DEEMO updated to Version 1.6.0

Three packs of new songs

DEEMO has been updated to Version 1.6.0, which includes a bunch of new songs in 3 different packs. Check out the song breakdown below.

AD:PIANO 2 Collection

- Longinus (xi)
- Discovered Attack (BlackY)
- Monochrome Anomaly (Feryquitous)
- Mirage of Mind (Hamu Vo.F9)
- Kyuten Sekai no Shonen (Yumi Minami)

Vocal Selection

- Aurarobe (onoken feat. Rin)
- Vandarhythm (Apollo program feat. Ritsuka)
- Pharmacy of Heart (white tail box ft. riri)
- Red Storm Sentiment (Tsukasa feat. Kalon)
- Ukakus Kins (t+pazolite feat. Nanahira)

Collaboration Collection

- Hesitant Blade (Sdorica)
- The Story Unfolds (Sdorica)
- Rayark 7th Main Theme (Rayark Sound Team ‘Ice & SIHanatsuka’)

Deemo Piano Solo/Four Hands Collection OST announced for Japan

Second verse, same as the first

Rayark and Yamaha Music Media are teaming up for a second Deemo album release. This time around we get the Deemo Piano Solo/Four Hands Collection OST, which includes 18 tracks. The full track list can be found below.

[1] Nine Point Eight
[2] Utopiosphere
[3] Saika
[5] Entrance
[6] Magnolia
[7] Leviathan
[8] ANiMA
[9] Fluquor
[10] Deemo Goodbye
[11] Alice Good Night
[12] Myosotis(Piano Four Hands)
[13] Altale
[14] Run Lads Run(Piano Four Hands)
[15] Nightfall
[16] Aragami
[17] Marigold
[18] Lune

The Deemo Piano Solo/Four Hands Collection OST launches in Japan on June 15th, 2019.

Deemo Piano Collection OST - cover art, track listing, and more

We recently learned about the Deemo Piano Collection OST, which will see release in Japan on March 27th, 2019. We now know the soundtrack will cost ¥ 2,916, and also what tracks will be included. Check out a track rundown below.

01.Nine point eight
  Music: momocashew・Yamato Kasai
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

  Music: momocashew・Yamato Kasai
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

  Music: Rabpit
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

  Music: Yamato Kasai
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

  Music: Ice
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

  Music: M2U
  Arrange & Piano: Jacob Koller

  Music: NeLiME
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

  Music: xi
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

  Music: onoken
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

10.Deemo Goodbye
  Music & Arrange: 巨彥博 Chamber Chu
  Piano: 朝香智子

11.Alice Good Night
  Music: 秦旭章 Yuk-Cheung Chun
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

  Music: M2U Arrange: 朝香智子
  Piano: Jacob Koller&朝香智子

  Music & Arrange: Sakuzyo
  Piano: 朝香智子

14.Run Lads Run
  Music: KillerBlood
  Arrange: 朝香智子
  Piano: Jacob Koller&朝香智子

  Music: ginkiha
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

  Music: xi
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

  Music: M2U
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

  Music: M2U
  Arrange & Piano: 朝香智子

Deemo getting an official soundtrack release in Japan

Deemo is a game all about piano music, so it makes sense to put out a soundtrack! That's exactly what Raynark and V.A. are doing with their just-announced Deemo Piano Collection OST. The album releases on March 27th, 2019 in Japan, and includes various songs from Deemo. We don't have details on the full track listing, or the pricing at this time.

Deemo - Version 1.5 update now available for physical copies

Here's something that happened and I didn't even realize it. While the Switch eShop version of Deemo got the Version 1.5 update a couple weeks back, the retail version was still waiting. That update just hit for the retail version today, and PM Studios has apologized for the delay.

Just incase you don't remember, here's what's included in Version 1.5.

- adds the Team Grimoire Collection (5 new songs)
- adds 10 more tracks for the Toy-Con Piano

Deemo - Version 1.5 trailer and screens

Check out more screens here

The Version 1.5 update for Deemo is now available, and includes the Team Grimoire Collection (5 new songs)
and 10 more tracks for the Toy-Con Piano.

Deemo - Version 1.5 now available

The much-anticipated Version 1.5 update for Deemo is now available. Here's what the update includes.

- adds the Team Grimoire Collection (5 new songs)
- adds 10 more tracks for the Toy-Con Piano

Flyhigh Works shares Japanese release news and preorder info on Cytus Alpha, and Version 1.5 update plans for Deemo

During its latest ‘Flyhigh Express’ broadcast out of Tokyo, Flyhigh Works was delighted to make two announcements regarding Nintendo Switch releases from developer Rayark.

Cytus α [alpha] for Nintendo Switch was confirmed for a Japanese release on 25th April, and is available to pre-order now from online retailers in the country. Pre-orders of the first print will include a special CD featuring music from ‘Chapter Omega’, content that will only be available on the CD in this edition.

Full release details for the West will be announced in the coming weeks and months. Cytus α is an immersive rhythm music experience by Rayark, blending its story with over 200 varied tracks and unique gameplay, with those tracks also having re-arranged versions to experience. This Nintendo Switch entry in the Cytus series has a revamped user interface to suit the system, and there will also be online leaderboards to see other players’ scores.

Also, another Rayark title already available on Nintendo Switch, Deemo, has a notable update on the way. Version 1.5 will add the Team Grimoire Collection (5 new songs), and also 10 additional tracks will be added to the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Collection (playable with the Labo piano). We’ve appreciated the response to the Labo Toy-Con support in Deemo, and hope players will enjoy playing 10 more songs on the device when this update launches in the near future.

DEEMO - Japanese physical copy unboxing

DEEMO's physical release is heading to NA/EU in the near future, but our friends in Japan can pick up a physical copy today! Now you can check out what the game box looks like inside and out, as well as the game card art.

DEEMO - Version 1.4 footage

Version 1.4 adds support for the innovative Nintendo Labo Piano Toy-Con; it’s a partnership that works beautifully. The Toy-Con Collection has been specially adapted to utilise the Piano Toy-Con - there are 10 songs available, each representing a different difficulty level. Whether just getting started or looking to master the toughest challenge, the collection gives Deemo players a new way to enjoy their Nintendo Labo Piano Toy-Con.


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