Mega Man Legacy Collection - tons of screens, 3DS VC comparison

Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS

As you can see from the comparison shot, the Virtual Console version of Mega Man 2 is a bit darker and doesn't offer 1:1 pixel presentation. Surprisingly, we hear the Virtual Console versions of the Mega Man games run the tiniest bit better than those in Mega Man Legacy Collection. The difference is so tiny that you might not notice it unless you're intimately familiar with the originals.

Mega Man Legacy Collection (SE) - challenge rundown, more retail copy/amiibo pics & info

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- amiibo has its own packaging
- amiibo packaging has a blocker to prevent you from using it through the box
- special edition includes six postcards of art from each game
- game case includes several stickers
- also includes a card with a code to download 18 tracks from the game's soundtrack
- includes two exclusive Mega Man 3DS themes
- you'll need to re-scan the amiibo to unlock the challenges during each startup

Another look at more Mega Man 20th anniversary merchandise, contest info

Capcom is holding yet another contest in Japan, this time looking for great Mega Man fan-art submissions. Winners of the contest can get all sorts of Mega Man 20th anniversary merchandise, including a special cover art jacket for Mega Man Legacy Collection. Capcom will actually take your winning art and turn it into a paper sleeve for you to put on your copy of the game!

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