Splatoon 2 producer says the dev team hasn't thought about the future of the franchise yet

There will be a future, but just what happens next is a mystery

Splatoon and Splatoon 2 Producer Hisashi Nogami has been hard at work on all things Splatoon 2. There's been a ton of content over the last couple of years, and the final round of fun is coming from Splatoon 2's final Splatfest. So what's next for the world of Splatoon? According to a Famitsu interview with Nogami, he's not sure yet!

Splatoon 2’s production started moving right after 1 was released. Now we also had production for Octo Expansion so we’re fully focused on the updates, and we still haven’t thought of the future. For future plans, we’ll think of them after everything is over.

We’re not yet at a phase where we can make a promise, but we’d like to return the favour in some sort of way to many people who have supported us. If you continue to support us, it might turn into reality.

Goodsmile Splatoon Girl: DX Edition figma - unboxing

So many accessories!

We've seen plenty of pictures for the Goodsmile Splatoon Girl: DX Edition figma, but now we get our best look yet with an unboxing video. This figma comes with a ton of different accessories!

Japan getting Splatoon amiibo restock in Aug. 2019

10 in the ink

Splatoon is a pretty big deal in Japan, which means items like the various Splatoon amiibo were quick to sell out. The good news is that a restock is on the way, with 10 different amiibo getting reprints in Aug. 2019. The full lineup of reprints is listed below.

- Girl
- Boy
- Squid
- Girl (Neon Pink)
- Boy (Neon Green)
- Squid (Neon Purple)
- Pearl
- Marina
- Octo Girl
- Octopus

Splatoon 2 Splatterscope water guns seeing release in Japan

What better way to get ready for warmer weather than with some Splatoon 2 Splatterscope water guns? These Neon Pink and Neon Green Splatoon 2 Splatterscope water guns will see release in Japan on March 31st, 2019. Each Splatterscope weighs 870g and is 77.5cm long, 21.5cm high, and 8.5cm wide. The water guns hold up to 780ml of water.

Did You Know Gaming - The Nintendo Truck Heist

This time on Did You Know Gaming extra, we take a look at some facts surrounding gaming theft, including stories about Nintendo's Splatoon, Runescape, Diablo III, then we finish off with some random trivia about Condemned: Criminal Origins.

Fan-made Splatoon short supposedly aimed at children hides suicide mention, gets called out by CBS News

The above clip appeared in a video that targeted children through YouTube and YouTube Kids. The feature was being recommended in sidebar playlists for young children, and unfortunately it's anything but safe for kids.

The video includes Splatoon characters, but obviously wasn't created by Nintendo. One segment has Filthy Frank making a "joke" about suicide, and it seems the intention was to sneak this kind of messaging in front of children. Thankfully the video has since been removed, most likely prompted by a CBS News report.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up.

Yet another Chinese mobile game 'heavily borrows' from Splatoon

Not the first Chinese mobile game that is heavily inspired by Splatoon, and it certainly won't be the last. As you can see, this game is yet another rip-off of Splatoon, but at least it doesn't use assets directly ripped from Nintendo's franchise. I guess that's a step in the right direction?!

Splatoon Ikasu art book gets localized into Chinese

Our friends in China have gotten a cool bit of Splatoon merch recently. Turns out the Splatoon Ikasu art book has received an official Chinese translation. It's a bit odd to see the book localized into Chinese, as neither Splatoon 1 or 2 have ever received official Chinese translations.

Nintendo looking for Splatoon drawings to celebrate International Octopus Day

Did anyone else know that International Octopus Day was a thing? I had no clue, but Nintendo is ready to spread the word! They're looking for your best Splatoon fan-art for today, and they'll retweet their favorites! Time to open up your sketchbook and show Nintendo what you've got!

Goodsmile figma Splatoon Girl: DX Edition now available to preorder

From the popular video games "Splatoon" and "Splatoon 2" come figmas of the Inkling Girls!

· The smooth yet posable figma joints allow you to act out a variety of different scenes.
· Inkling Girl #1 has a smirking expression, while Inkling Girl #2 has a grinning expression. Both figmas are included with articulated eye parts allowing you to change the direction they are looking.
· A smiling expression is also included, and can be used with either girl by replacing the eyebrows on the face plate.
· Splattershot, Splat Dualies, Splat Roller and Burst Bomb weapons are included as optional parts. Gear from the game, such as the Studio Headphones, the King Flip Mesh and the Knitted Hat is included as well.
· Each girl comes with a squid figure matching their corresponding color pair in the games, ink splat effect parts, an ink splat special stand as well as an ink effect sheet, making for a tremendous amount of various included parts.
· An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.

Grab your preorder here


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