RUMOR - Walmart SNES Classic Edition preorders go live at 1 PM EST today

It's very clear that SNES Classic Edition preorders are starting to kick off. Best Buy had a stealth launch of their preorders at midnight, and Amazon seems to have their page up as well. Now we're hearing Walmart will join the fray at 1 PM EST. It's not 100% confirmed just yet, but either way, it might be smart to fire up your refresh finger!

RUMOR - Inside source claims Mother 3 unlikely to be localized, Rhythm Heaven franchise done with

Our friend Jonathan Holmes is certainly in the know when it comes to some Nintendo topics. He has all sorts of connections, and I definitely trust his reports. That's why I'm so sad to read a recent feature he put together on Mother 3 and the Rhythm Heaven franchise. According to his inside source, things aren't looking good for either.

"You never know what's going to happen, but the way it looks right now, under Nintendo's current administration, Mother 3 will never leave Japan and there will never be another Rhythm Heaven game. Iwata was a driving force behind the Rhythm Heaven series, and a consistent advocate for NoA to at least look at the possibility of Mother 3 finding a new audience in the United States and Europe. With him gone, there is no one at Nintendo pushing for either anymore."

Mother 3 not getting localized is a running gag now for a very long time, but it's disheartening to know we're not any closer to seeing the game released. As far as the Rhythm Heaven franchise goes, that's a real killer for me. I love rhythm games, and the series has been one of my favorites in Nintendo's library. That said, I recognize they're not big unit movers outside of Japan. I sincerely hope this report ends up being wrong, but I fear it's right on the money.

RUMOR - Monster Hunter Stories' amiibo may not be seeing release outside of Japan

Monster Hunter Stories is coming to North America and Europe, but it seems that the amiibo released alongside the game in Japan might not come our way. The official site for Monster Hunter Stories in the states shows that all amiibo are supported, and they all give you in-game rewards. This is different from the game in Japan, where the game-specific amiibo were the only ones to unlock content. While we're lucky enough to be getting the game, it seems the special amiibo will remain in Japan. Thanks to Nataliek for the heads up.

RUMOR - SEGA lists Sonic Mania as a packaged retail game

This would be one of many, many examples of Sonic Mania being listed as a retail release. SEGA knows fans want to see that happen. It wouldn't be surprising to see it happen, but there's still nothing official at this time.

RUMOR - GameCube game listings have started to appear on Nintendo Europe's servers

Oh boy, here we go. Looks like there might be a little cause for excitement. You know, as long as this info is true. No idea why these listings have appeared. We can certainly take one big guess as to why, but that would be speculation. Let's hope this turns out to be the real deal! Thanks to The_Ninjadillo for the heads up!

A Hat in Time not coming to Switch

UPDATE - The dev behind the game has reached out to us to specifically state that this information is incorrect, and they are not bringing the game to Switch.

Okay, this is a bit weird. The image above comes from the Virtual Programming official website. VP is working on a number of games, including the Switch title Putty Squad. The thing is, they also had this listing for A Hat in Time on their site. While the company was reached for comment on the matter, they haven't yet responded. That said, the image was removed from their website. On top of that, the actual dev behind A Hat in Time says they've never even heard of VP.

Is something fishy going on here, or was the cat let out of the bag a bit early?

RUMOR - ARMS datamining may have revealed more characters

I'll post this stuff after the jump, because if the info is correct, we could be getting some early info on upcoming ARMS characters. Once again, dataminers have poured through the game to see what they can sniff out, and the results are certainly interesting.

Click here to read the rest of the story...

RUMOR - Sonic Forces Day 1 Edition to include Jet Set Radio, NiGHTS, Super Monkey Ball costumes

The following info is rumor as of right now.

- Day One edition features avatar costume DLC
- info was found displayed on Amazon.es and XtraLife listings
- avatar accessories consist of wearables from Jet Set Radio, NiGHTS into Dreams, Super Monkey Ball and Puyo-Puyo Tetris
- six items overall
- Day One edition also includes four postcards with concept art from the game

RUMOR - Nintendo had Walmart cancel their SNES Classic Edition preorders

The reason I say rumor is, customer service doesn't often seem to have the correct information. We've seen customer service provide incorrect info numerous times in the past. That said, if this is the truth, Nintendo will most likely never say.

RUMOR - Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth sequel incoming?

Could a sequel to Persona Q be in the works? While Atlus hasn't made any official announcements, some internet snoopers found something interesting. The domain pq2.jp is now on the nameservers Atlus uses for their websites. Why bother doing that if there's not something to announce for the series? Now let's seen if this bit of fan sleuthing turns out to be spot-on.