Not surprisingly, this week's Nintendo LINE account update is all about Smash Bros. Ultimate! Check out the details on this week's update below.

- Kinopio-kun posts his own stage for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
- Smash Bros. Ultimate smartphone wallpaper
- Kinopio-kun draws the Splatoon Moray Towers stage

Dragalia Lost and Pokemon Quest win awards at Google Japan's Play Store awards

Google recently held their annual Play Store awards event in Japan. Each category has 5 different winners, and both Nintendo and Pokemon Co. came away with some wins! Check out the Nintendo-related categories below.

Most Exciting Games

Arc the Lad R by ForwardWorks
Knives Out – Tokyo Royale by NetEase Games
Dragalia Lost by Nintendo
Dragon Ball Legends by Bandai Namco Entertainment
Princess Connect! Re:Dive by Cygames

Best Cute & Casual Games

Snoopy Life by Capcom
SUMI SUMI: Matching Puzzle by Imagineer
Days of van Meowogh by Cocone
(Monogatari) Series Puku Puku by Aniplex
Pokémon Quest by The Pokémon Company

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Dec. 8th, 2018

[Events] The Final Round of the 18th Voting Gauntlet is now live. (available until December 10th)

[Quests] The third and final set of Quests related to the latest Voting Gauntlet is now live (available until December 10th)

[Special Maps] The latest Rival Domains map is now available. This time, you get a bonus if you defeat allies using flying allies (available until December 15th)

Famitsu print ad - Dragalia Lost

Another print ad for Dragalia Lost has popped up in the latest issue of Famitsu. This one is a two-page spread, which is pretty rare to see. Now all we need to see is some similar advertising here in the states! Japan gets print ads and commercials...so what do we get!?