Dragalia Lost updated to Version 2.5.1 (Android)

Dragalia Lost has been updated to Version 2.5.1 on Android. Check out the full patch notes for today's update below.

■Fixed Issues
・On devices running Android 11 and newer, when selecting “Create/Link a Nintendo Account”, the Nintendo Account web page doesn’t display, preventing users from creating or linking a Nintendo Account.

・On devices running Android 11 and newer, when selecting Other from the in-game Menu then Manage Account Information from the Account Management section, the Nintendo Account website doesn’t display.

This update will only be applied to Android devices.
For users currently unable to create or link a Nintendo Account, please try again after updating to version 2.5.1.

Dragalia Lost - Content update for March 4th 2021, Dragalia Lost director Yuji Okada replies to play feedback

Dragalia Lost Director Yuji Okada Responds to Player Feedback (from February 21, 2021)
On February 21, 2021, Dragalia Lost director Yuji Okada replied to feedback players sent via the in-game Leave Feedback feature.

This notification contains the contents of an interview with director Okada that was conducted by Yumi Uchiyama and Ayaka Asai, voice actors for the Japanese-language version of Dragalia Lost.

・The feedback featured in this notification was chosen from that received between January 1 and January 31.
・Tap Feedback on the game's title screen to open the Leave Feedback screen.
・The content of the interview has been edited for this notification, so wording may differ from the original conversation.
・The content of the responses is from the time of the interview, so content that is in-development may differ by the time of its release in-game.

■Responses to Questions That Could Not Be Addressed During the Broadcast Time of the Japanese-Language Caged Desire Livestream on YouTube Live on February 5
Uchiyama & Asai: Some players believe that the plots of event quests are generally intended to fill in any gaps in understanding that may emerge during the main campaign's storyline or shine a light on the lesser-known aspects of Dragalia Lost's lore. Is that indeed the case?

Okada: There are many aspects of Dragalia Lost's world that cannot be fully fleshed out in the limited scope of the main campaign alone. For example, there are many important figures and organizations, such as those from Hinomoto, that have only appeared in events thus far. At the same time, regions like North Grastaea and its related characters have been slowly revealed over time in both the main campaign and event stories. By doing so, we can focus on developing certain characters in events first without worrying about derailing the ongoing plot of the main campaign. With that said, if we include too much of a character's development in a standalone event, then their impact on the main campaign may be lessened, so we must strike a careful balance between these two approaches. It's worth nothing that the Fractured Futures and Forgotten Truths raid events that ran during the first and second anniversaries have been made available to play in the Event Compendium at any time precisely because their plots are so closely intertwined with that of the main campaign.

Uchiyama & Asai: Will we ever see the Wagabond Pupper again?

Okada: Players seemed to really enjoy last year's April Fools event in which they could play with a puppy that wandered into the Halidom for a single day. To those who have been clamoring for the adorable doggo's return ever since, I will say this much: this event may return in one form or another this year, so stay tuned!

■Responses to Feedback from Players
Uchiyama & Asai: Some players feel that the recently added Morsayati Reckoning quest is just as hard as the Legend-difficulty quests in the Agito Uprising. Since the former drops materials necessary for functional upgrades while the latter only drops materials necessary for cosmetic upgrades, players who are not strong enough to clear this quest are prevented from fully developing their Halidom. Why not make materials necessary for functional upgrades available from other sources as well?

Okada: This quest was assigned a required might of 40,000 and designed with the expectation that players would level their facilities as high as they possibly could before attempting to undertake it. However, since facility level is not the only factor in determining whether or not a player can clear a quest, we are considering making the materials from this quest available from other quests as well.

Uchiyama & Asai: In the Alberian Battle Royale, if the match comes down to the final three players and one of them is using the Seimei adventurer skin (and thus has access to his unique skill) while the remaining two are not, the players controlling standard adventurers may form an impromptu alliance against the player controlling Seimei due to the perceived advantage granted by his unique skill. This seems a bit unfavorable for both parties, does it not? If adventurer skins with unique skills continue to appear in the future, players may feel forced to use them over the standard adventurers or gang up on them during the battle, and the balance between weapon types may suffer. Are these skins intended to be only available for a limited time, or do you plan on adding more as time goes on?

Okada: In a three-way battle, it makes sense for two players to first focus on one in order to increase their own odds of survival. We do not plan to add adventurer skins with unique skills on a frequent basis, but when we do, we endeavor to ensure that their unique skill is not overly powerful. In addition, we are constantly monitoring the usage and win rates of each weapon type and are performing balance adjustments as necessary each month. Our ultimate goal is to allow for the introduction of interesting and unique skills while maintaining a fair balance between weapon types so that all players can enjoy the experience regardless of what adventurer or weapon they choose.

Uchiyama & Asai: Players are appreciative of the various events that occur from time to time that allow them to focus on upgrading their team, including double drops for Elemental Ruins, Dragon Trials, and the Imperial Onslaught. Materials from these quests, as well as others, such as orichalcum, tend to be in short supply for new players, so why not triple the drop rate and make these in-demand items easier to come by during events?

Okada: This consideration for new players is admirable. However, we believe that double drops is already quite generous, and we would like to save triple drops for marquee events. I encourage players to check out the event available now that increases drops for certain quests on a daily basis. Orichalcum and certain other materials tend to be scarce early on and only available from higher-difficulty quests, so we'd like to increase access to them by making them available from the Treasure Trade and as event rewards.

Director Okada will continue to reply to the feedback players send via Leave Feedback again in the future. We're looking forward to hearing your comments. (The feedback featured in the next notification will be chosen from feedback received between February 1 and February 28.)

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.

Dragalia Lost "Summon Showcase: Divine Deception" video

There's always more content coming to Dragalia Lost. To get a look at what's next, check out the Summon Showcase trailer above!

Dragalia Lost director Yuji Okada shares information regarding the upcoming Dragalia Lost update

The following information comes from the director of Dragalia Lost, Yuji Okada:

First off, as always, thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.

■The Divine Deception Facility Event is Here!
The Ilian Church of North Grastaea and its members played a central role in the Agents of the Goddess facility event in September of 2020, and Divine Deception, a new facility event featuring even more apostles and angels, is now live.

Materials earned from Divine Deception may be used to upgrade the event-exclusive cleansing fount facility that boosts damage dealt to enemies in event quests and powers up adventurers that wield daggers or manacasters. Aim to upgrade your cleansing fount to level 30 as soon as you can to reap those benefits!

I also hope that you enjoy the groovy songs that play during the event!

Now that Divine Deception has arrived, I’m happy to say that we can finally put names and faces to all five apostles and their angels. In case you need a refresher, Basileus is paired with Michael, Nevin with Ramiel, Pinon with Gabriel, Ryszarda with Raphael, and Faris with Uriel. These five are lead by a commander named Regina who’s paired with Sandalphon. Though they are united in purpose, the relationship that each apostle has with their particular angel varies wildly from trusted companion to caring partner akin to a foster parent.

The adventurer Ryszarda and dragon Gala Reborn Jeanne are now available to summon in Gala Dragalia.

The adventurer Faris and dragon Gabriel (the very same Gabriel who is partnered with Pinon, in fact!) will be available to summon in a showcase starting 03/02/2021 at 22:00.

■Plans for This Month
・The first set of quests in a new series of high-difficulty content, Rise of the Sinister Dominion, will arrive in mid-March.

Rise of the Sinister Dominion features bosses that are tied to the apostles and angels who appear in the Divine Deception facility event going on now. Details of these relationships will continue to be fleshed out as the overarching story evolves over time.

The first set of Rise of the Sinister Dominion quests, Lilith's Encroaching Shadow, will debut in three difficulties: Standard, Expert, and Master. The demon Lilith will appear in Expert and above. What's more, Master difficulty features a new mechanic that causes the boss to change their elemental attunement mid-battle. When this occurs, players must adapt to this new threat by changing their team, and therefore must prepare two teams before embarking on the quest.

Players can unlock additional wyrmprint slots in their Agito weapons using materials earned from Rise of the Sinister Dominion quests, increasing the total number of wyrmprints that these weapons can equip from five to seven. However, only special wyrmprints earned from Rise of the Sinister Dominion quests can be equipped in these two additional slots. To upgrade these special wyrmprints, players will need to collect the required materials by playing Rise of the Sinister Dominion quests. It's clear, then, that playing these quests has many benefits, new weapon slots and wyrmprints included.

Since the plot of Rise of the Sinister Dominion takes place in North Grastaea, players must complete chapter 16 of the main campaign before they can attempt this challenge. If you're not that far in the main campaign yet, I encourage you to continue upgrading your team and playing through the story until you are ready to go toe-to-toe with these powerful foes.

Please note that Lilith's Encroaching Shadow: Master (which makes use of the new Team Change mechanic) will only be available in solo play upon release, but a co-op play version will be added at a later date. Rise of the Sinister Dominion quests released after Lilith's Encroaching Shadow will debut with both solo-play and co-op play versions available from the get-go.

Further details will be provided in an upcoming notification. I hope you're looking forward to learning more about what awaits you!

・A new defensive event will be held in mid-March. The story will unfold in the North Grastaean city of Grams and will feature a pair of combat androids from the region. Here's a sneak peek at one of them, Eirene. Like Laxi, she has a mind of her own despite her android origins.
・The Echoes of Antiquity raid event will return in late March. You'll have the chance to add the adventurer Xuan Zang to your team if you haven't already.

Part two of chapter 18 of the main campaign will be released in late March. What awaits the prince and friends in the deepest recesses of the forest of the faeries?

・Additional events taking place in late March will be revealed in an upcoming Dragalia Digest.

■Future Updates
・Dragalia Lost celebrates another momentous milestone, two-and-a-half years of service, on 03/26/2021 at 23:00. As with previous anniversaries, information on upcoming updates and events will be provided in a Dragalia Digest beforehand. I hope you're looking forward to seeing what exciting news Notte has to share!

■In Conclusion
Thank you for reading this month's update. We're giving all players the following gift this month.
・Summon Voucher x5
・Exquisite Honey x30

The next installment of This Month in Dragalia Lost will be posted around 03/31/2021 at 23:00.

Until then, thanks for reading, and for continuing to play Dragalia Lost!

Yuji Okada
Director, Dragalia Lost

・The gift can be claimed from your goodie box for up to seven days after reception. If the gift isn't retrieved within seven days, it will be lost.
・Summon showcase, event, and update content may change without notice.
・Any adventurers and game screenshots shown are still in development.

Dragalia Lost updated to Version 2.5.0, "Gala Dragalia (February 2021)" trailer released

Dragalia Lost has been updated to Version 2.5.0, and along with that, a new Gala Dragalia trailer has been released. Check out the trailer above, and read full patch notes for today's update below.

■Update Details (version 2.5.0)

▼New Feature: Shapeshifting in Auto-Play

If both the Auto-Play and Shapeshift buttons are toggled on, adventurers will automatically shapeshift into their dragon form during quests as soon as they are able to do so. The Shapeshift button can only be toggled on while auto-play is enabled and is also available when using auto-repeat.

▼New Feature: Equipment Sets

When editing a team, players can register individual equipment sets that determine which weapon, dragon, and wyrmprints an adventurer will equip. Once registered, a set can be applied to a particular adventurer to have them automatically equip the specified loadout.

▼New Feature: Team Copy

Players can duplicate their team setups and overwrite existing setups with copied ones.

▼New High-Difficulty Quest: Rise of the Sinister Dominion

A new series of high-difficulty quests, Rise of the Sinister Dominion, arrives 03/05/2021 at 00:00. In certain difficulties of these quests, the player’s current team will be swapped out mid-battle with another one, so they must prepare two teams of differing elemental attunements beforehand. Drop rewards include wyrmprints that can be equipped in new slots on weapons and the materials required to unbind and add copies of those wyrmprints. Players must complete Chapter 16 / 4-6 (Normal) of the main campaign, Setting Off, in order to play. Further details will be provided in a separate notification.

▼Updated System: Wyrmprints

With the addition of the first Rise of the Sinister Dominion quest, arriving 03/05/2021 at 00:00, special slots in weapons, and wyrmprints that can only be equipped in those slots, will become available. Depending on the weapon, up to two of these wyrmprints may be equipped, and the slots for them may be unlocked using materials that drop from Rise of the Sinister Dominion quests. Affinities from these new wyrmprints will count toward affinity bonuses in the same manner as those from existing wyrmprints.

Wyrmprints that may be equipped in these new slots are different from existing wyrmprints in that, in addition to holy water and consecrated water, they can also be upgraded using special items that drop in place of duplicated wyrmprints. These wyrmprints may be unbound and copies may be added with said special items as well as materials that drop from Rise of the Sinister Dominion. However, they may not be unbound with silver keys or golden keys.

▼New Mechanic: Overdrive Counter

A new mechanic, the overdrive counter, will appear in Rise of the Sinister Dominion quests. When (and only when) an enemy in the overdrive state attacks with a red action marker, players can reduce that enemy’s overdrive mode gauge by an amount greater than normal if they use an attack skill to inflict damage (in other words, counter). We plan to include this mechanic in more quests in the future.

■Other Changes

・The logic that determines how AI-controlled adventurers dodge certain action markers will be adjusted.
・The dragon Gala Reborn Poseidon’s abilities (Water) Fury of the Seas I and (Water) Fury of the Seas II will be adjusted to also affect enemies with no elemental attunement.
・The dragon Gala Reborn Zephyr’s abilities (Wind) Wrath of the Plains I and (Wind) Wrath of the Plains II will be adjusted so that they also affect enemies with no elemental attunement.
・Adventurers wielding rapid-fire manacasters will be able to move while performing their force strike.
・If auto-play is enabled and both the skill Hound Shot and Ace Operator are available for the adventurer Formal Joachim to use, he will use Ace Operator first and Hound Shot directly afterward.
・The appearance of certain objects in quests will be adjusted.
・The user interface will be adjusted in various places.

■Issues Addressed

・While playing Tartarus’s Wrath on Standard, Expert, or Master difficulties, when the adventurer Dragonyule Lily performs an upgraded force strike after being granted the Saint Starfall Lily effect, if the team member that is most in need of healing is in a portal zone, their HP may not be restored and their max HP may not be increased.
・Certain normal endeavors for Advanced Dragon Trials and The Agito Uprising are able to be completed despite their names appearing as “???.”

Dragalia Lost "Divine Deception" Event Preview

Take a trip through North Grastaea

Dragalia Lost's Divine Deception event starts on Feb. 26th, 2021 at 1 AM ET. During their travels in North Grastaea, the prince and friends visit a mountain village called Paradise where a woman has been rewriting people's memories. Get a glimpse of what's to come in the video above.

Dragalia Lost - Content update for February 22nd 2021, server maintenance scheduled for February 23rd

Dragalia Lost - content update for Feb. 19th, 2021

Dragalia Lost - Chapter 18 Part One now available, Version 2.5.0 update to be available on February 24th

Dragalia Lost - content update for Feb. 17th, 2021

February 17th

[Manga] Chapter 323 of the official Dragalia Lost 4-koma manga, Dragalia Life, is now available (also available from within the game itself) (no end date)

February 16th

[Events] A past Raid Event, A Waltz with Fate, is now live (available until February 26th, with Epilogue and rewards available until March 5th)

[Endeavours] A new set of Endeavours is now available: A Waltz with Fate (available until February 26th)

[Events] The following Events are now available: Shadow-attuned adventurer upgrade event, Double drops and half-stamina event for certain main campaign quests (available until February 26th)

[Events] The following Events are now available: Void battles triple drops event (available until February 27th)

[Summoning] The latest Summon Showcase is now live: Prize Showcase. It features the following: Grace (Adventurer), Bellina (Adventurer), Valentine’s Hildegarde (Adventurer), Patia (Adventurer), Ramiel (Dragon), Gaibhne & Creidhne (Dragon) (available until February 22nd)

[Summoning] The latest Platinum Showcase is now live. It features the following Shadow-attuned adventurers: Grace, Bellina (available until February 26th)


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