Super Mario Odyssey Switch icon (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Icon has been confirmed real.

Now this is some big-time stuff. With how seriously some people take Switch icons, I imagine there's no icon those people are more eager to see than Super Mario Odyssey! What you see above could indeed be the icon, as an image appeared on Instagram, but was quickly removed. If it's the real deal, I hope it's lived up to your expectations!

RUMOR - Nintendo YouTube copyright claim points to original Super Mario Bros. 8-bit theme being in Super Mario Odyssey

Here's a bit of an interesting find. Someone over on the Gamefaqs board is saying one of their videos on YouTube received a copyright claim from Nintendo. This video was originally uploaded in 2009 and is nothing more than the original Super Mario Bros. theme in its classic NES style. Not that big of a deal at first, but the claim itself said it was for "SuperMarioOdyssey Audio_01". That would certaily seem to indicate that the classic-style tune will appear in Super Mario Odyssey in some way! Thanks to Andre for the heads up!

RUMOR - Target locations to receive a minimum of 20 SNES Classic Edition units per store

Well 20 units per store is certainly makes for a nice chance of actually getting a unit. Let's hope there's not too much trouble finding one at launch, and people don't feel the need to turn to resellers to grab one.

RUMOR - Evidence of Pokemon Crystal 3DS VC release surfaces

While not an official confirmation, some 3DS eShop behind-the-scenes snooping has lead to speculation that Pokemon Crystal might be added to the 3DS VC at some point. With Gold/Silver hitting the service, it wouldn't be too surprising to see Crystal follow sometime after. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

RUMOR - Netflix customer service rep says Netflix is "Locked and Loaded" for Switch, Awaiting Nintendo Approval

This info comes straight from GoNintendo user KamehamehaX, and we're happy to bring it to you!

According to a Netflix customer service rep, Netflix is "locked and loaded" for Switch. Apparently Netflix has been trying to get permission to launch their app on Switch, and as soon as Nintendo gives the go-ahead, the app can be added to the eShop. As of right now, Netflix is just waiting for Nintendo to give the green light.

Obviously, we don't have confirmation from Nintendo on this, and I know some people don't believe customer service reps. We've certainly seen reps get info wrong before. Let's just hope this info is correct and the service will be added to Switch soon!

UPDATE - We have since been provided with screenshots of the Netflix customer service chat where this info came from.

RUMOR - A look at Toys R' Us expected SNES Classic Edition allotments

Snes Toys r us stock

A minimum of 30 per store certainly sounds pretty good. Looks like people should be able to get their hands on a unit fairly easily on launch day. Don't know how long the TRU stock will last, though!

RUMOR - Lichtspeer devs say Nintendo is working on an achievement system for Switch

Well here's a VERY interesting tidbit coming from the dev team behind Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition on Switch. During a Reddit AMA with the dev team, they made an off-hand comment about leaderboards. The comment is shared below.

Nintendo doesn't have an official support for Achievements and Leaderboards, like Sony or Microsoft but we know that they're working on it. We'll see how it goes and we'll add the rankings along the way.

That would certainly be a big bit of news! The Lichtspeer devs have released a game on Switch, so they certainly would have an idea of some behind-the-scenes details. Now the question is, did they just leak a big secret, or did they make a mistake? Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

RUMOR - Nintendo Direct coming Sept. 13th, 2017

A lot of people have been wondering when we're going to get the next Nintendo Direct. It's certainly been some time, and if you look back on the schedule of these things, we're a bit overdue for a presentation. Seems like one might be right around the corner, as the original source for the L.A. Noire Switch rumor has come forward to say he's heard rumblings of a Nintendo Direct on Sept. 13th, this Wednesday!

RUMOR - Is Runbow headed to Switch?

A couple days back 13AM Games seemed to be teasing more Runbow content. Today they've shared a trailer saying the game was releasing on PS4. The thing is, that original trailer included a line saying the game was also coming to Switch. Since then, the trailer has been edited and that line has been removed. Now we are left to debate whether the line was included by accident and there's no Switch version, or the line was included early and a Switch version is in the works, but wasn't meant to be revealed yet!

RUMOR - Tennis World Tour coming to Switch

Big Ben has been talking about Tennis World Tour for awhile now, but we haven't gotten any kind of official confirmation that the title is Switch-bound. Today a source claims they've talked to Big Ben and the company confirmed a Switch version is incoming. Until they do so publicly, we'll keep this marked rumor.