Super Famicom turned into a portable...Super Famicom

Now you're playing with power...PORTABLE SUPER POWER

Who needs a pocket-sized Super Nintendo when you can just carry around the Super Nintendo itself?! A hardware modder has decided to add in a screen to a Super Famicom, and embed a Super Famicom controller into the console itself. Now you can carry around a Super Famicom to play Super Famicom games. Sure, it won't fit in your pocket, but it's definitely portable, and sure to be an attention-getter!

Nintendo of Europe celebrates the 20th anniversary of Super Smash Bros.

Amazon continues its horrifying Halloween mask trend with an Ash Ketchum nightmare

Evil Ash

We had the movie Sonic mask, which was followed by a Toad mask that was truly terrifying. Now Amazon is showcasing their new nightmare, an Ash Ketchum mask that is sure to horrify anyone you come in contact with. If you want to grab one of these monsters for yourself, you can grab one through Amazon right here.

Playing the Legend of Zelda theme on musical calculators

This adds up

Have you ever heard of the AR-7778 calculator? This number-cruncher spits out musical notes when the buttons are pressed, making it quite a unique instrument to perform songs with. As you can see in the video above, someone took on the task of using the calculator to play the Legend of Zelda theme, and the results are downright impressive.

Random Time! - Potential manufacturing error provides Reddit user with two 'Y' buttons on their Switch Lite


Nintendo Switch has certainly had its fair share of hardware issues, including the infamous 'Joy-Con Drift'. Now, a new issue seems to have appeared on the Switch Lite, at least in one Reddit user's case. Asking the question "How common is this?", u/leviatanCL posted an alleged photograph of their grey Switch Lite containing not one, but two 'Y' buttons. While the problem is purely cosmetic, the lack of visual representation for a 'B' button could be confusing for some users.

Reddit user u/Megakarp suggested the possibility that: "Somewhere out there, there's a switch lite with 2 B buttons."

u/Nickynui jokingly added: "2b? Nier confirmed for switch?", referencing the character '2B' from the much requested NieR: Automata port for the Nintendo Switch platform.

While they were clearly just messing around, it's an interesting thought that someone out there may have gotten that extra unused 'B' button.

Even though the photo is convincing, there is still a possibility that the unit was altered by the consumer after its purchase. If the claim is indeed real, hopefully Nintendo can provide a replacement through their customer support.

Random Time! - Official Super Mario UK Twitter account reminds us of 2013, The Year of Luigi


Random Time! - Listen to this beautiful arrangement of Rosalina's Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy, performed by The 8-Bit Big Band

This orchestration is seriously out of this world!

"The 8-Bit Big Band" is a 30-65 member Jazz/pops orchestra that formed to celebrate and realize some of the best themes from video game music from all consoles and eras arranged in a large ensemble Jazz/Pop/Rock setting!

Blending together timeless musical themes from Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, and more then re-arranging them in genres and styles of all musical inspirations, The 8-Bit Big Band has members from all around the world, but most reside primarily in New York City, and are some of the most highly sought after musicians and performers.

Pokemon Kids TV episode has Pikachu and friends doing part of the "Thriller" dance

Now all I need is Meowth laughing like Vincent Price

Pokemon Co. is getting in the spirit of Halloween with the latest episode of Pokemon Kids TV. The video is standard Pokemon Kids TV fodder, right up until Pikachu and his gang of Pokemon friends start doing part of the "Thriller" dance from the Michael Jackson's music video/song of the same name. I guess even Pikachu is aware of the iconic dance!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Your own personal 'Pokémon Capsule Gacha Machine' is now available for purchase, releasing November 16th

Gacha, but you just buy the whole machine!

This is certainly an interesting Pokénouncement. You can now own your very own Pokémon Capsule Gacha Machine! The life-size replica stands at 46cm (18.11 inches), and will include 8 capsule Pokéballs and 10 play tokens. The machine launches on November 16th, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon Japan for¥6,160 (approx. $57 USD), with worldwide shipping available.

Check out the Amazon JP listing for images and more details!

Dorothea becomes new most-deployed character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, beating previously favored Edelgard

Battle of the waifus!

Statistics of the most favored characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been released. Dorothea is now the most deployed and the most used in activity participation! However, Lysithea takes the 1st place spot for gift recipients, pushing Dorothea to 2nd. For the ranking on Tea Party Enthusiasts, Dorothea drops down to 3rd place, with Edelgard in 2nd and Ingrid in 1st. What does this mean? It means Three Houses fans have a pretty strong favoring for Dorothea. It's interesting to see what is practically official waifu rankings! Check out the full statistics to all the categories below!


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