Miu Shinonome and partner digimon Syakomon revealed for Digimon Survive

An eccentric young girl and her guiding Digimon

The latest issue of Weekly Jump has a feature on Digimon Survive, which focuses on Miu Shinonome and partner digimon Syakomon. Check out details on both below.

Miu Shinonome (voiced by Misaki Watada)

- Kaito Shinonme’s younger sister
- eccentric sixth grade student who often speaks in riddles
- she dislikes her brother’s interferences and always rebels against him

Syakomon (voiced by Asami Tanako)

- bivalve monster covered by a hard shell, as well as Miu’s partner Digimon
- as she protects Miu from dangerous monsters, they gradually become friends
- Syakomon tends to daydream, and Miu keeps her grounded.

Digimon Survive's Kaito Shinonome and Dracmon fully detailed, new screens and art released

A dynamic duo

Not that long ago, we had a few details to share on Digimon Survive's Kaito Shinonome and Dracmon. Now we have the full rundown, thanks to an update on the game's official Japanese site. You can check out the full batch of screens and art here, as well as the new details below.

■ A Boy’s Inner Rage Stirs Up Violence in Another World

Kaito Shinonome is a local boy with a delinquent aura, who lives in the area where the extracurricular activities camp is being held.

The Shinonome family moved to the area several years ago, and Kaito was in charge of taking care of his younger sister in place of his parents, who tend to be away.

When they first moved, he was targeted and teased by bullies, but when they went as far as to tease his little sister who was with him, Kaito’s rage exploded and he gave them a beating.

Since then, Kaito is quieter and glares at others with sharp eyes, isolated from those around him and obsessive about protecting his sister.

“I have to protect my little sister!”

Those feelings become even stronger when he ends up lost in a dangerous new world, as he becomes violent and hurts those around him…

To survive in a dangerous world, a boy’s violent side will be revealed!

■ Kaito Shinonome and Dracmon

A boy who lives in the area where the extracurricular camp is being held. To stop his younger sister from going to the shrine on the forbidden grounds, he accompanies Takuma and company and ends up in another world. He has a strong sense of duty and dislikes wrongdoing, but because he can also be quick to get into fights and hates relying on others, he occasionally acts without the consultation of others. While he is always worrying over his his younger sister, he often causes misunderstandings due to his character.


A mischievous monster that fears nothing. While keeping a moderate distance from Kaito, who tends to instinctively lose control, he maintains a good relationship with Kaito by encouraging him to calm down and think things over.

New round of gameplay for Digimon Survive shown

Just a minute

Earlier today, a special “DigiNavi: Digimon News Navigation” live stream was held. Unfortunately, the live-stream only offered up a minute of new gameplay footage for Digimon Survive. You can check out that entire minute of footage in the video above.

Digimon Survive reveals Shuuji and Lopman, details a special camera function

New friends for your journey

This week's issue of V-Jump has some new info on Digimon Survive. Check out two more character profiles, as well as details on a camera function below.

Shuuji Kayama (voiced by Yuuya Hirose) – A first-year high school student who joins the camp as a helper. As someone with a serious personality who is older than the others, he tries to protect his friends…

Lopmon (voiced by Naomi Oozora) – A Beast-type monster with an innocent and childlike personality.

Camera Fuction – By holding up your smartphone, you can see things that are not normally visible, including hidden items and monsters.

New info on Digimon Survive's "Free Action" system, plus profiles for Saki Kimijima and Floramon

The adventure deepens

Along with the batch of new screens and art that we shared earlier, a whole new wave of details for Digimon Survive has popped up. Check out the info on story, two more characters, and the Free Action system below.

■ Story

A camp that is boring for a girl suddenly changes and becomes an unexpected trial!

Saki is a middle school girl known for her lovely appearance and outspoken conduct.

While she participated in the camp to make memories with friends, none of her friends joined. While she looks popular, her friends see her as bothersome and cast her aside.

As if to get her mind off of that fact, she approaches Takuma and his friends. They step foot into the off-limits shrine out of curiosity, but end up wandering into another world together.

With her everyday life striped away, the strength of the girl’s heart will be challenged!

With her normal life a thing of the past, a girl’s strength will be tested!

■ Characters

Saki Kimijima (voiced by Minami Takahoshi)

A first-year middle school girl who participates in the extracurricular camp. She has a freewheeling and honest personality in that she clearly says whatever it is she wants to say. A girl who stresses her feelings for better or worse, her personality remains unchanged even when she wanders into another world, and saying exactly what is on her mind may lead to friction against others… She is unable to accept death as a reality, and believes everything is going to be alright.

Floramon (voiced by Shino Shimoji)

While categorized as a Plant-type, she is an unusual Digimon that evolved like a reptile. She is a friend to Saki, and her refreshing personality is an excellent match for the middle schooler.

Deepen Your Bonds with Friends through “Free Action”

During “Drama Parts,” which progress as a text adventure and tell the game’s story, two situations will occur: “Search Action,” where you search for a way to survive in a crisis situation, and “Free Action,” where you will choose where to go and who to talk to within a limited window of time.

During Free Action, your group of friends will disperse and act individually. By choosing an area from the map and talking to your friends in that area, you can learn new information and the problems your friends are dealing with, which will deepen your bonds.

There are also places where you can go during Free Action where you can enter “Free Battle” to train your Digimon and collect items.

Digimon Survive gets another round of screens and art

Check out more screens and art here

Celebrating the franchise's 20th anniversary, Digimon Survive is a tactical RPG with a focus on storytelling and turn-based battles. Takuma Momozuka goes on a school camping trip only to find himself transported to a mysterious world full of monsters and danger. Join Takuma and Agumon as you craft your story and fight your way back home in Digimon Survive.

Another round of Digimon Survive screens have been released

Another batch of Digimon Survive screens have seen release. They give a look at some new locations we haven't seen before, as well as a few more characters. You can check out the gallery here.

“DigiNavi: Digimon News Navigation” live stream set for Jan. 24th, 2020

The latest Digimon news report

Digimon Web has announced a “DigiNavi: Digimon News Navigation” live-stream set for January 24th, 2020. The live-stream will feature news on all things Digimon, including upcoming games. The producer of the Digimon game franchise will be on-hand to answer fan questions, which can be submitted until January 6th, 2020.

Digimon Survive producer talks about the decisions players will have to make

Decisions, decisions...

Yes, Digimon Survive will have plenty of Digimon battling for you to take on, but that's not the only aspect of gameplay to look forward to. In an interview with Siliconera, Producer Habu Kazumasa talks about the various choices players will have to make throughout the experience.

There are plenty of opportunities to make decisions such as dialogue options, Digimon evolution trees, and more. Players can evolve their Digimon by gaining “intimacy points,” which can be accumulated through choosing certain dialogue options. Also, players can choose certain actions during battle, and “karma points” will be accumulated depending on their choice. As a result, the player’s monster revolution diverges and the story route changes depending on “karma points.”

Digimon Survive's Saki Kimishima profiled, Free Time detailed

I'll take some of that free time, please

The latest round of info on Digimon Survive has come out, and it gives us a couple new tidbits to mull over. Check out details on a new character and Free Time sections below.

Saki Kimishima (CV: Minami Takahashi)

- an optimistic girl who decides things based on how she feels
- she’s accompanied by her partner, Floramon (CV: Shino Shimoji).

Free Time

- during Free Time sections, you can choose where to go and which party member to talk to
- by talking to them, you can deepen your bonds with them


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