Play! Pokémon Rules and Regulations Updated for Fall 2019

Gotta play by the rules

The Play! Pokémon rules and regulations are periodically reviewed to maintain competitive balance in the Championship Series. The documents have been updated to reflect the latest review in autumn 2019. Pokémon TCG and video game players and Professors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the latest rules and regulations ahead of their next competition.

We'll continue to follow the events of the season and review the documents at regular intervals. Check back here at Pokemon.com for notices of when documents have been updated.

Good luck, Trainers!

Jeremy Parish's Game Boy Advance Works #1 - Super Mario Advance retrospective


A new series begins here to round out the entirety of the Game Boy family's history. At the very least, we'll explore the early days of Game Boy Advance and how Nintendo and their partners brought more than a decade of handheld gaming experience to bear on a system that was (generally) powerful enough to allow them to realize their grander ambitions. As we can see from this very first release for GBA, it was a transitional process....

The Belmont Adventure: A Castlevania the Adventure & Belmont’s Revenge Tribute Album Now Available

A tribute to Castlevania

SindraVania Projects is thrilled to announce the full distribution of The Belmont Adventure: A Castlevania the Adventure & Belmont’s Revenge Tribute Album. The album marks the 30th anniversary of Castlevania the Adventure on the Nintendo Gameboy in 1989, and celebrates the music of the games of Christopher Belmont; ancestor of Simon. This 12-track album features choice cuts from the soundtracks of the two games, remixed and arranged by a bevy of artists from the VGM community, including artists Viking Guitar, The Plasmas and Snappleman, as well as composers Alexander Brandon and Josh Barron and more. The Belmont Adventure is available today

“The Gameboy Castlevania games have a lot of great music that is unfortunately overlooked much of the time in favor of the NES trilogy or later titles.” comments album producer Brenna Wilkes, who last year released another Castlevania album, Castellum Sanguis LXVIII. “The first two Gameboy titles, Adventure and Belmont’s Revenge, are unique in that they’re prequel/sequel to one another and features some of the most complex music on a handheld system for their time. I knew that, like me, there were fans of the games out there in the greater Castlevania fandom and wanted to celebrate their soundtracks with them.”

The track list for The Belmont Adventure is:

“Opening” by Jon Poulin
“Battle of the Holy” by Mega Beardo
“Darkness” by The Plasmas
“Theme of the Legend of Dracula” by Josh Barron
“Journey Into Chaos” by Alexander Brandon
“New Messiah” by Darmock (ft. Sixto Sounds)
“Ripe Seeds” by Yes, Mayhem
“Psycho Warrior” by CarboHydroM (ft. Max Noel)
“Praying Hands” by Thennecan
“Original Sin” by Snappleman (ft. Norg & Sixto Sounds)
“Sons of Satan” by Gunderslam
“End of the Day” by Viking Guitar (ft. Max Noel)

Shiny Lunala and Shiny Solgaleo available from select retailers in Greece

I'm walking on Sun (and Moon) shine!

Other countries have already been given an opportunity to receive Shiny Lunala and Shiny Solgaleo in Pokémon (Ultra) Sun or Pokémon (Ultra) Moon, but now it's Greece's time to shine.

Both of the legendary Pokémon will be available from select retailers until November 15th. To receive your corresponding Pokémon (Lunala in Pokémon Sun/Ultra Sun & Solgaleo in Pokémon Moon/Ultra Moon), just ask for a download code at one of these listed retailers:

Seven, Public, Media Markt, Game Explorers, Console Club, Astron DVD Club, Gamescom, Gameland, Power User, Inspot Creta, E-paideia and Met Net.

Thanks to cassiel for the heads up!

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Shiny Solgaleo/Lunala event announced for Japan

Enjoy, Japan!

The Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Shiny Solgaleo/Lunala event that we've been talking about recently is making its way to Japan. The campaign kicks off Oct. 26th, 2019 and runs to Nov. 9th, 2019, and will be open to those who have spent over 700¥ and use the special 7-Net app. Within 24 hours, you'll get a choice on whether or not to apply for the Solgaleo/Lunala or a Nanaco code. The codes are then distributed via lottery, with 2 million codes to give out.

DJ Jazzy Jeff says being in NBA Jam was “almost a badge of honor,” but he never got paid for it

Come on and JAM

NBA Jam was known for having some truly random and off-the-wall hidden characters. Among the mix was DJ Jazzy Jeff, who was actually surprised to see himself in the game. He had no idea Acclaim added him to the game, and says seeing himself in there was “almost a badge of honor.”

“Every musician I know wants to be a superstar in sports and every superstar in sports wants to be a musician. That’s why you have so many rappers playing in celebrity basketball games. Every time you saw someone jump up and dunk with that character, that was actually me. I did that.”

The bad news about Jazz's appearance is that Acclaim never bothered to pay him for the cameo. They just included him and called it a day. There's no way something like that would happen nowadays, but back then, gaming was still coming up. Things like this could fly under the radar, for better or worse. In this case, it's a bit disappointing that Jazz never got paid for appearing in the game.

Nintendo's president on giving their devs freedom to experience, using tech to enhance fun, mobile monetization, and more

Furukawa speaks!

We don't often get to hear from Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, but TIME managed to track the man down for a quick interview on a number of topics. Check out a summary of the interview below.

On letting Nintendo's devs experiment

“Above all else, I base my decisions on the development leader’s way of thinking. Nintendo is Nintendo because of our games, characters and IP. So giving our teams the freedom to experiment with new ideas is something I strongly agree with. Expansion can’t happen without the freedom to try something new, and the courage to step into unfamiliar territory.”

On using technology to enhance fun

“Not just streaming, but any kind of new technology, whether that is going to be appealing to the consumer or not really depends on the quality of the experience that we can provide. Nintendo continues to search for new ways to enhance the fun that people can have through their gaming experience.”

On mobile monetization

“In terms of monetization, that’s something that we decided on an app basis. It’s something we decide looking at the game content of each app, as well as the IP used and the player that we’re targeting. We also look at how we can best have the players enjoy the game, as well as how they would be comfortable in spending money.”

On Nintendo doing their own thing

“We’ve never tried to imitate any other company. ...the idea of using our IP in things like theme parks or movies is simply an extension of the philosophy we’ve had all along.”

Game Freak talks about the importance of in-person connectivity for the Pokemon franchise

Playing together

Game Informer had a massive feature on Pokemon Sword and Shield, which included a chat with series producer Junichi Masuda. In particular, Masuda focused a lot on the interactivity that the Pokemon franchise provides, and how important it is to the experience. Check out a summary of Masuda's thoughts on the topic below.

- Game Freak thinks "it's really important to not have the experience be totally closed" in terms of multiplayer
- playing with friends "in the same space" is crucial to the DNA of the series
- promo events are a big part of what makes Pokemon special for some people

"We do that so you can go there to that location and you may run into a friend or meet somebody that you didn't know before and connect through the game...those moments turn into memories and add value to that Pokemon you get; every time you see it, you'll remember that experience, and we think those experiences are valuable."

Playing the Legend of Zelda theme on musical calculators

This adds up

Have you ever heard of the AR-7778 calculator? This number-cruncher spits out musical notes when the buttons are pressed, making it quite a unique instrument to perform songs with. As you can see in the video above, someone took on the task of using the calculator to play the Legend of Zelda theme, and the results are downright impressive.

Nintendo Dream readers vote on the villainous characters they can't hate

What's a face without a heel?

Sometimes it takes a bad guy to make you love a good guy. Who are Nintendo's bad guys that you just can't bring yourself to hate? Nintendo Dream readers have voted on the matter, and their top choices can be found below.

Bowser (Super Mario) – 249pt
King Dedede (Kirby) – 117pt
Wario (Super Mario) – 51pt
Bowser Jr. (Super Mario) – 35pt
Lancer (DELTARUNE) – 23pt
Team Rocket (Pokémon) – 12pt
Ghirahim (The Legend of Zelda)
Doctor Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Jin (Xenoblade)
Waddle Dee (Kirby)


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