Nintendo online store selling limited edition Metroid: Samus Returns t-shirts

We don't often see Nintendo's online store add unique items like this. Let's hope this is a sign of more goodies to come in the future. Make sure you hit up that link above and grab a shirt while you still can!

My Nintendo North America - update for Sept. 16th, 2017

Mobile/PC/tablet rewards

- Metroid: Samus Returns Wallpaper C
- Metroid: Samus Returns Wallpaper D


- Prima Official Starter Guide - Metroidâ„¢: Samus Returns

Check out the offers here

Metroid: Samus Returns Special Edition - reversible cover typo spotted

Looks like Samus is up against her toughest enemy yet! She knows how to handle a Metroid, but what do you do to take down the Metrioids!? Thanks to Loading_Time for the heads up!

Arby's Twitter account celebrates the launch of Metroid: Samus Returns

I have no idea what Samus is turning into. I mean, I know it's a morph ball, but what is the food?! A chicken nugget? Some kind of fried treat?! Thanks to Eyezofnight for the heads up!


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