RUMOR - Titan Quest may be coming to the Nintendo Switch

According to GameFly, users may potentially be able to purchase an upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Titan Quest. Not much else is currently known at the moment, but if this rumor turns out to be true, then it should not be too long before we hear some sort of confirmation.

RUMOR - internal EA email claims Nintendo Direct coming in January, Fe on February 18

Reddit user OldSoul2 has claimed something rather interesting. He told other users that he has been receiving internal EA emails on two upcoming titles, one of which being Fe.

The Fe side includes a bit about a Nintendo Direct coming in January. This would be in line with things we've been hearing as of late. In addition to that, the game itself is seemingly coming out on February 18.

While all of this looks really legit, we remain on the cautious side of things. The story has been marked as a rumor for now.

RUMOR - Super Mario Cereal, complete with amiibo functionality, on the way (UPDATE)

Oh dear lord, PLEASE let this be true! Rumor has it that Kellogg's is coming out with Super Mario Cereal. The cereal includes oat pieces with colored marshmallow Stars, Super Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, and ? Boxes. Even better, the box itself can serve as an amiibo! This sounds too good to be true, so let's hope it is!

So there's info that points to this both being fake and real. First off, it was posted over on the amiibo subReddit, which some people think points to it being fake. Second, a cereal blog says they've been doing research which points to it being real. I don't know which way to go with it right now!

UPDATE - Looks like we have even more evidence for this being real!

RUMOR - Paladins might be heading to Switch

Paladins is a "team-based shooter with strategy elements and deep character customization," according to the Early Access Steam page. It seems like a title Switch fans want to see on the platform. This might be why Todd Harris, Hi-Rez co-founder, was asked about the potential for it happening. At the time of asking, Harris said the team was focusing on other versions.

Now here's where things get interesting. The latest beta version of the game on Steam has some interesting tidbits tucked inside the data. Apparently some config files have been found which specifically mention/pertain to a Switch version. Looks like the team might have finally found some time for Switch!

RUMOR - WWE 2K18 will be a surprise launch on Switch, due out by Tuesday at the latest

Years from now, we'll get insight into why 2K was being so strange with WWE 2K18 on the Switch. An ex-employee will share details, and we'll finally have answers about the entire mess. Unfortunately for now, we are left to try and figure things out on our own. That's exactly what the hardcore fans over at the WWE 2K18 forums have been doing.

Through some snooping and various sources, WWE 2K18 forum-goers seem to have discovered that the game will be a "surprise launch" on Switch. What on earth does that mean? Well, from what we understand, it could hit the Switch as early as today, or as late as this Tuesday. Retailers like GameStop are expecting their shipments extremely soon, according to inside sources.

At this point, I just want to play the damn game. I don't care if it's a surprise launch or not. I just want it in my hands!

Thanks to Daveomac for the heads up!

RUMOR - Did WWE 2K18 get a stealth Switch release?


We're hearing some very odd reports coming out about WWE 2K18. First off, we have the video above. I think it's a bit fishy, but apparently the game has seen release in Poland. Then we're also hearing reports from people that you can find the game at places like Walmart in the states. Then on top of all that, our own NintenDaan had noticed that an online retailer said the game was available now, but was sold out online.

WWE 2K18 on Switch has been shrouded in mystery almost right after it was announced. We haven't seen any footage or screens, nor have we gotten an official release date. Could the game really be out in the wild right now? Huge thanks to the many of you who brought this to my attention!

RUMOR - Game Freak looking to do something "disruptive" with the next Pokemon game

The gang over at Easy Allies have some info they say comes from trusted sources, and it pertains to the next Pokemon game. Word has it the team has been inspired by the success of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Those two games, which certainly did a number of things differently for their respective franchises, have Game Freak thinking about breaking away from norms for the next Pokemon game. Whether that is the Pokemon Switch title or something else remains to be seen.

NIntendo to potentially make a deal with Illumination for a Super Mario movie

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment have been in talks about creating an animated Super Mario Bros. movie. Although most of the information is still currently under private discussion, Wall Street Journal claims that Nintendo wants to ensure that they will be actively involved with the creative process. Shigeru Miyamoto and Chris Meledandri will most likely be producers of the film. If the deal is settled, Illumination's Paris Studio, Mac Guff, would be the ones to be in charge of animation. Also, if the film were to be successful, Nintendo and Illumination would have interest in creating sequel films. 

RUMOR - Capcom working on two Ace Attorney compilations, new game as well

The following information comes from Kotaku UK's Laura Kate Dale...

Speaking to two independent sources, Kotaku UK has learned that Capcom currently has plans for three Ace Attorney games for Switch. The company is planning to release two compilations in the first half of  the 2018- 2019 financial year (between April 2018 and October 2018), one a compilation of the first three Ace Attorney games, the other compiling Ace Attorney games four through six in the series.

Capcom has apparently also begun work on a new mainline Ace Attorney game, aiming for a late 2018 simultaneous global release on Switch and mobile. The new game is planned to contain five cases at launch, and features Phoenix Wright returning as the playable protagonist of the story.

RUMOR - Monopoly suffers from insane loading times (UPDATE)

UPDATE - It seems a restart of the Switch fixes the issue. If anyone else experiences these long loading times, please reach out and let us know.

Monopoly is now available on the Switch, and some people have hopped on the game to download it. Unfortunately, we're hearing the game has a major issue. Apparently loading times are absolutely horrendous, with it taking 3-5 minutes to load up the main menu. On top of that, a game has taken some people 8-10 minutes to get going. These loading times are hopefully a glitch that can be patched, and not the norm.