RUMOR - Is a Switch glitch to blame for some lesser-quality visuals in portable mode?

Some people have made note of how a few games on Switch look quite a bit "fuzzier" when in handheld mode. Many said this was due to a lower resolution being used for the mode, and indeed, many devs do take this approach. With that said, could the visuals actually be hurt even more by a Switch glitch?

The following is a supposed response from WayForward concerning the visuals in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero when it portable mode. The rep which responded points to an issue with the Switch itself as the culprit.

"Thanks for writing in, and for the kind words. I'm sorry for the super delayed response, but this is something I had to check on for you and it took a while for people to get back to me. We believe this is a problem with the Switch software itself. One of the guys had it happen with a different game following a recent system update. We're hoping that a future update will resolve the issue for everyone and have the game looking as crisp and clear again as it should!"

Has anyone else out there experienced an issue like this? Notice a downgrade in portable visuals after the latest firmware update?

RUMOR - Latest Wii U firmware update points to the end of Miiverse

Apparently the line of text above was added as part of the latest Wii U firmware update. The service hasn't ended yet, but it's clear Nintendo is going to make the move fairly soon. A wonderful Wii U feature we'll certainly be sad to go. Thanks to T27Duck for hte heads up.

RUMOR - NES emulator found in Switch firmware

With the plans for NES games to hit Switch down the road, it's not really surprising to see something like this on the system. Now we just sit and wait to see when Nintendo will let us actually use the thing!

RUMOR - France getting just 1,500 units of the Metroid: Samus Returns Limited Edition

This sucker is giong to be a bloodbath in France. Rumor has it that the Limited Edition of Metroid: Samus Returns is getting just 1,500 units of stock in France. Nintendo is taking the "Limited" part of the title very seriously!

RUMOR - IGN says Ubisoft is having trouble bringing Steep to Switch

We've all been wondering what's up with Steep on Switch. Ubisoft hasn't really said much about the game since it was confirmed for Switch. While they still remain quite, IGN says inside sources tell them the port process is not going smoothly. As a matter of fact, Nintendo has stepped in to help Ubisoft get things up-and-running, especially when it comes to the online aspect.

Furthermore, a source not willing to be named told IGN that the game may end up missing out on Switch altogether. Thanks to Johannes for the heads up!

RUMOR - Save data transfers, Guest Login online option coming to Switch

Check out an entire gallery of Switch player art from these leaked docs here

The following information comes from a batch of leaked dev documents related to Switch, including the full SDK. We cannot officially confirm the validity of the documents, but they certainly do seem legit.

- save data transfers are coming
- there will be a feature to transfer account save data among multiple consoles
- Guest Login feature coming
- Guest Login allows access to existing network service account information without linking to a user account
- this would allow temporary access to the network service account linked to the Nintendo Account
- this would be done by logging in to the Nintendo Account within the application
- this will make it possible to upload a character you have raised as online data and then use that data on a friend's Switch

RUMOR - Fire Emblem Warriors might include Male Robin & Lissa

It's just speculation for now, but if anyone is going to be spot-on about Fire Emblem news, it's going to be the gang at Serenes Forest. I trust their judgment here, but we'll reserve final say for Nintendo.

RUMOR - Another round of Super Nintendo World concept art

New Super Nintendo World concept art

The wait for this one is going to be so agonizing. This Mario Kart ride that supposedly uses VR is going to be absolutely amazing. I need to check it out NOW!

UPDATE - There's also a new round of info to go along with this concept art. Remember, we learned that while most of the concept art out there is real, a lot is outdated. We know Mario Kart is the real deal, but other things like the Pokemon content has been scrapped. Still, if you want to check out the info, you can do so <a href="http://www.parkscope.net/2017/06/super-nintendo-world-concept-art.html?m=1" target="_blank">here.

RUMOR - Another round of details on Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Orlando

The following comes from WFTV Channel 9 news, who says their info comes from sources familiar with the project.

- a significant part of the kid zone will be closed
- E.T. will stay, but Woody Woodpecker and Barney will be torn down
- the Mario Kart ride will be a moving track where guests wear augmented reality glasses

“It will not be a basic car ride. Whether it's augmented reality or some kind of scoring thing in the real world. There will be a score element, race element to it and that is what's going to make the ride re-rideable.”

- Donkey Kong roller coaster on the way
- a number of interactive areas with plans for floating coins in mid-air that will spin on a kind of magnetic system

RUMOR - New ARMS content coming later today, tomorrow

I know Andre super well and trust his info 100%. I'm just marking rumor because we don't have official confirmation from Nintendo!


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