Pokémon Masters Celebrates Six Months Since Launch with Major Update, Including Red & Charizard

A six month celebration!

DeNA Co., Ltd., in partnership with The Pokémon Company, announced a number of content updates to celebrate six months since the release of Pokémon Masters, a real-time battling and strategy game on compatible iOS and Android devices. More information is provided below.

Two new trailers for Pokémon Masters can be found on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. The first trailer celebrates six months since the launch of Pokémon Masters.The second trailer features Red & Charizard battling against the sync pair of Professor Oak & Mew.

Sygna Suit Red & Charizard Now Available: As previously teased, the wait is finally over as Red & Charizard join Pokémon Masters as a sync pair. This version of Red dons his Sygna Suit, a special outfit that Trainers can wear into battle on the island of Pasio. A unique feature of this sync pair, shared only by a few others such as Korrina & Lucario, Blue & Pidgeot, and Steven & Metagross, is that Charizard transforms into Mega Charizard X after executing a sync move. While Sygna Suit Red & Charizard will permanently be added to the game, players will have a higher chance of obtaining this sync pair in the limited time “Poké Fair Scout + Present,” available from February 27 at 10:00PM Pacific time to March 15 at 10:59PM Pacific time.

Chapters 22 – 24 Added to the Story—Get Valerie & Sylveon: Three new story chapters will be added to the Main Story of the game at February 27 at 10:00PM Pacific time, allowing players to continue the story of Pokémon Masters and play up to Chapter 24. Completing these new story chapters will also allow players to add the sync pair of Valerie & Sylveon to their team.
More Pokémon Evolutions Added: New evolution sync pair stories have been added, allowing more Pokémon the opportunity to evolve in the game. For example, Oshawott can now evolve to Dewott and Samurott, Whirlipede to Scolipede, Espurr to Meowstic, Palpitoad to Seismitoad, Cranidos to Rampardos, Ponyta to Rapidash, Makuhita to Hariyama, Nosepass to Probopass, and many more.

Battle Villa, Single Player Gauntlet-Style Survival Mode, Added: Battle Villa is a new game mode where every choice matters. In this new mode, players will battle against AI opponents to see how many total stages they can clear during the two weeks of a Battle Villa being open. While a player’s progress will carry over day to day, players will only be able to battle with a select number of sync pairs each day. The inaugural Battle Villa will be open from February 27 at 10:00PM Pacific time to March 15 at 10:59PM Pacific time for those that have completed Chapter 7 of the Main Story. Future Battle Villas will periodically open in the game.

New Story Event Features Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom: A new type of story event titled “Shining Star” will feature the professional model of the Unova region, Elesa. Instead of the traditional Story Mission-style format that players are used to, players will have to battle against AI opponents and traverse a series of maps in order to progress the story. Only players who have completed Chapter 1 of the Main Story are eligible to participate in “Shining Star.” Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom will also be featured in the “Sygna Suit Elesa Spotlight Scout.” Both the story event and the spotlight scout will be available from February 27 at 10:00PM Pacific time to March 15 at 10:59PM Pacific time.

Professor Oak & Mew Still Available to Add: This sync pair will be distributed to all players that have logged into the game and completed the tutorial before March 15 at 10:59PM Pacific time. This marks the first time in the Pokémon games that Professor Oak will join the battle as a Pokémon Trainer.

Free Gems to Celebrate Six Months Since the Launch of Pokémon Masters: To commemorate the release date of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green in Japan 24 years ago, players who login to the game before March 15 at 10:59PM Pacific time will receive a one-time gift of 3,000 free gems. Players that login each day prior to this date will also be able to receive up to 3,000 additional free gems, given out in celebration of six months since the launch of Pokémon Masters.

Pokemon Masters "Sygna Suit Red & Charizard" trailer

The fire still burns

Pokemon Co. and DeNA have put out a new trailer for Pokemon Masters. Today's trailer showcases the sync pair of Sygna Suit Red and Charizard. This pair will be available for you to scoop up via the Poke Fair-exclusive Spotlight Scout, which kicks off tomorrow.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp updated to Ver. 3.1.1, content update for Feb. 27th, 2020

[Update] The game has been updated to Version 3.1.1. This update is preparing for future events. New normal classes have also been added to Happy Homeroom. The Happy Homeroom now goes up to Master Rank 60!

[Terrain] New Terrain options are now available: Tulip Terrain (no end date)

Dr. Mario World - content update for Feb. 27th, 2020

[Events] A new Event is now live: Eliminate the Viruses! While it’s running, you can get various rewards by eliminating viruses (available until March 2nd, with rewards available until March 5th)

Pokemon Masters updated to Ver., new message shared by the dev team

DeNA has updated Pokemon Masters to Ver. This update includes a number of bug fixes, but specifics were not mentioned.

Along with the update, the dev team has shared a new message on things to come. You can check out the full dev blog here.

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Feb. 27th, 2020

[Summoning Focus] A new Legendary Hero Summoning Event is now live. It features the following Heroes: Chrom (Crowned Exalt), Eirika (Graceful Resolve), Sothis (Girl on the Throne), Azura (Vallita Songstress), Julia (Crusader of Light), Lyn (Lady of the Wind), Gunnthra (Voice of Dreams), Duma (God of Strength), Alm (Saint-King), Phina (Roving Dancer), Gerik (Desert Tiger), and Corrin (Wailing Soul). (available until March 5th)

[Special Maps] The Legendary Hero Battle feat. Chrom (Crowned Exalt) is now live (available until March 5th)

[Special Maps] The Legendary/Mythic Hero Battle feat. Julia (Crusader of Light), Sothis (Girl on the Throne), Alm (Saint-King), Duma (God of Strength), Azura (Vallita Songstress), Eirika (Graceful Resolve), and Lyn (Lady of the Wind) are now live (available until March 5th)

[Story Maps] Two new Tactics Drills map are now available: Nil’s Mysterious Music (Skill Studies, Hard), and Desert Dustup (Grandmaster, Infernal) (no end date)

Dragalia Lost Summon Showcase: A Dash of Disaster (Part One)

Time for some new content in Dragalia Lost. The Dutiful Chef Valerio and Gluttonous Gourmand Nimis are available in game now, and more characters will be coming soon!

Classic and modern Mario Bros. styles hit the track in Mario Kart Tour (full tour details)

Plenty of old-school fun

Classic? Modern? Wa-hoo! Celebrate Mario and Luigi the Mario Kart Tour game’s way with its next limited-time event: the Mario Bros. Tour! Collect Grand Stars and see if you can complete all the cups.

The Mario Kart Tour game is for everyone, newcomers and veterans alike. Check it out to join the race today!

Event duration: Until March 10, 2020 at 10:59 p.m. PT

Login bonus duration: Until March 10, 2020 at 10:59 p.m. PT

Tour overview

Week 1: It’s-a Mario in the spotlight

In the first week of the Mario Bros. Tour, Mario, Mario (Classic), and Super 1 kart are in the spotlight. Oh yeah!

Mario’s special item is the Fire Flower—great for torching the competition.

Mario (Classic)'s special item is Triple Mushrooms. This’ll help you reach super speed in no time.

The favored courses for Mario and Mario (Classic) will include the second course of every cup for the duration of the Mario Bros. Tour. This should help you smash some point records!

Week 2: Luigi time in the spotlight

In the second week of the Mario Bros. Tour, Luigi, Luigi (Classic), and Dasher II kart are in the spotlight. Okie dokie!

Luigi’s special item is the Fire Flower. Helpful for heating up the track.

Luigi (Classic)’s special item is the Lucky 7. Place your bets on how it can help you reach the top of the podium.

The favored courses for Luigi and Luigi (Classic) will include the third course of every cup for the duration of the Mario Bros. Tour. See if you can reach new point records!

Featured course

Drift, boost, and have a blast across classic Mario Circuit tracks in each cup!

Tour gifts

The included Tour gifts this time are Dry Bones, Landship kart, and BBIA Parafoil glider. If you have a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscription and earn enough Grand Stars, you will also receive Red Kiddie Kart, Mario, and Luigi as Tour gifts.

About Mario Kart Tour

In the free-to-start Mario Kart Tour game, players can put the pedal to the metal in courses inspired by real-world locations as well as Mario Kart series favorites. Put powerful items to use as you tear up the track and go for a high score in endless racing fun. Collect and upgrade a variety of drivers, karts, and gliders to find the combo that will lead you to victory!

City courses, special in-game event courses inspired by real-world locations, will be available during specific time periods and take place every two weeks.

Check out Mario Kart Tour's "Mario Bros." Tour in action

Nintendo has kicked off the Mario Bros. Tour in Mario Kart Tour, which includes all kinds of classic karting action. Check out what the Tour has to offer in the gameplay video above.


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