Celeste's 9th chapter will include over 100 levels, no release date yet

Just slightly bigger than originally planned

Celeste's 9th chapter DLC seems to have ballooned in scope. What was meant to be a small epilogue is now a fully-fledged chunk of gameplay. Last time we heard about the DLC, we learned that it should take, at the very least, 2 hours to work through. Today we hear that it has over 100 levels!

With the size of the 9th chapter growing all the time, I guess we'll just have to be patient on a release date. Hopefully things get wrapped up soon, though!

Celeste's final chapter appears to be quite lengthy

Get ready for a sizable addition

Celeste's 9th chapter, entitled 'Farewell,' will be making its way out on Switch sometime this year. The developers have already hinted that the project ballooned in size from original plans, and now we have another example of just how beefy the experience is.

According to Kevin Regamey, audio creative director on the game, his personal goal for speedrunning the chapter is sub 2 hours. If he's looking to speedrun the level and he's having trouble getting everything done under 2 hours, you'd have to think the chapter is pretty expansive!

Celeste's upcoming Chapter 9 DLC will include story content

Please release soon!

At first, the upcoming Chapter 9 DLC for Celeste was just meant to be a bit more content for the game in terms of gameplay. It seems that plan has changed, which might explain why the DLC is taking a bit longer to release. We now know that the team has added in story content as well. I was already hyped for this DLC, but now I'm officially foaming at the mouth!

South American Switch eShop updates with Celeste, and the preload for Super Mario Maker 2

Two big updates

The Switch eShop in South America has gotten a small, but notable update. As far as new games go, Celeste is now available to download in the region. It's the perfect game to play while you wait for Super Mario Maker 2, which has seen preloads go live in the region as well.

Celeste's 9th chapter in the 'home stretch' of development, won't make it out in April

This can't release soon enough

Celeste is getting a free 'Farewell' chapter, which was announced awhile back. Work continues on that chapter, but it seems things are close to wrapping up. Check out the full message from the official Celeste Twitter account below.

We're on the home stretch of development for Chapter 9: Farewell. It won't be out in April, but hopefully it won't be much longer. For the physical release, we decided to hold off on printing until Farewell is finished. This DLC will be a free update on all platforms!

4 different Switch titles take home wins at the 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards

Indies and Nintendo themselves score awards

The 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards have come to a close, and 4 different titles on the Switch have come away with wins for the night. Check out the list of Nintendo-related winners below.

Best Audio: Celeste (Matt Makes Games and Power Up Audio)
Best Visual Art: Gris (Nomada Studio)
Best Design: Into the Breach (Subset Games)
Innovation Award: Nintendo Labo (Nintendo)

Celeste's devs created the game while keeping speedrunners in mind

If you're a real speedrunning masochist, you've probably chosen Celeste as your game of choice. Celeste is an absolutely fantastic experience top to bottom, but it's one hell of a tough game to speedrun. You'll need pixel-perfect jumping and button inputs in order to achieve your goal, but boy, will your success be worthy of major celebration. The Celeste dev team knew their title would appear to hardcore speedrunners, which is why they kept them in mind while working on the game. Celeste sound designer Kevin Regamey elaborates in a USGamer interview.

"I'm a big speedrunner, I love glitch hunting, finding the seams in development. So we broke the game in half over and over again leading up to the release of the game. On a broad perspective, I think that we're definitely big fans of allowing players to kind of interpret the media how they see fit. So if it comes down to something like Ocarina of Time, you play it through on your casual playthrough and, if you're gonna never [play again], that's fine. If you play it like 10,000 times and your best time is like 20 minutes because you just break it in half, that's fine too.

One, that casual playthroughs work and be wonderful. Two, let speedrunners break it and have a good time and just toil out for them. And also not just allow for it, but like design around it. [...] So if you know the trick, you can skip this part of the room. And then also trying to bridge that gap, so people that may not have done speedruns in the past, and might feel empowered to try for the first time."

Celeste Limited Edition Cassette Soundtrack now available to preorder

Cassette tape featuring the same track list as the vinyl edition. Shipping March 2019. Includes unlimited streaming of Celeste Original Soundtrack via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

If you want to grab the Celeste original soundtrack on cassette, you can plop down some cash for a preorder right here.

Celeste B-Sides album seeing vinyl release

Every aspect of Celeste is fantastic, including the soundtrack. We've already seen a vinyl release for the game's main soundtrack, but now we know that a B-Sides album is on the way. Ship to Shore PhonoCo. confirmed that they're putting the album out on a 12’’ record, but did not share a release date yet.

Thanks to Gybones for the heads up!

Celeste - Chapter 9 "Farewell" coming soon, new music sample shared

Oh man, I am so ready to jump back into Celeste. This free update can't come soon enough, and thankfully, it seems like it'll be releasing quite soon. As you can see in the teaser above, the release is coming soon! Until then, let's enjoy this sample of a new track for that chapter.


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