Physical version of Enter the Gungeon releasing in Japan on April 23rd

Entering Japan

Enter the Gungeon first received a physical release in North America back during August of 2019. Now, Japan is the next region to finally get access to the version, as a physical copy has been announced for launch on April 23rd, 2020. Kakehashi Games will be publishing the title, and the price is set for ¥3,828. The package includes the game, a 28-page game guide, original soundtrack download code, reversible cover, and 2 sticker sheets.

Enter the Gungeon hits 3 million copies sold

3 million trigger-happy players

Dodge Roll Games has had an absolute mega-hit with Enter the Gungeon. The bullet hell dungeon crawlers has found its way into the hearts of millions of players, as well as their wallets. Dodge Roll has announced today that Enter the Gungeon, across all platforms, has sold a combined 3 million units! No wonder they've cooked up some spin-off games that are console-bound. Hopefully we get Switch confirmation on those in the near future.

Unboxing the retail edition of Enter the Gungeon

We unbox Enter the Gungeon's special Nintendo Switch retail release, which includes exclusive in-game content and physical goodies such as stickers, Bullet Kin papercraft. reversible jacket artwork, and original game soundtrack!

Enter the Gungeon Dodge Rolls into Retail Stores, Available Now for Switch

Finally seeing retail release

EDISON, NEW JERSEY – Aug. 6 – For the first time, ruthless bullet hell dungeon crawler Enter the Gungeon dodge rolls into North American retail stores for the Nintendo Switch™, courtesy of distributor Nighthawk Interactive. The retail edition comes with all previously released downloadable content (DLC) including final DLC pack “A Farewell to Arms,” the exclusive “Shotgun Kin” playable skin, the original soundtrack, as well as new collectibles including exclusive stickers, an exclusive Bullet Kin papercraft and reversible jacket artwork. This special retail package is available for $29.99 in stores including Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop.

From developer Dodge Roll and publisher Devolver Digital, Enter the Gungeon is a constantly evolving gunfight dungeon crawler that allows players to choose from a team of unlikely heroes as they battle their way to the bottom of the Gungeon in search of its ultimate treasure. In order to survive a challenging and evolving series of levels filled with the dangerous yet adorable Gundead and fearsome, formidably armed Gungeon bosses, players will stock up on and customize weapons of their own to defeat their foes, with hundreds of options to discover. While wrapped in charming pixelated visuals, Enter the Gungeon presents complex combat challenges that push players to constantly adapt their tactics over repeated playthroughs to truly master.

The retail edition of Enter the Gungeon comes packed with content and exclusives, including:

· Retail Exclusives – The physical version comes equipped with the exclusive “Shotgun Kin” playable skin, reversible jacket artwork, the game’s original soundtrack, limited edition stickers and an exclusive Bullet Kin papercraft.

· Previously Released Content – Players who pick up the game at retail can battle through all previously released DLC, including the final update, “A Farewell to Arms.”

· Local Co-op – When the bullet hell becomes too hellish or if there aren’t enough bullets flying around the screen, players can grab a friend for local co-op to crusade through the Gungeon together.

· The Legendary Gungeon – The constantly-evolving bullet hell fortress blends hand-designed rooms within a procedurally-generated labyrinth bent on destroying all that enter its walls as it continually raises the stakes and the challenges.

· The Cult of the Gundead – The Gungeon is littered with zealous Cult of the Gundead, disciples of the gun that will stop at nothing to defend their temple. Each enemy type wields unique firing patterns that players will need to learn in order to survive.

· The Gungeoneers – Several unlikely heroes are at the player’s disposal, each burdened by a deep regret and in search of a way to change their past, no matter the cost. Filled with equal parts courage and desperation, these adventurers won’t hesitate to do what it takes to make it to their goal alive.

· The Guns – Players discover and unlock scores of unique guns, each with its own unique tactics and ammunition. These guns unleash everything, from the tried-and-true medley of missiles, lasers, and cannonballs to the bizarrely effective volley of rainbows, fish, foam darts, and bees. Yes, bees.

Enter the Gungeon is available now for Nintendo Switch™ at North American retailers for $29.99. The game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB for Fantasy Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes, Alcohol Reference.

Special Reserve Games opening Enter the Gungeon physical copy preorders on Aug. 20th, 2019


Special Reserve Games is finally going to open preorders for Enter the Gungeon, which they announced a long time ago. Preorders are set to open on Aug. 20th, 2019, and they're sure to go quickly. Mark your calendar now, and don't forget to lock in your order.

Enter the Gungeon retail release apparently bumped back to Aug. 2019

Enter a little bit later

Nighthawk Interactive was supposed to release a physical version of Enter the Gungeon last week in North America, but as you can guess, that didn't happen. The title has apparently been delayed, but Nighthawk Interactive hasn't commented on the situation yet. It appears the new release date for the title is Aug. 6th, 2019, as multiple retailers have changed their information to reflect that date.

Enter the Gungeon is Devolver Digital's second best-selling title of all-time, has been 'massively successful' on Switch, says Devolver

Have you entered the Gungeon?

Devolver Digital is having a ton of success on the Switch right now. They just saw My Friend Pedro hit 250k within a week, which is only available on PC and Switch so far. It's yet another game that feels perfect for Devolver Digital, and goes a long way in showing fans what kind of experiences they can expect from the company.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Mike Wilson, founding partner at Devolver Digital, gets into a discussion about the company's best-selling games. While SCUM takes the top spot, a game Switch fans are aware of takes spot #2.

Enter the Gungeon is our next best-selling franchise. Part of that is because it’s on so many platforms. It’s been massively successful on Switch.

Dodge Roll discusses why they're wrapping up Enter the Gungeon, teases a future project set in the Gungeon universe

Enter a different Gungeon

With the Farewell to Arms update, Dodge Roll is officially done creating new content for Enter the Gungeon. They'll release patches and tweaks, but the game is now considered content complete. After such a huge success, many are wondering why Dodge Roll has decided to move on. Dev Dave Crooks was asked that very question by PCGamesInsider, and you can check out his answer below.

Creative and technical fatigue. After five years of developing Enter the Gungeon, with many interesting and potentially creatively fulfilling ideas and opportunities passed on, combined with increasingly annoying technical slogs to get new features working without generating new bugs, we just needed to move on to stay happy, to stay productive, and to stay sane. Gungeon is a game where, by design, everything interacts with everything else, and everything is decided at runtime.

All new content had to play well and not break countless other decisions that had been architected in different development “eras.” We couldn’t just add Orbit Bullets for example; they had to interact nicely with 8 fundamentally different weapon categories, companions that shoot fundamentally different kinds of bullets, and other complicated bullet movement modifiers like Helix Bullets. New content had to be interesting, had to be different and worthwhile; with hundreds of guns, items, enemies, and bosses, the options within the framework of the game become slimmer.

The more interesting stuff we added in, the more difficult it became to add anything else without things breaking. After years of this steady climb in implementation complexity, adding new interesting guns and items slowed to a crawl, and became less fun to work on as it became more fragile.

While there might not be any new content for Enter the Gungeon in the works, that doesn't mean Dodge Roll is done with the series. When asked about future projects, Crooks had to say.

We are currently working on a handful of projects, none of which I can speak about in detail. All I can say is that at least one of them is likely going to be set within the Gungeon universe.

Enter the Gungeon's upcoming 2.1.7 patch detailed

The gungeon needs some tidying up

Enter the Gungeon was updated to Version 2.1.4 on Switch this week, but that hasn't stopped Dodge Roll from moving on to the next update. The team is currently tinkering with Version 2.1.7, which includes another big batch of changes and tweaks. Here's the full rundown of what the update will include.

- (Consoles) Fixed a number of common crashes, including but not limited to:
- Some synergies (notably involving the Big Shotgun or Derringer)
- Exiting a floor with certain items active
- Paradox in the third phase rat fight
- Some Gunsling King interactions
- Entering some secret floors in coop while one player has flight
- Issues with several followers
- Being shot with an enemy beam while invisible
- Trorc dialogue in Japanese
- A rare issue with reflected beams (especially the Moonscraper)
- Killing the new secret boss while flying over a pit
- Fixed an issue where [REDACTED] couldn’t pet the dog!!
- Fixed an issue where crash recovery didn’t track the most recent two secret floors correctly
- Saved turtles from player explosions
- Fixed an issue where the portable turret could trip players
- Nerfed Knight’s Gun. It’s still good, just not ridiculous
- Fixed an issue where the new unlock condition for Sunlight Javelin didn’t work if the player had already unlocked Turtle Problem
- Fixed an issue where you couldn’t enter the new secret floor with some shop configurations
- Katana Bullets VFX will now properly despawn and not slow down your game
- Fixed an issue where some Polish glyphs would not render correctly
- Fixed a rare issue caused by the Turtle Problem
- The Beholster shrine now has lanterns like the other shrines
- The Ticket now works like other active items and cannot refund its own cooldown by default
- Languages that were missing translated strings for the Sprun and the Table Tech Heat should now have them
- Fixed a rare softlock caused by two players being dragged to Hell at the same time
- Fixed an issue causing some synergies that aren’t triggered by the [REDACTED]’s passive item to appear as if they were activated
- Fixed several issues that could cause the Sprun’s transformed state to persist
Fixed an issue where a Glaive synergy combined with the Bumbullets would let you shoot infinite Glaives forever for free
Fixed an issue where the third form of the Triple Gun drained ammo too quickly
Fixed an issue where Paradox didn’t benefit from starting with the Briefcase of Cash
Fixed an issue with Bowler’s text being cut off in Spanish
Fixed the custom win pictures for Junkan with the two new secret characters
Fixed a typo in Mr. Accretion Jr
The Ruby Bracelet (upgraded) will no longer trigger in the Aimless Void
Fixed an issue caused by starting Winchester’s game while equipped with the transformed Sprun
(Consoles) Fixed some common crashes, including:
Dropping the Chamber Gun on the new secret floor
Some levels of the Gunderfury
Added a heart dispenser to the Forge
Paradox can now drop starting passives
[REDACTED] (character) is no longer sent to the past even without the BTCKTP
Fixed an issue where reviving with the Gun Soul would lock the player out of the boss room on the new secret floor
Fixed an issue with unlocking the Finished Gun
Fixed a possible soft lock while entering the new secret floor
Fixed an issue where the Trank Gun wasn't dropping correctly
Fixed an issue where Paradox could start with some unintended items (including the Old Crest)
Fixed music issues with the Resourceful Rat fight and Gunsling King's room
Fixed (hopefully) some weapons leaving behind pink rectangle corpses
Fixed some missing Chinese translations
Fixed some typos in the Ammonomicon
Fixed the Cosmic Horror synergy
Fixed an issue where the Evolver would lose its progress after loading a midgame save
Added a quick restart option to Boss Rush mode
Fixed a control issue which could cause the first "change gun" input to be lost after changing guns using the slow motion gun elect menu
The Paradox can no longer start with the Bullet That Can Kill The Past (lol)
Fixed an issue where the Sunlight Javelin couldn't be unlocked properly
Added an additional unlock condition to the Sunlight Javelin
Bowler will no longer float over destroyed chests
Fixed an issue with the Sprun's out-of-ammo trigger
Fixed an issue where the Sprun transformation was droppable
Fixed an issue with the Hellhole synergy
Fixed an issue with the Cloranthy Ring and Ring of Fire Resistance synergy in coop
Fixed an issue with combining multiple Lil' Bomber synergies

Enter the Gungeon's 2.1.4 patch now live on Switch

A farewell to bugs

After a little bit of a wait, Enter the Gungeon has been updated to Version 2.1.4 on Switch. This patch fixes a number of issues that were introduced with the latest round of free DLC. If you are looking for a refresher on the patch or full patch notes, check out this post.


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