Doom - Version 1.2 now available

Doom has gotten an update on Switch, bringing it to Version 1.2. While we don't have full patch notes, we do know the update includes a performance boost, video capture, and the ability to add recent players to your friend list.

Bethesda shares a '25 Years of Doom' trailer, starts official Doom fan club

Over the next year we’re celebrating 25 years of ripping and tearing. Twenty-five years of mods, gibs, guns, and the most passionate, unwavering, and ardent fanbase this side of Phobos. Whether you cut your teeth in 1993 or if DOOM (2016) was your first trip to Hell, we’re asking all DOOM Slayers past, present, and future to unite in celebrating one of entertainment’s most iconic franchises.

Join the Slayers Club to receive an exclusive Zombie DOOM Slayer skin for DOOM Eternal when it launches. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks around how to participate in the Year of DOOM, including information on exclusive content, rewards, events, contests, and much more.

Sign up for the fan club here

Bethesda knew about Switch during the development of Doom 2016, Doom Eternal being built from scratch for Switch

Bethesda’s Pete Hines shared some talk about the Switch at PAX AUS last week. We covered a few tidbits of his discussion, but now we have the full quote, and it shares a few more details about how Bethesda works with the Switch. Check out the statement below.

“The benefit for us was that id Tech 6 was really built and we knew about the Switch during the development of Doom 2016, so they were able to make some choices to make sure that it was scalable so that it would sort of not be too far out of line with what the Switch was doing. The benefit there was that it allowed both Doom 2016 to happen on the Switch as well as Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, because that was built off of the tech that ran Doom 2016 so that was sort of a two for one there, and that’s also why the next Wolfenstein is gonna be out on Switch as well and that’s why Doom Eternal was announced. In that case not just as a port, but as something that for the first time we’re building a game from scratch that really has the Switch in mind. That was honestly… that tech allowed us to do a lot of things across two different franchises. I don’t know how the hell they made Skyrim run on the Switch, but they did it. It looks great, it’s fun. I have played more Skyrim than a lot of people, but I still play it on my Switch because it turns out it’s pretty cool to be sitting on a plane and fighting a dragon.”

Boundary Break - DOOM

Lets take the camera absolutely anywhere we want to rip and tear apart Doom!


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