Skylanders SuperChargers - Donkey Kong/Bowser standalone figures dated for Australia

We already know about the release of the Skylanders SuperChargers Donkey Kong and Bowser as standalone figurines, but that info pertained to NA/EU. What's the situation for our friends in Australia? Turns out the wait isn't going to be very long at all, as the figures are due to be made available this coming Monday. Each figurine is going to cost you $29.95.

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Skylanders SuperChargers RC cars available

Hot Streak: Hot Streak is Spitfire’s fully functioning beast. It’s got awesome tires made from blue flames, which is pretty BA. It also has cool internal power that emits a golden glow from the grill ALL the way to the turbines. Speed around with this guy, and you’ll feel as powerful as any Skylander in the Skylands.

Crypt Crusher: Fiesta commands his Crypt Crusher coffin, featuring a light-up monster tire in the back, which is so incredibly cool. Seriously. It’s blue and looks awesome. It also has two wheels in the front that make it stable so it’s a smooth ride. BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER. Fiesta’s engine is so powerful that he can perform cool stunts, such as sidewall ski.


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