Dragon Marked for Death being updated to Version 3.0.0 on April 21st, 2020, includes two new characters

Meet Oracle and Bandit

Dragon Marked for Death is being updated to Version 3.0.0 on April 21st, 2020, and the update is bringing two new characters with it. Check out full details below.

In Dragon Marked for Death, you can customize the main color, name, and voice when creating your characters. In the version 3.0.0 update, two more characters are getting added to the game with the release of the Oracle and Bandit!

■ New Characters


Voiced by:

Yui Ogura
Miyu Tomita
Saori Hayami
Yui Horie

The Dragonblood Oracle, reincarnated once every 100 years. She bears the Dragon Scar on her back. The Oracle is able to communicate with the Astral Dragon Atruum and channel his power through the Dragon Wings that have manifested on her back. Through this, she can reproduce the Astral Dragon’s own willpower and magic. She has a strong control over this power, allowing her to manipulate giant weapons through sheer force of will and copy them with magic. She is also capable of using a magic focus to cast beneficial spells on herself and nearby allies, as well as attack spells of an element corresponding to her dragon contract.


Slash Form: The Oracle commands her equipped greatswords to slash at a distance in front of her. Its attack power is high, but leaves her open to attack. She is essentially defenseless until they return.
Quick: This spell increases movement speed temporarily, varying with magic incantations.


Voiced by:

Yuki Kaji
Daisuke Kishio
Kenta Tanaka
Daiki Yamashita

A young man of the Dragonblood Clan. He bears the Dragon Scar on his hand. His fist contains the power of the Astral Dragon Atruum that varies with his dragon contract. It is capable of stealing the lifeforce of any living thing. The Dragon Fist can steal this energy and crystalize it, forming magic items known as relics. These relics are capable of manifesting various phenomena. He specializes in luck and earns the favor of his comrades by working as a Treasure Hunter.


Dragon Claw: His arm swells and thrusts forward, grabbing an enemy to extract relics.
Thunder Relic: The Bandit uses the power of a thunder relic, attacking with a quick dash forward. He is invincible while dashing, so he can use this to attack as well as avoid damage.
*The Oracle and Bandit will be added to the game via the Ver. 3.0.0 update and will unlock as playable character once certain in-game conditions are met.

Dragon Marked for Death updated to Version 2.3.0

A massive update

Dragon Marked for Death has been updated to Version 2.3.0, which is detailed in the trailer above. The trailer goes over the highlights, but there's actually much more to the update to sift through. The patch notes released by Inti Creates are absolutely massive, and you can pore over them in full right here.

Dragon Marked for Death updated to Version 2.2.1

Minor character tweaks

Inti Creates has updated Dragon Marked For Death to Version 2.2.1. Check out the patch notes for this update below.

[Character Changes]

Damage for the Thunder Warrior’s Dragon Smash has been adjusted for each portion of the attack.
→ Damage for the axe portion has been decreased, and damage for the effect portion increased.

Characters are now able to receive other healing effects while inside the Warrior’s Dragon Guard.

Dragon Marked for Death - Version 2.2.0 trailer

We've already shared the patch notes for the Dragon Marked for Death Version 2.2.0 update, but who wants boring patch notes when you can have a video that explains it all? Check out everything the Version 2.2.0 update has to offer in the trailer above, and feel free to recap the notes here.

Dragon Marked for Death updated to Version 2.2.0

Dragon Marked for Death has been updated to Version 2.2.0. While we don't have full patch notes, we do have some tidbits on what's included.

- Could level up to lvl 71 and more
- Black Market have new items and prices
- Some menus were updated
- There are more levels to some quests (and clearing marks)
- Currency drops from enemys are auto pick-up, and litus coins have new sprites.
- Experience tables: Empress and Shinobi needed 1 exp point to reach lvl 71 from the old 70. Warrior needed about 10% of the old total for lvl 70 to do the same. The 3 will be at the same exp total for lvl 71.
- there is a 4th element contract available for the characters.
- Some maps have slight alterations: graping points, platforms, jars, etc.
- Several weapons and items have they stats altered
- Temporal bonus for status can be seen on the Status menu.
- Previous obtained enemy parts can be exchanged for litus coins
- No more enemy parts are needed for trade objects at the black market (except for named monsters).
- Max item amount raised to 999.
- Relic items have their position in the item lists changed next to the candies.

Inti Creates apologizes for Dragon Marked for Death's update delay

Update marked for delay

Inti Creates announced a Version 2.2.0 update to Dragon Marked For Death back in October, but the update is yet to see release. Inti Creates knows that fans are waiting patiently, which is why they've apologized for the delay. While there's no release date info yet, Inti Creates has said they'll share the information as soon as the update is ready.

Going beyond Version 2.2.0, Inti Creates will be showing off Version 3.0.0 of the game at the Digital Games Expo 2019 on Nov. 17th, 2019 at Akihabara UDX.

Dragon Marked for Death getting a free content update mid-July 2019

New weapons and a new character!

Inti Creates has announced a free content update for Dragon Marked for Death, which will be releasing for the game in mid-July 2019. This update will include new weapons, and a new character who's said to do well in hot weather, but not in the cold. More details on this content will be coming soon.

Dragon Marked for Death - Version 2.1.1 patch notes

A slight update

Dragon Marked for Death has been updated to Version 2.1.1. You can check out the full patch notes for this update below.

System Change

– In multiplayer games, the amount of health a boss has and the amount of damage done to players by poison is now dependent on the number of players. The more players there are, the more these will increase.

– Bosses that appear in the “Cavern of Torment” quest of 85F and 90F have had their health reduced.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a bug on the “Cavern of Torment” quest that was causing damage received from hazardous terrain (spikes, poison swamps, etc.) to be higher than it should be.

– Fixed a bug on the “Cavern of Torment” quest that was causing the boss on 90F to not properly recover HP when performing the relevant action.

– Fixed a bug that was causing the Named Monster “The Demon’s Puppet” to take only half the damage they were supposed to.

– Fixed a bug that was causing quest progression data to not be erased when deleting a character at the Inn.

– Fixed various other display issues, audio issues, and enemy behavior issues.

Inti Creates says Blaster Master Zero 2 is selling at the same pace as the original, considers Dragon Marked for Death a sales sucess

Good news all around for Inti Creates

Inti Creates had the surprise reveal and launch for Blaster Master Zero 2 during a Nintendo Direct, which pretty much no one saw coming. Why did Inti Creates decide to do a surprise launch for the game, and how did it work out? DualShockers talked to Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu to find out.

- Inti Creates wanted the game to come out in March of 2019
- they noticed that there was going to be a Nintendo Direct around that time
- Inti Creates says if you can announce during a Direct, you do it
- the pace of sales has been about the same [between Blaster Master Zero and Blaster Master Zero 2]
- Blaster Master Zero 2 has had a lot more competition on the eShop
- the team is trying to figure out how we can breathe more life in the game, add new content, release a demo version, ect.

Inti Creates CEO also talked a bit about Dragon Marked for Death on Switch, including how the game has sold. Check out thos details below.

- Dragon Marked for Death hit Inti Creates’ sales targets
- the release has gone pretty well
- as far as Inti Creates is concerned, the game has been successful
- they still have updates planned for the game
- Inti Creates would consider launching another game in two sets of character packs if they had another game with lots of characters

Inti Creates live-stream shows off Dragon Marked for Death's "Cavern of Torment" stage

Kill them all!

Matt and Andrew are getting primed and ready for Momocon 2019 and showcasing a new Dragon Marked for Death special stage: Cavern of Torment! It's a gauntlet type of quest, so let's see how far they can get!


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